French variation of Alexander
"defending men"

Alexandre Origin and Meaning

The name Alexandre is a boy's name of French, Greek origin meaning "defending men".
Pronunciation of Alexandre is too close to the feminine Alexandra to work for a boy in most English-speaking lands.

Alexandre Popularity

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Famous People Named Alexandre

  • AlexandreFélix,Joseph Ribot, Prime Minister of France
  • Alexandre Dumas (père and fils)French novelists
  • ThomasAlexandre Dumas (born Alexandre Davy de la Pailleterie), French Revolutionary general, father of Alexandre Dumas père
  • Alexandre Emmanuel Henri Albert Marie LéopoldPrince of Belgium, son of King Leopold III
  • Alexandre Gustave EiffelFrench civil engineer and architect
  • Alexandre Michel Gérard DesplatFrench film composer
  • Alexandre César Léopold "Georges" BizetFrench composer
  • Alexandre Pato (born Alexandre Rodrigues da Silva)Brazilian footballer
  • Alexandre Olivier ExquemelinFrench or Dutch writer on piracy
  • AlexandrePrince de Mérode, Belgian IOC official
  • Alexandre PrématFrench racing driver
  • Alexandre GomesBrazilian poker player
  • Alexandre KojèveRussian,French philosopher
  • Alexandre DespatieCanadian Olympic diver
  • Alexandre Eric Stephane GrimaldiCoste, son of Prince Albert of Monaco

Alexandre in Pop Culture

  • Alexandre Manettecharacter in "A Tale of Two Cities" by Charles Dickens