Italian form of Amadeus
"lover of God"

Amedeo Origin and Meaning

The name Amedeo is a boy's name of Italian origin meaning "lover of God".

This euphonious Italian Italian name for boys, often associated with the painter Modigliani, makes a recommended creative choice. The Spanish tend to spell it Amadeo.

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Amedeo Popularity

Famous People Named Amedeo

  • Amedeo Clemente ModiglianiItalian painter
  • (Lorenzo Romano) Amedeo Carlo AvogadroItalian scientist
  • Amedeo CarboniItalian footballer
  • Amedeo Guilletthe Devil Commander, Italian soldier
  • Amedeo Nazzari (born Amedeo Carlo Leone Buffa)Italian actor
  • Amedeo Della ValleItalian basketball player
  • Amedeo AmadeiItalian footballer and manger
  • Amedeo Marie Joseph Carl Pierre Philippe Paola Marcus d'AvianoPrince of Belgium
  • Amedeo Nicholas Turturro (b. 1990)son of actor John Turturro

Amedeo in Pop Culture

  • Amedeo Kaplancharacter in "The Mysterious Edge of the Heroic World"