English Names

English names range from names rooted in the English language to newly-fashionable English word names and nature names such as Story or Ivy. Many classic names that we think of as English -- Emma or George, say -- actually have derivations in other languages and so it would be more appropriate to say that they are German names or French names or Hebrew names that have widely-used English versions.

Popular baby names in England have a lot of overlap with the top American baby names but some differences, too.

Nickname-names such as Archie and Alfie are popular in England, along with vintage baby names such as Edith and Montgomery still considered stuffy by many Americans. In the US, invented or unconventional names such as Skylar or Grayson are more common than they are in the UK.

Our collection of English baby names also includes surname names such as Lancaster and Huffington along with occupational names such as Booker and Driver. Nameberry's wide range of English names for girls and boys includes the following.