German word name from Slavic
"zeppelin; flail"

Zeppelin Origin and Meaning

The name Zeppelin is a boy's name meaning "zeppelin; flail".

In a baby name landscape where word names and names that start with Z are infinitely cool, there are few options for parents who want to combine trends. Zeppelin is one of the best names at the intersection of these two styles, and it's rising alongside the likes of Zen, Zephyr, and Zenith.

A zeppelin is an airship named after Ferdinand von Zeppelin, the inventor. The name is ultimately derived from the Slavic word cepelinas, which refers to the agricultural tool the flail.

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Famous People Named Zeppelin

  • Zeppelin Howsmon Davisson of singer Jonathan Davis of Korn
  • Zeppelin Bram Ackles (b. 2016)son of actors Jensen and Danneel Ackles, twin sister Arrow Rhodes Ackles

Zeppelin in Pop Culture

  • Led Zeppeliniconic rock band
  • Zeppelina large blimp