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Sailor Origin and Meaning

The name Sailor is a boy's name .

A word name that has sailed onto birth certificates of both genders, especially since Liv Tyler used it for her son. For boys, Saylor and Sailor are used about equally, but were together given to about 100 baby boys last year....and 1000 baby girls.

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Famous People Named Sailor

  • William "Sailor" VincentAmerican actor
  • Bryan W. "Sailor" RobertsAmerican poker player
  • Ralph Vivian "Sailor" StroudAmerican baseball player
  • Harding Isaac "Sailor" YoungEnglish cricketer
  • Sailor Burkering name of Charles Presser, American boxer
  • Sailor Art Thomasring name of Arthur Thomas, American pro wrestler
  • Sailor Gene Gardnerson of Liv Tyler and Dave Gardner
  • Sailor Rhodesson of blogger Miss James of Bleubird Vintage
  • Wendell Jermaine SailorAustralian rugby player

Sailor in Pop Culture

  • Sailor Ripleymain character of David Lynch’s 1991 film “Wild At Heart”
  • "Oh Sailor" Fiona Apple song
  • "Lost Sailor" Grateful Dead song