Animal Names: Doe, Tiger and Elk

Like Cat, Lion and wolf. Excluding birds and insects. - Created by Vana

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  • Addax

    A spiral-horned antelope dwelling in the Sahara desert

  • Adder

    A snake. Would fit right in with Hunter, Harper, Carter and Connor. Addar is a similar name from the Bible.

  • Amethystine

    A type of python. Not too far of Amethyst

  • Anoa

    A small wild ox of Indonesia. Similar to Noah/Noa

  • Asterias

    A genus of star-fish.

  • Bat

    Usually a nickname. Possible full names include Barrett, Bartholomew, Abbott

  • Bear

    Usually a nickname, but works as a full name. Full names could be Bernard(ette), Berenise

  • Buck

    There is an association with money, but that hasn't stopped people using Cash or Penny.

  • Bunny

    Better as a nickname than a full name in my opinion, could be a nickname for Bethany, Belen, Berenice

  • Badger

    A bit out there.

  • Beaver

    Highly unusual.

  • Bilby

    Sounds like Billy + Shelby

  • Brocken

    A two-year old stag. An alternative to Brock or Breccan.

  • Cat

    Usually a nickname for Catherine/Katrina, also spelled Kat.

  • Chamois

    (sha-mee) A goat-antelope. Also a colour.

  • Colt

    A young male horse. Can be a nickname for Colton.

  • Cougar

    A risky choice - a strong association with older women who date young men.

  • Cabrilla

    An Atlantic sea bass. Similar to Abrilla, Camilla and Sibylla.

  • Civet

    A small nocturnal mammal from tropical Asia and Africa

  • Cobra

    Possible nicknames include Coco or Coby

  • Cria

    what baby llamas and alpacas (and more) are called. If Mia, Lia, Ria, Zia and Tia are used as names, why not Cria?

  • Dingo

    Out there but has a fun sound

  • Doe

    A bit short - but Beau, Poh and Snow are considered long enough to be a name. Could be a nickname for Doris, Dorothy or Dora.

  • Deer

    Sounds exactly like the word dear, so probably better as a nickname. But then again people use Honey as a name.

  • Dolphin

    Delphine is a more sensible choice. But then Dolphin does have good nicknames - Finn and Dolly.

  • Dragon

    A brave choice. Draco, Drake and Drago can all work as dragon related names.

  • Echidna

    Echidna was a Greek goddess who was half reptile, half mammal. Of which this animal was named for.

  • Elk

    Short and unusual.

  • Fawn

    A young deer, also a colour. Fawna could also be a name.

  • Fox

    Similar to the name Phoenix. Could be a nickname for Felix.

  • Fallow

    A type of deer. Similar to Milo, Harlow, Shiloh and Marlow

  • Fennec

    A nocturnal fox from the Sahara desert. Similar to Fen or Finnick.

  • Ferret

    Highly unusual. Could have Rhett as a nickname.

  • Filly

    A young female horse. Possible nickname for Filippa, Phyllis or Philadelphia

  • Gibbon

    Type of Ape. Fits in with the 2 syllables ending in N pattern.

  • Grayling

    A silver-gray freshwater fish. An alternative Gray name to the popular choices Grayson/Greyson and Grace.

  • Griffin

    Mythical creature with an eagle's head and wings and lion's body (also spelt gryphon)

  • Gryphon

    Mythical creature with an eagle's head and wings and lion's body (also spelt griffin)

  • Gecko

    An unusual choice with a fun sound.

  • Goana

    -ana is a common name ending. This is an out there -ana name.

  • Jaguar

    Similar to the name Jagger

  • Joey

    A young kangaroo. Usually a nickname, for names like Josiah, Joseph(ine), Jonah

  • Jackal

    One step away from Jack

  • Jerboa

    A nocturnal desert-dwelling jumping rodent. Potential nicknames include Jeb, Joa, Bo, Jerry and Boa.

  • Kit

    Baby of various animals - including fox and rabbit. Usually a nickname, but used as a full name as well. Possible full names Catherine, Christopher, Kester

  • Kodiak

    A type of bear. Strongly associated with the brand. Kody works well as a nickname.

  • Kitten

    A young cat. Sounds like more of endearing term than a name. Can be a nickname for anything Kit or Cat can be a nickname for.

  • Koi

    Fish. Short and simple.

  • Lion

    Very similar to Leon. Could also be a nickname for Lionel.

  • Lynx

    Cool -x end similar to Lennox and Phoenix.

  • Leveret

    A young hare. Rhymes with Everett. Possible nicknames include Rhett, Very or Lev

  • Mare

    Female horse. Easily a nickname for Mary.

  • Mako

    A type of shark. More subtle and more usable than naming your kid Shark.

  • Marten

    It would likely be seen as a creative spelling of Martin

  • Minnow

    A type of fish. Similar to Minnie, Marlowe or Milo

  • Newt

    Could be a nickname for Newton

  • Orca

    Also called killer whale. Similar to Ora, Cora and Orchid.

  • Otter

    Similar to the name Otto.

  • Pike

    A fish. Rhymes with Mike.

  • Puma

    Fits in with the 2 syllables ending in A pattern

  • Panther

    A possible nickname is Pan. It is an interesting unusual choice.

  • Perca

    Is the genus of a type of fish called perch

  • Perch

    A type of fish

  • Pony

    Po would work as a nickname. It could also be a nickname for Eponine

  • Possum

    Sounds more like an endearing nickname than a name. Similar to the name Blossom.

  • Python

    Fits in the 2-syllables-ending-in-n pattern.

  • Qirin

    A mythological Chinese creature. Sounds exactly like Kieran.

  • Quinnet

    The king salmon. A rare Quinn name among Quinlan, Quinn, Quincy and Quinton.

  • Ram

    Happens to be a Hebrew name meaning "exalted" and a Sanskrit name meaning "pleasing"

  • Roe

    A type of deer. Short, simple and usable.

  • Rabbit

    A bit unusual.

  • Sable

    A type of marten. Rhymes with Mabel and Abel.

  • Salmon

    Similar to Solomon

  • Seal

    Could easily work as a nickname for Celia, Sealey or Cecil and their variations. Could be an unusual full name.

  • Sorrel

    A horse with a light reddish-brown coat. Also a colour. Sorrell is also used as a name.

  • Salamander

    A highly unusual as a name with the ending of Alexander, Lysander

  • Scorpion

    Many boys names ending in the -ion sound, this could be an unexpected alterantive.

  • Shark

    Rhymes with Mark, but still sounds macho and out there. An interesting nickname possibility.

  • Tabby

    Cat. Normally a nickname for Tabitha. But if Abby works as a full name, why not Tabby?

  • Tiger

    Very similar to the name Tyler. Works quite well as a name.

  • Trout

    A fish

  • Turtle

    A bit out there.

  • Tamarin

    Type of monkey

  • Tetra

    A common prefix meaning “four" and a type of freshwater fish

  • Tui

    A large New Zealand honeyeater. Rhymes with Louie, Dewey and Huey.

  • Urial

    A wild central Asian sheep. An alternative to the Old Testament name Uriel.

  • Viper

    Similar to Jasper, Harper, Vesper

  • Vixen

    Female fox. Vixen is also a term used for an especially sexy woman like foxy.

  • Wolf

    Wolfe is also used as a name. There is also Wolfgang or Wulfric to give you Wolf as a nickname.

  • Wallaby

    Siminlar sounding to Willoughby.

  • Yabby

    Australian freshwater crustacean. Unexpected.

  • Zander

    A variety of European perch. Also a diminutive of Alexander.

  • Zebra

    Rhymes with Deborah.

  • Zebrule

    The hybrid offspring of a male zebra and a female horse. A cool sound, but probably not a realistic choice.

  • Zeren

    A light brown Mongolian gazelle.

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