Goth baby names

Having a cool, 'spooky' nickname is not a prerequisite of being Goth. It’s just to enhance that oh-so-enigmatic image. Her's an A-Z - Created by bailibsmum

  • Alvira

    'elfin arrow'

  • Caedmon

    ''Warrior" Other spelling- Cadmon

  • Edana


  • Grimbald

    'fierce power'

  • Adrienne

    'dark lady from the sea'

  • Aisling


  • Alaric

    "all-powerful ruler often also spelt Alarik, nicknames Alaric include: Al, Ric, Rick. Alaric's International Variations: Alarico, Rico (Spanish) Alrik (Swedish)

  • Amaris

    'child of the moon'

  • Anastasia

    'she who will rise again' - related names- Anastacia, Nastya, Stasia, Ana, Anya, Stacy

  • Auberon

    'noble, bearlike, pronounced like 'Oberon' possibly be a form of Aubrey or Adalbero. A varient spelling is also Oberon

  • Aubrey

    'elf ruler'

  • Autumn

    Season Name - given to those born in the autumn fall (October)

  • Azriel

    "God is my help". Azriel has 2 variant forms: Azreel and Azryel.

  • Aerin / Aeryn

    Tolkien Middle Earth invention, or variation of Erin & is derived from the Gaelic Érinn, the dative case of Érie, which is the Irish name for Ireland

  • Aleron

    'Winged one Or 'Eagle'

  • Arachne

  • Artemia

    'moon goddess'

  • Ascelin

    'of the moon'

  • Asmodeus

    Asmodeus or Ashmedai is a king of demons

  • Asphodel

    The Asphodel Meadows is a section of the Ancient Greek underworld where ordinary souls were sent to live after death.

  • Astaroth

    Astaroth (also Ashtaroth, Astarot and Asteroth), in demonology, is a Crowned Prince of Hell. He is a male figure named after the Canaanite goddess Ashtoreth.

  • Astrophel

    'star lover'

  • Athanasius

    'immortal' / "eternal life" and is a variant of Athanasios (Greek).

  • Bijou


  • Bjorn

    'Bear' From norse origin.

  • Blayze

    "to lisp, stammer" Spelling variations are _ Blaze, Blaize, Blaise, Blayse.

  • Brander

    "sword; fiery torch, beacon" and is a variant of Brand (Old Norse, Old English): from the Old Norse personal name Brandr.

  • Brandyn

    has the meaning "broom, gorse hill" and is a variant of Brandon (Old English

  • Branwen

    "white, blessed raven" A varient might be Bronwen which has the meaning "fair, blessed breast".

  • Brendan

    'Little raven'/ prince. variations of spellings are- Brendon, Brenden, Brendyn.

  • Briallen

    'A primrose' - Pronounced bree-AHTH-un

  • Brigid

    "exalted one" and is a variant of Bridget (Gaelic)

  • Byron

    meaning of Byron is "at the byres or barn".

  • Badriyah

    'full moon'

  • Belladonna

    'Beautiful Woman'

  • Bernia

    'angel in armour'

  • Brienne

    'strength, virtue, honour'

  • Cadell

    "battle". Based on "cad". Variants may be in reference to Cadoc, a sixth-century Welsh saint

  • Cadogan

    "battle glory".

  • Cain

    "acquired; spear". The same name in Welsh means "beautiful". Other spellings- Caine, Cane, Cayn, Kain, Kane, Kayn and Kaine

  • Calantha

    "beautiful flower"

  • Calista

    "cup; fairest, most beautiful". Also linked with "kallista" in Greek meaning "most beautiful".

  • Calliope

    It is of Greek origin, and the meaning of Calliope is "beautiful voice". Latinized form of Kalliope, from "kallos ops". Mythology: the muse of epic poetry.

  • Cassandra

    "shining upon man"

  • Celeste


  • Ceridwen

    "fair, blessed poetry".

  • Chandra

    "moon shining".

  • Ciaran


  • Cleon

    "glory". Has 1 variant Kleon.

  • Corbett

    "young crow". Oher spelling is Corbet and a variation is Corby.

  • Corbin


  • Caera

    "beloved; friend"

  • Celosia


  • Chantrea


  • Cynfael

    ''Chief prince'' Pronunciation:KIN-file

  • D'Arcy

    "dark" Also Darcy- is "dark". Also a Norman place name, "from Arcy"

  • Daire

    "oak tree"

  • Damian

    Possibly means "to tame, subdue", though the Greek root is also close to the word for "spirit" Spelling variant - Damien.

  • Danika

    meaning "morning star; from Denmark" and is a variant of Danica (Slavic, Latin): there is a famous and expensive Royal Copenhagen china pattern known as "Flora Danica" or "Flowers of Denmark".

  • Dante

    "lasting, enduring". Spelling variant -Dantae, Dantay, Daunte, Dontae, Dontay and Donte.

  • December

    Word name- Variants- Decembra. International Variations Dicembre (Italian)

  • Demelza

    "fort on the hill"

  • Demetria

    Greek, alternate form of Demeter, goddess of fertility

  • Demetrius

    "follower of Demeter".

  • Desdemona


  • Destiny

    "one's certain fortune; fate".

  • Deverell

    "bank of the river". Place name and surname. Also a variant of Devereux, referring to a place in France.

  • Dorian

    "descendant of Dorus; from Doris"

  • Drake

    meaning of Drake is "dragon". From Drakon (Greek) or "draca", the medieval term for "dragon". Originally Drake designated the man who kept the inn with the dragon trademark, or the "Sign of the Dragon". Drago is an Italian form; Draco is Latin.

  • Davorin

    'god of war'

  • Druilla

    'elfin vision'. Not to be confused with 'Drusilla', which means 'strong one'

  • Ebony

    meaning of Ebony is "black wood'' Similar sounding name is Evony.

  • Echo

    "reflected sound"

  • Eden

    meaning of Eden is "place of pleasure" Although used as Both a M & F name. Its is more seen on Females. Variant spellings are Edin, Edyn,

  • Electra


  • Elwin

    'friend of the elves'

  • Eoghan

    'young warrior'

  • Erasmus

  • Estrella

    "star-like; love"

  • Ethelinda

    "noble serpent"

  • Etienne

    "garland, crown". Variant of Stephen.

  • Evangeline

    "good news".

  • Ezekiel

    "God strengthens". Nickname -Zeke.

  • Eirisse

  • Eirlys


  • Emberlynn

    Combination Of Ember And Lynn

  • Emerande


  • Emmeranne

    Combination of emma and anne perhaps? ''Raven''

  • Ennata


  • Eranthe

  • Esmeralde


  • Eventide

  • Everild

    "boar battle".

  • Fae

    "belief; fairy" and is a variant of Faith.

  • Faine

    the meaning of Faine is "happy, joyous". Fane is a Welsh form.

  • Faith


  • Faline

    the meaning of Faline is "like a cat". Variant spelling of the word "feline"; also means "in charge". Variant forms are- Faeleen, Fayline, Felina and Feyline.

  • Fanchon

    'free being'

  • Fawn

    the meaning of Fawn is "young deer".

  • Fern

    The meaning of Fern is "fern". From "fearn". A name from nature: green shade-loving plant. Short form of Fernanda. Another Spelling is Fearne.

  • Fortune

    meaning of Fortune is "good fate"

  • Frey

    The meaning of Frey is "lord, exalted one". In Norse mythology, Frey is the fertility god, and also the most handsome of all the deities.

  • Feronia

    'a goddess of the forests'

  • Fleurdelice

    'iris, lily'

  • Gabriel

    "God's able-bodied one; hero of God".

  • Gadiel

    "God is my fortune".

  • Gale

    the meaning of Gale is "foreigner; cheerful, happy".

  • Gareth


  • Garnette

    is a variant of Garnet (Middle English): a dark red gemstone named for the pomegranate that the garnet crystals resemble.

  • Garth

    "keeper of the garden".

  • Gawain

    "white falcon; little falcon"

  • Gethin


  • Griffin

    "hooked nose".

  • Griselda

    the meaning of Griselda is "dark battle". Also possibly "gray fighting maid" Nickname could Be Zelda.

  • Guinevere

    meaning of Guinevere is "fair and smooth" / "white shadow, white wave"

  • Gwendoline

    the meaning "fair bow; blessed ring" and is a variant of Gwendolyn (Welsh)

  • Gair.

    "small one"

  • Garroway


  • Griswold

    meaning of Griswold is "gray woods"

  • Gwendydd

    'morning star'

  • Hagar


  • Hestia


  • Hildegarde

    "battle stronghold".

  • Hunter

    "hunter, pursuer"

  • Heathcliffe

    "cliff near a heath".

  • Hecate

  • Hesperia

    'evening; evening star'

  • Ianthe

    "violet flower"

  • Idris

    "fiery leader; prophet"

  • Indigo

    Deep Blue

  • Ingram

    "raven of peace; raven of Anglia"/ 'The raven's son'

  • Iolana

    'soaring like a hawk'

  • Iolanthe

    "violet flower".

  • Ione


  • Ishmael

    "God listens".

  • Isis

  • Ivory

    "creamy-white color; hard tusk used for carving fine art and jewellery".

  • Ivy


  • Izora


  • Ianira


  • Isolabella

    'the beautiful lonely one'

  • Jael

    "mountain goat".

  • Jagger

    "one who cuts"

  • Jairus

    "God enlightens"

  • Jarlath

    From Iarlaith

  • Jocasta

    'shining moon'

  • Julianna

    "youthful; Jove's child"

  • Juliet

    "youthful; Jove's child".

  • Jarlen

  • Jevera


  • Joliette


  • Jorin

  • Kala


  • Kali


  • Kazimir

    "famous destroyer (of peace)"

  • Keenan


  • Keir

    "dusky; dark-haired; dark-skinned, swarthy"

  • Ketura

    "incense" Also Spelt Keturah

  • Khalid

    "immortal, eternal"

  • Khalida

    Eternal Life

  • Kiara

    'Black' Also Spelt - Ciara

  • Killian


  • Kismet


  • Kairos

    'goddess born last to Jupiter'

  • Kalon

  • Kalonice

    'beauty's victory'

  • Kamra


  • Kavita


  • Kolfinna

    'white lady'

  • Lance


  • Lancelot


  • Layla

    "night beauty"

  • Leander

    "lion man".

  • Leandra

    "lion man". / Lioness

  • Leon

    The lion

  • Leontine


  • Lethia


  • Levana

    "to rise"

  • Lilah

    "languishing, lovelorn, seductive; night beauty"

  • Lilith

    "belonging to the night".

  • Lisha

    'the darkness before midnight' Lisha as a girl's name, is a variant of Lecia (Latin): short form of names like Alicia and Felicia, used as an independent name.

  • Lorelei


  • Lucien

    "light; from Lucanus"

  • Lupe

    'she wolf'

  • Lysander


  • Lamya

    'dark lips'

  • Lechsinska

    'woodland spirit'

  • Lien

    'lotus blossom'

  • Lothaire

  • Lullaby

    word name.

  • Lycidas

    'wolf son'

  • Lycoris


  • Maeve

    "intoxicating; she who makes drunk".

  • Malachi

    "messenger of God".

  • Mallory


  • Marianne

    A blend of Marie (Latin) "star of the sea" and Anne (Hebrew) "grace"

  • Mehira

  • Melantha

    "dark flower". Related to the name Melanie meaning "black, dark". Also the name lanie can be used too.. as another varied part of melanie

  • Melchior

    Likely derived from the Farsi elements "melk", meaning "king", and "quart", meaning "city".

  • Mercy

    "compassion, forebearance".

  • Meredith

    "great, noted ruler".

  • Merle


  • Merlin

    "sea fortress".

  • Minerva

    "the mind", 'goddess of wisdom'

  • Misty


  • Morgan

    "circling sea or great brightness; bright or white sea dweller".

  • Morwenna

    "maiden". Also possibly "white seas"

  • Musette

    ''little bagpipe"

  • Myfanwy

    My Fine One

  • Mabon


  • Magena

    'the coming moon'

  • Magna

    'the coming moon'

  • Martel

    It is of English origin. Variant of Martin.

  • Mordred

  • Myth

  • Naida

    "water nymph".

  • Nebula

    "mist". In astronomy, a description of hazy masses around stars.

  • Nehemiah


  • Nevada


  • Niall


  • Niamh

    'Bright' Pronounced "NEE-uhv" and "NEEV"

  • Nicodemus

    "people's victory".

  • Nirvana

  • Nisha


  • Nissa

    "to test". Also possibly (Scandinavian) "elf".

  • Nyx


  • Nodin


  • Nokomis

    "daughter of the moon; grandmother"

  • Odile

    "fortunate or prosperous in battle"

  • Ophelia


  • Orenda

    'magic power'

  • Orion

    'son of light' Spelling also could be Orien

  • Osanna


  • Odolff

  • Ordelia

    'elf's spear'

  • Ozul


  • Paine

    "countryman, rustic villager, peasant".

  • Persephone

    'Bringer Of Destruction' variant forms are Persephonie, Persefonie.

  • Perseus

    'destroyer' the son of Zeus and Danae

  • Petra


  • Phaidra

    The meaning "bright" and is a variant of Phaedra (Greek), has 4 variant forms: Faydra, Fedra, Phadra, Phedra.

  • Phelan

    "like a wolf".

  • Philomena

    "powerful love".

  • Phoenix

    the meaning of Phoenix is "dark red".

  • Pixie


  • Psyche


  • Purity / Poison

  • Qadir

    "capable, competent"

  • Qadira


  • Quillan

    "cub". Other form of spelling Quillon/ Quillen.

  • Quinn

    "counsel". May also possibly mean "descendant of Con", which has connotations for "intelligence".

  • Quintella

  • Radella

  • Randal

    "wolf shield"

  • Raoul

    "wolf counsel"

  • Raphael

    "healing God"

  • Raphaelle

    "God heals"

  • Renita

    "resistant".Form also used is Renata.

  • Rhapsody

  • Rhiannon

    "great queen, or goddess".

  • Riordan

    "bard, minstrel".

  • River

    nature name

  • Ruby

    "the red gemstone".

  • Rune


  • Radomir

  • Raelinn

    Raelinn/Raelynn is a variant of Rae: short form of Rachel (Hebrew) "ewe" or a feminine form of Ray.

  • Ransley

    "raven meadow".

  • Ravette

  • Renwick

    "roe deer village; raven village".

  • Rhain

  • Rhodanthe

    "rose blossom"

  • Saber


  • Sabien

  • Salem


  • Sapphire

    Jewel name and the birthstone for September. Sapphira is an alternative form.

  • Scarlett

    the meaning of Scarlett is "red"

  • Selena

    ''the moon".

  • Selene

    "the moon"

  • Silvan

    "forest, woods".

  • Silvana

    "woodland, forest"

  • Silver

    word name

  • Sky

    word name

  • Skylar

    "fugitive" is a variant of Skyler (Dutch): variant forms: Schuyler, Schyler, Skyllar, Skyla.

  • Sorcha

    "bright, shining"

  • Sterling

    "genuine, of high quality"

  • Sullivan

    ''dark eyes"

  • Seain

  • Seiran


  • Seraphine

    "burning ones"

  • Severn


  • Tallon

    From the word that refers to the large claw of a bird of prey such as a hawk or an eagle. Also Talon/ Talen,

  • Tanith

    'Goddess Of Love'

  • Taos

  • Tatiana

    Name or nickname from this name could be Tiana.

  • Thalia


  • Theron


  • Thora

    "Thor's struggle". / ''Thunder''

  • Thordis

    "Thor's struggle"

  • Thorin


  • Thorne

    "thorn bush"

  • Tierney


  • Topaz

    Jewel name: birthstone for November

  • Trista


  • Tama


  • Tearle

  • Tempesta

    "turbulent, stormy"

  • Timandra


  • Tizane

  • Tourmaline

  • Turaya


  • Urien

  • Ulfred

  • Ulva

    ''She Wolf''

  • Urania


  • Ursula

    "little she-bear"

  • Ursulette

    ''little she-bear"

  • Ursuline

    "little she-bear"

  • Valentina

    "strength, health"

  • Valentine


  • Valerian

    "strong, healthy"

  • Vanita

    ''woman''/ ''Desired''

  • Vasilisa

    royal, kingly"

  • Velvet

    english word name.

  • Venus

  • Vesper

    "evening star"

  • Vespera

    'the evening star

  • Vanity

  • Velika

    'the falling one'

  • Venette

  • Willow

    Name of a slender and graceful wood tree.

  • Wolf

    "wolf" and is a variant of Wolfe (Old German)

  • Wren

    Bird name: a small brown songbird.

  • Waldron

    "powerful raven".

  • Wanette


  • Wolfram

    "traveling wolf"

  • Xanthe

    "yellow, blonde".

  • Xanthus


  • Xaverie


  • Xavier


  • Xena

    "guest, stranger"

  • Xenos


  • Xylia

    "woodland; wood-dweller". Related to Sylvia.

  • Yolanthe

    "violet flower; purple"

  • Ysabelle

    "God is my oath"; medieval form of Isabel.

  • Ywain


  • Zabrina

    Variant of Sabrina.. Similar name is Zarina.

  • Zacchaeus

    "the Lord recalled"

  • Zane

    "God is gracious".

  • Zara


  • Zella


  • Zetta


  • Zuleika

    ''Fair'' nn Zula/Zulu

  • Zakira


  • Zephirah

    "west wind"