Spanish-English Bilingual Girl Names

These names work in both English and Spanish. Sometimes the pronunciation is the same, and sometimes each name has its own pronunciation in each language. Note that the "uh" sound (as in uh-MAN-duh for Amanda) does not exist in Spanish. It is substituted with the "ah" sound, leading to very similar pronunciations in both languages. All pronunciations are written in phonetic English with stressed syllables in capital letters. - Created by stars4madrid

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  • Adriana

    ah-dree-AHN-ah in Spanish; ay-dree-AN-uh or ah-dree-AHN-uh in English

  • Alana

    ah-lahn-nah in both languages

  • Alicia

    ah-LEE-see-ah in Spanish; ah-LEE-see-ah or ah-LEESH-shuh or uh-LISH-shuh in English.

  • Alma

    AL-mah in Spanish; AL-muh or ALL-muh in English

  • Andrea

    ahn-DRAY-ah in Spanish; AN-dree-uh in English

  • Angela

    AHN-hell-lah in Spanish; AN-jell-luh in English

  • Angelina

    ahn-hel-EEN-nah in Spanish; an-jel-EEN-nuh in Englihs.

  • Anita

    ah-NEE-tah in both languages.

  • Antonia

  • Aurelia

    aw-RAIL-ya in Spanish; aw-RAIL-ya or aw-REEL-ya in English.

  • Aurora

    ow-RO-rah in Spanish; uh-ROR-ruh in English

  • Barbara

    BAR-bah-rah in Spanish; BAR-buh-buh in English

  • Camila

    cah-MEE-lah in Spanish; cuh-MILL-luh in English.

  • Carla

    CAHR-lah in Spanish; CAR-luh in English.

  • Carmen

    CAR-men in both languages

  • Carolina

    car-oh-LEEN-nah in Spanish; care-oh-LINE-uh in English

  • Catalina

    cat-ah-LEEN-nah in both languages.

  • Cecilia

    seh-SEEL-ya in both languages.

  • Celeste

    seh-LESS-tay in Spanish; sell-LEST in English

  • Celia

    SAY-lya in Spanish; SEEL-lee-uh in English

  • Clara

    CLAHR-rah in Spanish; CLAIR-uh in English

  • Claudia

    CLAHWD-ia (first syllable sounds like cloud) in Spanish; CLOD-dee-uh in English

  • Cora

  • Cristina

    cree-STEEN-nah in Spanish; criss-TEEN-nuh in English.

  • Daniela

    dahn-YAY-lah (middle syllable quick ee-ay dipthong) in Spanish; dan-YELL-uh in English.

  • Diana

    dee-AHN-nah in Spanish; dye-ANN-uh in English

  • Dolores

    do-LOR-res in both languages

  • Elena

    eh-LAY-nah in Spanish; eh-LAY-nah or uh-LAY-nuh in English.

  • Elisa

    eh-LEE-sah in Spanish eh-LEE-sah or el-LISS-sah in English.

  • Eloisa

    eyl-loh-EES-sah in Spanish. ell-lo-EES-suh in English.

  • Elsa

    EL-sah in both languages.

  • Emilia

    em-MEEL-ee-ah in Spanish; em-MEEL-yuh in English.

  • Emma

    EHM-mah in Spanish; EM-muh in English.

  • Erica

  • Estela

    es-STAY-lah in Spanish; es-STELL-uh in English.

  • Esther

    ES-tayr in Spanish; ES-thurr in English

  • Eva

    AY-vah in Spanish; EEV-vah in English

  • Felicia

  • Gabriela

    gah-bree-EL-ah in both languages.

  • Gloria

    GLOR-ee-ah in both languages.

  • Helena

    eh-LAYN-nah in Spanish; HELL-en-nuh in English or hell-AYN-nuh in English.

  • Ines

    ee-NES in Spanish; ee-NES or ee-NEZ in English

  • Irene

    ee-REN-nay in Spanish; I-reen in English.

  • Iris

    EE-rees in Spanish; I-riss in English.

  • Isabel

    EE-sah-bel in Spanish; IS-uh-bell in English

  • Isadora

  • Isidora

  • Isla

  • Judith

    HOO-deet in Spanish; JOO-dith in English.

  • Julia

    HOO-lya in Spanish. JUL-lee-uh in english

  • Lara

    LAH-rah in Spanish; LAR-ruh, LAIR-ruh in English

  • Laura

    LAHW-rah (first syllable rhymes with 'wow') in Spanish; LOR-ruh in English.

  • Leona

    lay-OH-nah in Spanish; lee-OH-nuh in English. Rare name in Spanish as it means lionness.

  • Leonora

    lay-oh-NOR-rah in Spanish; lee-oh-NOR-ruh in English

  • Leticia

    leh-TEE-cee-ah in Spanish; leh-TEE-cee-ah or luh-TEE-cee-uh or luh-TISH-uh in English

  • Lola

    LO-lah in both languages.

  • Lucia

    loo-SEE-ah in Spanish; loo-SEE-ah or LOO-shuh in English

  • Luisa

    loo-EES-sah in both languages.

  • Mara

    MAH-rah in Spanish; MAR-ruh or MAIR-ruh in English

  • Marcela

    mar-SAY-lah in Spanish; mar-SELL-luh in English.

  • Marcella

    mar-SAY-yah in Spanish; mar-SELL-luh in English

  • Maria

    mah-REE-ah in Spanish; muh-REE-uh in English.

  • Mariana

    mar-ee-AHN-nah in Spanish; mair-ee-ANN-uh in English.

  • Marina

    mah-REE-nah in both languages.

  • Marisa

    mah-REESE-ah in Spanish; muh-RISS-uh in English.

  • Martina

    mar-TEEN-nah in Spanish; mar-TEEN-nuh in English.

  • Maura

  • Maya

  • Minerva

  • Miranda

  • Miriam

    MEE-ree-am in Spanish; MEER-ree-um in English.

  • Monica

    MO-nee-cah (long O like 'No' in first syllable) in Spanish; MON-ih-cuh in English.

  • Natalia

    nah-TAL-ya in both languages.

  • Nora

    NO-rah in Spanish; NOR-ruh in English.

  • Olivia

    o-LEE-vee-ah in Spanish; o-LIV-ee-uh in English.

  • Patricia

    pah-TREE-see-ah in Spanish; puh-TRISH-uh or puh-TREE-see-uh in English

  • Paula

    PAHW-lah (first syllable rhymes with 'wow') in Spanish; PALL-uh in English.

  • Paulina

    pahw-LEEN-nah (first syllable rhymes with 'wow') in Spanish; pall-LEEN-nuh or pall-LYE-nuh in English.

  • Penelope

    pe-NAY-lo-pay in Spanish; pen-NELL-o-pee in English.

  • Priscila

    pree-SEE-lah in Spanish; priss-SILL-luh in English

  • Raquel

    rah-KELL in both languages.

  • Rebeca

    reh-BEK-kah in Spanish; ree-BECK-uh or ruh-BECK-uh in English.

  • Rita

    ree-TAH in both languages.

  • Roberta

  • Rosa

  • Roxana

    roc-SAHN-nah in Spanish; rocks-ANN-uh in English

  • Sandra

    SAHN-drah in Spanish; SANN-druh in English

  • Sara

    SAH-RAH in Spanish; SAIR-ruh in English.

  • Sierra

    see-AIR-rah in both languages.

  • Silvia

    SEEL-vee-ah in Spanish; SILL-vee-uh in English.

  • Sofia

    so-FEE-ah in both languages.

  • Sonia

    SOAN-ya (first syllable is long O sound) in Spanish; SOAN-ya or SAHN-ya in English.

  • Susana

    soo-SAH-nah in Spanish; soo-SAH-nah or soo-SAN-uh in English

  • Tatiana

  • Teresa

    teh-RAY-sah in Spanish; tuh-RAY-suh or ter-RAY-suh or tuh-REESE-uh or ter-REESE-uh in English.

  • Ursula

  • Vera

    VAYR-rah in Spanish; VEER-ruh in English

  • Veronica

    vay-RO-nee-cah in Spanish; vurr-RON-ih-cuh in English.

  • Victoria

    veec-TOR-ya in Spanish; vic-TOR-ee-uh in English. (Pronuncations are close)

  • Zara

    SAR-rah in Spanish; ZAR-ruh in English.

  • Zoe

    ZO-ay in Spanish; ZO-ee in English