A to Z - Girls

I've been looking through the database and picking a few names from each letter of the alphabet that I like. Most are eccentric, or creative. - Created by Nyxiaus

  • Acadia

    NN Cady

  • Annika

    I prefer the spelling Anneke, pronounced the same way, although in the US, it might have a bit of a pronunciation-spelling problem.

  • Astrid

  • Blythe

  • Bryony

    Alt Spelling: Briony, NN Bri

  • Calixta

    NN Cali,

  • Charis

    NN Cari

  • Daria

  • Destry

  • Elinor

    I think this spelling is much preferred to the typical Eleanor, it's more streamlined and feels fresher. NN Ellie

  • Embry

  • Finley

  • Freja

    Alt Spelling for Freya

  • Guinevere

    Alt Spelling: Gwenevere

  • Gypsy

    I think it has potential, would need to be matched with a good middle, and strong siblings

  • Hartley

  • Hollis

  • India

    NN Indy

  • Isla

  • Jessamine

    NN Jessie, or Sam

  • Juno

  • Kassia

    I prefer this spelling to Cassia because it looks specifically like a girls name rather than a mis-spelling of Cassius or something like that.

  • Kendall

  • Larkin

  • Lyla

  • Mariska

    NN Mari, easy to spell.

  • Marta

    NN Marty

  • Naja

    (Naya) could also be spelled Naya

  • Neela

    Could be spelled Nila, but then could be pronounced incorrectly like NIL-AH

  • Oceane


  • Ophira

    Beautiful name has great potential.

  • Pilar

  • Priya

    I think this has a good potential for cross-culture naming because of the Prius.

  • Quincy

  • Quinn

    Overused, but a good choice for a Q name.

  • Salome

    I would recommend putting the é accent on the E.

  • Sapphira


  • Socorra

    (Soc-Cora), NN Cora

  • Sylvie

  • Thisbe

  • Tierney

  • Twila

    Alt Spelling: Twyla

  • Umber

    Would need a grounding middle name.

  • Umbria

    NN Bri

  • Victoire

  • Vienna

  • Waverly

  • Windsor

    NN Winnie, Windy, etc.

  • Wisteria

    Alt Spelling: Wysteria. Also name of a character in James Patterson's Witch and Wizard

  • Xanthe

  • Xenia

  • Xia

  • Yadira

  • Yara

  • Yasmin


  • Zadie

  • Zahara

    Sahara could be an easier choice.

  • Zoe