Girl Names Starting with I

Isabella and her numerous cousins have been queen of the I names for girls for the past couple decades, but that’s not the only I name worth consideration.

Along with Isabella, girl names starting with I that rank in the US Top 200 include Ivy, Iris, and Isla.

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Inès is the top I name for girls in France (joined by Inaya, Iris and spelling variant Ines in France’s Top 100), Isa is a Top 50 pick in The Netherlands, while Irene and Iria rank in Spain’s Top 100 baby girl names.

If uncommon I-starting girl names are more your style, Ida is certainly due a comeback, and Nordic favorite Ingrid is also finding new fans in the US today. Even more unique I girl names that we love include intriging international options like Ivalo, Isabeau, Idony and Ianthe.

I Names for Girls