Boy Names Starting With P

Boy names starting with P all have a certain peppiness to them, no matter what their origin or style: think Pedro, Pax, Porter, Prince…

In the US, the top-ranking P name for boys is Parker, which just squeaks onto the Top 100.

Along with Parker, other P names for boys in the US Top 400 are Patrick, Peter, Paxton, Paul, Phoenix, Prince, and Pedro.

Along with Parker and Patrick, vintage P-starting picks like Peter, Paul, Philip and Percy rank among the UK’s Top 400 boy names.

Similarly classic are the top P boy names in Spain: Pablo, Pedro, Pau and Pol.

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And in the Netherlands, cute P names Pepijn and Pim come out on top.

Quirky boy names beginning with P have been chosen by famous parents Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (Pax), Julia Roberts and Danny Moder (Phinnaeus), and Jason Lee and Beth Riesgraf (Pilot). Other unique options we recommend include upstanding picks like Peregrine, Percival, Pascal and Piers, which are all popular with our visitors.

P Names for Boys