Top Baby Names in Finland 2019

The most popular baby names in Finland for 2019 are Aino and Leo.

Along with Aino, other top girl names in Finland include Aada, Sofia , Eevi, and Olivia. Along with Leo, other popular names for boys in Finland include Elias, Oliver, Eino, and Väinö.

Some of Finland's most popular baby names are international favorites like Emilia and Lukas. Others are well-known names in disguise, like Eevi (Evie) and Kaapo (Gabriel).

Popular Finnish word names include Helmi (pearl) and Lumi (snow) for girls, and Toivo (hope) and Otso (bear) for boys. Other unique and appealing choices found in the Finnish Top 50 include Venla, Hilla, Rasmus and Kasper.

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