Norse, variation of Margaret

Mette Origin and Meaning

The name Mette is a girl's name of German, Scandinavian, Norse origin meaning "pearl".

This is a Scandinavian variant of Margaret, and is pronounced MEH-teh or MET, rhyming with jet.

Mette Popularity

Famous People Named Mette

  • MetteMarit Tjessem Høiby, Crown Princess of Norway
  • Mette Iversdotter Dyrede facto queen consort of Sweden as wife of Svante, Regent of Sweden
  • Mette LindbergDanish singer of The Asteroids Galaxy Tour
  • Mette Peluceniece of actress Soleil Moon Frye
  • Mette JacobsenDanish Olympic swimmer
  • Mette FrederiksenDanish politician
  • Mette VeisethMiss Denmark 1987
  • Mette SchjoldagerDanish Olympic badminton player