Top Baby Names in Norway 2020

The most popular baby names in Norway for 2020 are Nora and Jakob.

Along with Emma, other top girl names in Norway include Emma, Ella, Maja, and Olivia. Along with Jakob, other popular names for boys in Norway include Emil, Noah, Oliver, and Filip.

Norway's name rankings combine spellings for names that sound the same. So, for example, Jakob also includes a minority of boys named Jacob, and Nora also includes girls named Norah.

The letter C was not introduced into the Norwegian alphabet until later, so relatively few names in Norway’s Top 50 include it — only Lucas, Victoria, and Victor. Instead, many names in which you’d traditionally see a C are spelled with a K instead, such as Oskar, Aksel, and Kasper.

Popular names in Norway with Scandinavian origins include Ingrid, Hedda, and Tuva for girls, and Sander, Johannes, and Håkon for boys. Other unique choices found in the Norwegian Top 50 with crossover potential include Linnea, Sigrid, Emil, and Iver.