Danish, version of Hebrew Absalom
"the father is peace"

Aksel Origin and Meaning

The name Aksel is a boy's name of Norwegian origin meaning "the father is peace".

Most American parents would choose to use the more commonly seen variant, AXEL.

Aksel Popularity

Famous People Named Aksel

  • Aksel "Azach" ZachariassenNorwegian politcian and writer
  • Aksel AgerbyDanish composer and organist
  • Aksel AiroFinnish lieutenant general
  • Aksel ArstalNorwegian theologist and schoolteacher
  • Aksel Christian Henrik HansenDanish sculptor
  • Aksel GresvigNorwegian track cyclist and businessman
  • Aksel HagenNorwegian politician
  • Aksel HennieNorwegian actor, director and writer
  • Aksel LarsenDanish politician
  • Aksel Lund SvindalNorwegian alpine skier
  • Aksel MikkelsenDanish educator
  • Aksel SandemoseDanish novelist
  • Aksel Vilhelmsson JohannesenFaroese politician