New Baby Boy Names

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New baby boy names, name derived from words or places or nature or surnames, are springing up all the time.

New baby names for boys as well as baby girls can be found in a diverse range of places. You might look at names established in other countries or at other times in history but new to your home country. Or you might turn a word that isn't a name into a first name. Or you might invent a new spelling or an entirely new name.

If you're looking for new names for your baby boy, either invented or borrowed or rediscovered, here's our master list.

  • Anakin

    Anakin Skywalker, aka Darth Vader, is the antagonist in the original Star Wars trilogy. The name Anakin first entered the US Top 1000 in 2014. Its meaning is unknown but is thought to be... Read More 

  • Aries

    Better than Capricorn or Cancer, not as usable as Leo, the name of the Roman god of war becomes more possible as a baby name every day, as mythological names take the place of biblical names. Read More 

  • Aston

    Has an upscale aura, perhaps due to the luxury James Bond Aston Martin car. Read More 

  • Auden

    The poetic, soft-spoken Auden has recently started to be considered as a first name option, used for both sexes, appreciated for its pleasing sound as well as its link to the distinguished modern... Read More 

  • Baker

    One of the most appealing of the newly hip occupational names, evoking sweet smells emanating from the oven. Much fresher sounding than than others that have been around for awhile, like Cooper,... Read More 

  • Baylor

    Baylor's 2014 ascension to the US Top 1000 for boys is probably thanks to its fashionable two-syllable, r-ending, occupational surname feel. Think of it as Taylor with a twist.

    Baylor is... Read More 

  • Bear

    Bear has suddenly lumbered onto the baby name landscape. Perhaps inspired by British adventurer Bear Grylls (born Edward Michael), first celebrity chef Jamie Oliver used it as the middle name for... Read More 

  • Beauden

    This creative spelling of Boden may be influenced by the popularity of Beau or New Zealand rugby player Beauden Barrett. Either way, we predict it's going to rise in popularity for years to come.Read More 

  • Bentley

    Bentley, a somewhat stuffy British surname, previously associated primarily with an incredibly expensive English car, has had a recent surge in popularity, thanks largely to the reality TV shows... Read More 

  • Bode

    Bode is a short and sharp name that re-entered the Top 1000 in 2014 after a few years off the list. However, with its flat sound and omen-related meaning, we do not think naming your son Bode... Read More 

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