Hebrew, variation of Sarah

Suri Origin and Meaning

The name Suri is a girl's name of Persian origin meaning "princess".

Suri, a once obscure name, hit the headlines when chosen by Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise for their daughter in 2007. Multi-cultural, it also means "the sun" in Sanskrit, "rose" in Persian, and is the name of the Andean Alpaca's wool, as well as a Yiddish form of Sarah, a title used for Jain monks, and a Japanese word for "pickpocket."

Suri has not been picked up on by many other parents.

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Suri Popularity

Famous People Named Suri

  • Suri Cruisedaughter of American actors Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes
  • Suri KrishnammaBritish film director

Suri in Pop Culture

  • In the animated Disney movie "Dinosaur" the lemur sister was called Suri.