Stellar Names That Mean Star

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  • Nova

    The name Nova is a unisex name meaning "new". Nova might be a much more commonly used a girls' name, but enough parents saw unisex appeal in it for it to debut on the US Top 1000 for boys in 2017.... Read More 

  • Orion

    The name Orion is a unisex name of Greek origin. Orion is a rising star, with both mythical and celestial overtones.

    The Greek mythological Orion was the legendary hunter who pursued... Read More 

  • Rasalas

    The name Rasalas is a boy's name meaning "the northern (star) of the lion's head". The exotic-sounding name of a star in the constellation Leo that can be adapted as a Read More 

  • Realtin

    The name Realtin is a girl's name meaning "little star". Properly written with accents: Réaltín. This increasingly popular Irish name is derived from réalta, meaning "star". Réiltín is a... Read More 

  • Roxana

    The name Roxana is a girl's name of Persian origin meaning "dawn; or, little star". The name of the wife of Alexander the Great, more attractive than the better-known Roxanne. Roxana was first... Read More 

  • Roxanne

    The name Roxanne is a girl's name of Persian origin meaning "dawn". Has a touch of the exotic from its Eastern origins, best known as the beautiful heroine to whom Cyrano de Bergerac says, "Your... Read More 

  • Sagitta

    The name Sagitta is a girl's name meaning "arrow". Sagitta is not a part of the Sagittarius constellation, but rather its own collection of stars. However, its meaning, "arrow," would make it... Read More 

  • Saturn

    The name Saturn is a boy's name . If you've rejected all the names on earth, you might move on to the sixth planet from the sun, also the Roman god of agriculture. Read More 

  • Seren

    The name Seren is a unisex name of Welsh origin meaning "star or sail mast". Seren is a top girls' name in Wales – and a lovely choice almost unknown elsewhere. Seren, in the Sirona form, was an... Read More 

  • Sidra

    The name Sidra is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "like a star". Sidra is an uncommon name shared by a gulf off the coast of Libya. Read More 

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