Names That Mean Sun

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  • Sunniva

    The name Sunniva is a girl's name of Norwegian origin meaning "sun gift". Sunniva was an Irish-born saint who fled to Norway, where she hid in an island cave with her followers and eventually... Read More 

  • Suree

    The name Suree is a girl's name meaning "sun". This name is very wearable in English-speaking countries and has a lovely meaning.Read More 

  • Suria

    The name Suria is a girl's name of Hindi origin meaning "sun god". The graceful Indian Suria or Surya may remind Americans more of little Miss Suri Cruise than of the pantheon of Hindi gods and... Read More 

  • Surya

    The name Surya is a boy's name of Hindi origin meaning "sun god". Graceful Indian choice that may sound feminine to the Western ear but is in fact the name of a male god. One form of worship of... Read More 

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