Fancy Girl Names

Fancy girl names are names that feel posh, aristocratic, elaborate, elegant — unique in an upscale way. Many fancy girl names, such as Alexandria and Calliope, are a whole lotta name. Too much name? That's for you to decide.

Along with Alexandria and Calliope, other fancy girl names in the US Top 1000 include Tatiana, Genevieve, Giuliana, Alessandra, Xiomara, Aubriella, Priscilla, and Emmeline. If you want your daughter’s name to be extra-fancy, try one with five or more syllables, such as Apollonia, Cassiopeia, Illuminata, or Theophania.

If you're looking for a sophisticated girl name that will definitely set your daughter apart from the crowd, consider one of the oh-so-fancy names for girls.

Fancy Names for Girls
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