Unique Celebrity Baby Middle Names

When we talk about unique celebrity baby names, we’re most often referring to the unusual first names of celebrity children a la Chicago and Rocket. However, a number of stars have opted to give their children more obscure middle names rather than (or sometimes along with) an unusual first name. The middle position is safer territory when it comes to using unconventional baby names—middle names are rarely used day-to-day and are scarcely known outside inner circles. While the latter isn’t true for these celebrity children, we are still supportive of the unexpected middle name trend. For more ideas, check out our list of middle names.

  • Achille


    The French spin on the name of the great Homeric hero with the vulnerable heel seems somewhat more portable into the modern world.Read More 

  • Airamis


    One of the middle names of Dwayne Wade's son Zion.Read More 

  • Akiro


    Akiro is well used in Japan, the first name of famed director Kurosawa. Read More 

  • Altalune


    Altalune is an invention used by Uma Thurman and Arpad Busson as one of several middle names for their daughter, its Latin meaning roughly... Read More 

  • Amarachi


    Used by Kerry Washington as the middle name for her daughter Isabelle.Read More 

  • Amor


    The Latin word for love. Amor has strong potential for the middle name position.Read More 

  • Anais


    Anais is an unusual, exotic name forever attached to the daring French-born American novelist and diarist Anais Nin (born Angela, with Anais as one of her middle names), who became the inspiration... Read More 

  • Andrus


    This traditionally male variation of Andrew was used by tennis player Lindsay Davenport as a middle name for her daughter Lauren. Read More 

  • Aoibheann


    Aoibheann may have a lovely sound once you know it's pronounced like the word "even," but that would not be evident to non-Irish speakers. An ancient Aoibheann was the mother of Saint Enda;... Read More 

  • Aranya


    This pretty name is most commonly used in Southeast Asia, although Westerners might recognize it as the middle name of Owen Wilson's daughter Lyla.Read More 

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