Middle Names

Middle names have become standard for babies, with one middle name the convention in the US though two middle names are becoming more usual following the example of the British royals and upper class. And why not, given that middle names for babies have become so much more fun in recent years. You might look to your baby's middle name as the place to use a unique name that feels too adventurous for first place, or a name that carries personal or family meaning, or a name you love but your partner doesn't. Parents might use middle names as a sleek bridge between first and last or as a way to clarify the gender of a child with a unisex first name. Middle names can be a way to honor extra family members or heroes, and a middle name can also be an adjunct surname. While we include shorter lists of unique middle names and one-syllable middle names and middle names with meaning, this is our master list of possible middle names for babies -- though in reality the list is limited only by your imagination.