Cool Boy Names—Rare, Unique and Unusual

  • Benedetto


    This Italian form of Benedict sidesteps the Benedict Arnold association that still clouds the English version. Read More 

  • Beowulf


    This ancient name is that of the hero of the epic Beowulf, which is thought to be the oldest-ever poem in English lit written in the vernacular. J. R. R. Tolkien used it as one of his... Read More 

  • Berlin


    Edgy German capital with definite possibilities as a baby name. Read More 

  • Beto


    To the Anglo ear, Beto may not make sense as a short form of Gilberto, Roberto, or Alberto. But it is, and the o-ending makes is friendly, sleek, and modern.Read More 

  • Birch


    Birch is a rarely used nature name that calls to mind the lovely image of the tall, strong but graceful white-barked tree.

    The best known bearer of the name is former high-ranking... Read More 

  • Bravery


    This one's cutting right to the chase, but with such names as Justice and Peace on the rise, why not? And we guarantee your seven-year-old son will love it, though your 17-year-old, maybe not so... Read More 

  • Breaker


    One of the aggressive new boys' names, ala Tracker and Heller, that have become fashionable among parents who are courting trouble.Read More 

  • Breslin


    An Irish surname choice that could very well make its way into first name territory.Read More 

  • Brio


    Musical term with a lot of energy.Read More 

  • Caldwell


    English place name turned surname.Read More 

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