Cool Boy Names—Rare, Unique and Unusual

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Cool boys’ names can have deep roots or be modern inventions but work best when they relate to other stylish names while remaining relatively undiscovered. The best 2020 unique names for boys are rare and rooted in history but fit in with current styles.

To make this list, these cool names for boys had to be used for 25 or fewer baby boys, guaranteeing they are considered unique baby names across the US.

Many of the surname-names for boys on this list won’t stay unique for long. Choices such as Fielding, Halston, Langdon, and Maguire are one celebrity baby or TV character away from becoming smash hits.

This list of cool unique boys’ names features some of our favorite possibilities. For more, take a look at our collections of boys’ names and unusual names.

Cool Unique Boy Names

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