Names That Mean Dawn

Baby names that mean dawn appeal on both a literal and a symbolic level. Dawn might mean a new beginning for your family or your child's emergence into the world. You might want a name that means dawn for a child that's born at sunrise or early in the morning. Dawn might mean a new attitude, a new realization, a new way of life.

Included here are also the names of gods and goddesses and other notable figures associated with the dawn, such as Aurora and Zorya. Of course, a name meaning dawn might simply relate to the newness associated with any brand-new life.

Along with Aurora, other names that mean dawn in the US Top 1000 include Aurelia, Daisy, Elena, Lucian, Noor, Sunny, Vihaan, and Zora. Rare morning-related names we recommend include Apollonia, Lior, Roxy, and Sunniva.

In this group of names that mean dawn, we also include names for girls and boys that mean sun, names that mean new day, names that mean light and names meaning bright, names that mean gold, names that mean morning, and names that mean early.
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