September Baby Names

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by Sophie Kihm

The September equinox is the official start of Fall, so names inspired by the falling leaves or season of harvest are apt for a September baby.

September’s birthstone is the sapphire, which works as a name on its own, or can be linked to names in shades of blue. Names related to the September birth flowers, morning glory and aster, are also possibilities for a September baby.

Names for babies born in September may also be related to notable people or events associated with the month, or saints with feast days in September. And of course, education and school might be important influences on names for babies born in September, the most popular birth month of the year!

You may want to consider these names if you are expecting a September baby.

  • Agatha


    Agatha until recently summoned up visions of martyred saints, mauve silk dresses, and high lace collars, but now that some dauntless excavators have begun to resurrect it, we're sure more will... Read More 

  • Aintza


    This Basque name also has a variation: Aintzane.Read More 

  • Aki


    A name known in several cultures, also through animated book character Tiger Aki. Finnish author Aki Ollikainen is another notable bearer.Read More 

  • Arista


    From the root for aristocrat, an upwardly mobile choice that might put a bit of pressure on a child. Read More 

  • Aster


    This is a fresh new addition to the botanical list; comedian Gilbert Gottfried made it a real bouquet when he named his daughter Lily Aster. And the name of the little girl on television's... Read More 

  • Autumn


    Crisp and colorful, Autumn is the most popular season name now -- the only one in the Top 100 in recent years -- with Autumn's coolness only surpassed by Winter. Jennifer Love Hewitt named her... Read More 

  • Aziz


    This traditional Arabic name, found throughout several other Middle Eastern and African languages and cultures, is one of the 99 names of Allah. Colorful and energetic, it was brought into the... Read More 

  • Azula


    A character name from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Azula is one of the two main antagonists of the series: a Firebender who produces blue flames (hence her name, which is derived from... Read More 

  • Azure


    Azure is a colorful choice for a blue-eyed child. Among other blue-toned color name possibilities: Indigo, Cerulean, and Blue itself.

    In the Middle Ages, azure was another name for... Read More 

  • Blue


    Among the coolest of the cool color names, particularly popular with celebs as a unisex middle name. Read More 

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