Gender-Neutral Baby Names

Gender neutral baby names and unisex baby names are similar, but not exactly the same. We think of gender-neutral names as names that are truly free of a specific gender identity, while unisex names are names that are used for both sexes but may nevertheless skew more masculine or feminine.

Of course, the gender divide of names shifts constantly, with some formerly gender-neutral names veering into predominantly masculine or feminine territory, while other names become more gender-neutral. Charlie, for example, was historically a masculine nickname for Charles. Today, it’s the most common gender-neutral name, used for baby girls and boys in equal numbers.

Along with Charlie, the other top gender-neutral names include River, Blake, Emerson, Hayden, Finley, Amari, Phoenix, Dakota, and Sage. Cool gender-neutral names that rank outside of the Top 1000 for both sexes include Ocean, Hollis, True, and Lexington.

Gender-neutral names are used for a single sex in no less than 35 percent but no more than 65 percent of instances in a given year. The top names that are currently gender neutral in usage include the following.
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