Names That Mean Red or Redhead

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  • Rooney

    The name Rooney is a unisex name of Irish origin meaning "descendent of the champion". Rooney is one of many bouncy Irish surnames that could make an agreeable first, once tied to Mickey Rooney... Read More 

  • Rory

    The name Rory is a unisex name of Scottish, Irish origin meaning "red king". Rory is a buoyant, spirited name for a redhead with Celtic roots. The name Rory is getting more popular overall, but... Read More 

  • Rose

    The name Rose is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "rose, a flower". Rose is derived from the Latin rosa, which referred to the flower. There is also evidence to suggest it was a... Read More 

  • Roth

    The name Roth is a boy's name of German origin meaning "redhead". This surname-name originated as a nickname for redheads. Read More 

  • Rousseau

    The name Rousseau is a unisex name meaning "little redhead". Philosophical surname that could make an unusual first for a red-headed girl.Read More 

  • Rowan

    The name Rowan is a unisex name of Scottish, Irish origin meaning "little redhead". Rowan -- a strong surname and nature name (it's a tree with red berries)-- is deservedly growing in popularity.... Read More 

  • Roy

    The name Roy is a unisex name of French, Celtic origin meaning "red-haired". We've seen Ray regain his cool, but could this country/cowboy name epitomized by Roy Rogers (born Leonard Slye), Acuff,... Read More 

  • Ruadhan

    The name Ruadhan is a boy's name of Gaelic, Irish, Irish Gaelic origin meaning "red-haired". Ruadhan is another spelling of the saints' name Ruadan, one of the Twelve Irish Apostles, but both... Read More 

  • Ruby

    The name Ruby is a unisex name of Latin origin meaning "deep red precious stone". Ruby, vibrant red, sassy and sultry, has definitely outshone the other revived vintage gem names, with its... Read More 

  • Rudyard

    The name Rudyard is a boy's name of English origin meaning "red enclosure". Often thought of as a one-peson name because of Jungle Book writer Kipling, this was actually his middle name.... Read More 

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