Vintage Nicknames for Boys

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Vintage nicknames that were once widely used for boys and might be revived by modern parents include those on the following list. Some of these vintage nicknames for boys are still heard today: Theo or Archie, for instance. Other vintage nicknames are so antiquated they are not heard at all, such as Con and Fate. And then there are those nicknames you might not want to use for a modern boy: We can't see Ham going over so well on the playground.

Along with Archie and Theo, other vintage nicknames for boys in the US Top 1000 include Hank, Sonny, and Gus. Old-fashioned nicknames lost to the time capsule — but potentially worth reviving! — include Brose, Cleve, Lige, and Odie.

If you're tired of the same old Jacks and Sams, you might want to consider these vintage boy nicknames. View our full list, below.

  • Abe

    Old-time nickname that may follow in the fashionable footsteps of cronies Jake and Sam. Read More 

  • Albie

    This cute masculine nickname -- with connections to princes, Hogwarts headmasters and the Manzo family of "Real Housewives of New Jersey" -- almost has enough heft to stand on its own. But all of... Read More 

  • Alvie

    Archie, Albie, and Alfie are coming back into style, so naturally, we think Alvie could be next.

    Alternate spelling Alvy was used by Woody Allen for his character in Annie Hall.Read More 

  • Alvy

    Alvie is the spelling parents tend to prefer, and may rise along with Archie, Alfie, and Albie. The Alvy variation is strongly associated with Alvy Singer, Woody Allen's character in Annie... Read More 

  • Archie

    Archie made global news as the surprise first name of the newborn royal baby, son of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex aka Harry and Meghan. Archie has now officially transcended Archie Bunker and... Read More 

  • Art

    Though short and brisk, no nickname name could have a more creative image. Comic actor Chris O'Dowd named his son Art, as in his native Ireland it's used as a name on its own, separate from... Read More 

  • Artie

    Artie is a cute short form rarely given on its own, unlike the more grownup Art. But for a young Arthur, it's adorable.Read More 

  • Augie

    Augie is an adorable and, at this point, fresher sounding short form than Gus of the rising August and all its variations, from Augustine to Augustus. The Adventures of Augie March is a... Read More 

  • Bat

    Bartholomew is one vintage name with Biblical antecedents that hasn't risen again in the modern world, perhaps because short form Bart, as in Simpson, would be too difficult for a contemporary boy... Read More 

  • Baz

    As Bas, it's a popular name in The Netherlands, but Baz, as in director Luhrmann, has potential for independent life too.

    Curiously, Australian-born Moulin Rouge director Luhrmann was... Read More 

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