X, Y, Z Take Middle Place

X, y, and z are the trendiest middle letters in baby names today.

X appears in the middle most often in boys’ names: all the Alex, Max, and Jaxon variations.

Y stands in for just about any other vowel, as in Londyn and Myles, and also can help clarify pronunciation as in Layla.

And z can either act as a zesty s or give classic names like Eliza or Ezra some subtle zip.

Here are some of the most popular names with x, y, or z in the middle today.



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Aunt_ning1 Says:

July 10th, 2018 at 7:46 am

Maybe it is just me, but my secret favorite middle name is Almanzo. (it would be so hard not to call him Manly though haha)

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