What Are Your Favorite Brother and Sister Names?

June 24, 2020 Pamela Redmond
brother and sister names

Brother and sister names is the challenge of our question this week, with more than 130 of you telling us which pairs of sibling names you like best.

Which brother and sister names that you’ve heard are your favorites? And which do you think DON’T work so well?

Here, a compilation of your answers:

Popular Brother and Sister Names

Popular brother and sister names come from inside the US Top 1000, but that doesn’t mean they all sound alike. These top names are varied in style and represent a range of tastes.

Oliver and Juniper 

Jack and Kate

Matthew and Kathryn

Hudson and Savannah

Joseph and  Leah

Jackson and Madison

Samuel and Rebekah

Nathaniel and Abigail

Arthur and Samantha

Cyrus and Violet

Arlo and Everly

Theo and Greta

Ned and Matilda

Wesley and Juliet

Theodore and Eloise

Tobias and Genevieve

Henry and Charlotte

Felix and Sophia

Charlie and Lucy

August and Hazel

Gabriel and Phoebe

Charles and Margaret

Liam and Vivian

Dylan and Daisy

Max and Cleo

Carter and Adalyn

Eli and Rachel

Jonas and Elsa

Jasper and Ivy

Finnegan and Thea

Unique Brother-Sister Names

Unique names for brothers and sisters can come from ancient or international sources or can be unusual names from outside the Top 1000. An enormous range is represented here, so there’s something to suit anyone’s style.

Simon and Elora

Roland and Elva

Lucian and Rosalind

Declan and Fiona

Benton and Arwen

Caspian and Pandora

Wade and Avalon

Conrad and Eleanora

Atlas and Phaedra

Wallace and Marigold

Edmund and Helena

Philo and Lumi

Inigo and Lyra

Frederick and Zinna

Chanse and Angel 

Peregrine and Eudora

Rufus and Isobel

Apollo and Zelda

Raphael and Cecily

Florian and Saskia

Hawthorn and Verbena

Ransom and Cressida

Lysander and Ottilie

Hawkins and Winslet

Casimir and Natalia

Clement and Cosima

Edmund and Adelisa

Nico and Neve

Roman and Aurelia

Hugo and Piper 

Jonah and Susannah

Feliks and Zofia

Cillian and Saoirse

Django and Kasandra

Quentin and Beatrice

Sylvester and Ivy

Paxton and Honey

Spencer and Olive

Leopold and Beatrix

Victor and Trudy

Cassius and Flavia

Dante and Livia

Benedict and Constance

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