Vintage Treasures Still Stowed in the Attic: Petra, Polly & Lelia

September 4, 2014 Linda Rosenkrantz

So many vintage names have been retrieved, polished up and restored for baby use, from Amelia to Zachariah, that it sometimes feel that the attic’s been stripped bare. Not so. There are still lots of names that were popular in the past and are still waiting to be rediscovered. The examples here were all given to at least one hundred babies in the year 1914—a century ago—but have yet to enter the current Top 1000.


A sleek, sophisticated French name that means ‘dolphin’ and evokes images of the sea, Delphine is found in the fiction of Balzac and Madame de Stael, and was recently seen in both Orphan Black and American Horror Story. But though it may be Number 271 on Nameberry, Delphine was given to fewer than five girls nationally in 2013.


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