Vintage Nicknames: Ready to wake after a long nap?

vintage nicknames

By Pamela Redmond Satran

Nickname-names still appear on birth certificates.  In the U.S., such names as Ellie, Abby, and Charlie for girls; Jake, Jack, and Johnny for boys all rank high.  In the U.K., nickname-names are even more fashionable, with Evie, Maisie, Millie, and Ellie in the Top 35 for girls, and Jack, Charlie, and Alfie in the boys’ Top 10.

But there are generations of nickname-names that have fallen off the Top 1000, yet sound cute and baby-ready today.  The list here is drawn from names that were on the Social Security roster on their own in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, but fell off by the early 1970s (the date of their last listing follows the name) and haven’t yet reappeared.

Whether you choose to use Bea or Mamie, Clem or Zeb as full names or as diminutives for Beatrice or Marietta, Clement or Zebediah, any of these nickname-names would make charming choices.


Bea 1910

Bess 1927

Birdie 1948

Dot 1892

Edie 1965

Etta 1966

Goldie 1958

Kitty 1966

Letty 1932

Lottie 1959

Lulu 1939

Madge 1948

Mamie 1966

Minnie 1971

Nell 1956

Roxy 1891

Thea 1965

Tillie 1942


Abe 1961

Alfie 1968

Art 1967

Cal 1963

Cam 1896

Clem 1949

Flint 1960

Gabe 1905

Ike 1957

Kit 1958

Lem 1910

Lex 1956

Lou 1960

Moe 1916

Nat 1919

Ozzie 1903

Rock 1962

Sal 1967

Sid 1961

Sim 1911

Val 1969

Wally 1968

Walt 1962

Woody 1965

Zeb 1909

Zed 1894


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