Twin Names: More individual names with shared meanings

One of our favorite twin names blogs ever was on distinct names that had shared meanings: Esme and Imogen, which both mean beloved, for instance, or Asher and Felix, which mean happy.

So we’ve decided to reprise the idea with a whole raft of new pairs of twin names.   As before, the idea is to choose names that are compatible yet clearly individual — no shared first initials or other overly-obvious links — yet that are joined in a more subtle way by a common meaning.

In the girl-boy pairs below, the girl’s name goes first as per Nameberry style; in single-gender pairs, the names are organized alphabetically.

Anoush and Eulalia – sweet

Balthasar and Rex – king

Celeste and Juno  – heaven

Charlotte and Francesca — free

Chiara and Eliora — light

Clemens and Gareth – gentle

Conan and Raoul – wolf

Devin and Baird – poet

Donnelly and Everett – brave

Dorothea and Nathaniel — gift

Edmund and Madoc — fortunate

Frederick and Henry – ruler

Kerensa and Amias – love

Kimana and Yara – butterfly

Maelle and Sarai – princess

Millicent and Griffin – strong

Minerva and Hugh – intellect

Verity and Emmett – truth

Vida and Zoe – life

Winifred and Auden – friend

Zuleika and Osbert – brilliant

We’d love to hear your ideas for similar pairs of twin names.  In case you haven’t tried it out, we’ve upgraded the meaning function on Nameberry’s Supersearch to allow you to type in any word and find names that contain that word in the meaning.

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