Twin Names, A to Z

A while back, we asked you to list your favorite names, one for a girl and one for a boy, from A to Z.

Now we’re inviting you to reprise that exercise, but with a pair of twin names for each letter.

You are welcome to mix it up: some girl-girl twin names, some boy pairs, and some girl-boy mixes.  Create pairs with clever matching themes or flow, if that’s your preference, or choices that are very distinct from one another and are connected mainly by their first initial.

The only rule is that each pair of twin names start with the same first letter.

So your list might read:

Alice & Arthur

Beatrice & Bridget

Cassius & Cicero

…..and so on.

Your turn!

For more ideas and advice on twin names, check out our new interview at Twin Source.

And now for your favorite twin names, A to Z.


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125 Responses to “Twin Names, A to Z”

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ElleJames Says:

March 12th, 2013 at 11:57 pm

Archer and Audrey
Beckett and Bronwen
Calvin and Cassidy
Declan and Drew
Evander and Ellarie
Finnigan and Fiona
Gavin and Georgia
Harrison and Halle
Isaiah and Isabel
Jeremiah and Juniper
Logan and Layla
Mercer and Marley
Noah and Natalie
Oakley and Olivia
Parker and Piper
Rowan and River
Shepherd and Sienna
Titus and Thea
Weston and Willow
Zara and Zoe

…I do realize I’m missing a few letters, haha.

NellieDellie Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 12:00 am

Annabel and Alistair
Bonnie and Briar
Charity and Casper
Diana and Damien
Elizabeth and Edmond (and Elowen and Edric)
Felicity and Frederick
Gwendolen and Gabriel
Helena and Harry
Isadora and Isaac
Josephine and James
Kasiani and Kendrew
Lydia and Lawrence
Matilda and Magnus
Naomi and Nathaniel
Oriana and Oliver
Perrine and Patrick
Rosemary and Remus (or Ruth and Robin)
Sylvia and Simon
Trixie and Teddy
Vera and Vincent
Wihelmina and Wesley
Zoe and Zander

Skipping q, x,y and u

I wouldn’t use twins starting with initals myself, too matchy but this is definitly fun.

helloheidi Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 12:07 am

Asher & Aurora
Bodhi & Benjamin
Claudia & Clementine
Damien & Desdemona
Eamon & Ezra
Freddie & Fiona
Grant & Gareth
Harriet & Helena
Iris & Isidora
Jonathan & Juliet
Keiran & Kennedy
Leo & Linden
Minerva & Marlowe
Nicholas & Noel (b)
Ophelia & Odette
Paloma & Pascal
Rowena & Rose
Simon & Samuel
Timothy & Truman
Ulysses & Uriah
Violet & Victoria
Wesley & Wilhelmina
Zephyr & Zoe

I also skipped a few letters!

twilightoftheidols Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 12:15 am

Axel & Aurelia
Bronwyn & Brutus
Calla & Casey
Dahlia & Dexter
Eowyn & Eagle
Felix & Faedra
Gwyneira & Gardenia
Hypatia & Hendrix
Io & Isla
Jackson & Juniper
Keelan & Kora
Larkspur & Llyra
Mira & Maisie
Nova & Nuit
Ophelia & Odysseus
Perseus & Penelope
Quinn & Quilla
Rosalie & Roxelle
Seraphina & Severine
Tritan & Theo
Uma & Uzara
Valentino & Valeria
Waterlily & Winter
Zahra & Zoa

dieselsmomma Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 12:26 am

Alistair and Astrid
Beatrix and Babette
Claudia and Cagney
Diesel and Daphne
Elodie and Evander
Flynn and Finnigan
Gwenivere and Geniveve
Harlow and Hazel
Isla and Isadora
Juliet and Josephine
Kalliope and Kassidy
Liam and Lily
Matilda and Mabel
Natasia and Natalia
Opal and Ophelia
Penny and Pearl
Quintessa and Quinlan
Rembrant and Rhianna
Sadie and Serra
Timmy and Teddy
Ulysses and Ullie
Veda snd Vera
Wynona and Whitney
Xyla and Xavier
York and Yara
Zara snd Zalila

garnet Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 12:33 am

Alice & Arthur
Beatrix & Bram
Cordelia & Conrad
Diana & Dexter
Eleanor & Everett
Flora & Francis
Gwendolyn & Gilbert
Helena & Henry
Iris & Ian
Jane & Joseph
Keiran & Katherine
Lydia & Lucas
Mary & Matthew
Natalie & Nolan
Ottilie & Oliver
Penelope & Percival
Quinn & Quentin (not quite sure!)
Rosamund & Ronan (or Robert)
Stella & Seth
Thalia & Theodore
Una & Ulric (again, not quite sure!)
Viola & Victor
Winifred & William
Xanthe & Xander
Zora & Zachary

maddiejadore Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 1:15 am

Alexandra & Andrew
Bianca & Brody
Camille & Chloe
David & Dahlia
Ethan & Everett
Frances & Finn
Grace & Giselle
Hazel & Henry
Isabelle & Isaac
Jamison & Joseph
Kassidy & Kevin
Lydia & Levi
Mallory & Maxwell
Nora & Neo
Olivia & Omar
Paige & Peter
Quinn & Quillan
Ruby & Ryan
Stella & Sybil
Thea & Thomas
Uli & Uther
Xiomara & Xavier
Zelah & Zachariah

vaness1 Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 1:21 am

Arlo & Azure
Brighton & Bellamy
Calder & Cormac
Declan & Davis
Elsa & Evelyn
Fable & Finlay
Graham & Genevieve
Harriet & Holden
Ian & Isabeau
June & Jonah
Kateri & Kale
Leo & Lucille
Milo & Maxine
Nellie & Nathaniel
Olive & Ottilie
Pearl & Penelope
Quinn & Quilla
Rowan & Reverie
Soren & Sage
Tessa & Tobey
Uma & Uriah
Vera & Virginia
Willa & Wren
Xyla & Xander
Yale & Yara
Zephyr & Zena

I wouldn’t personally use the same initials for twins (or even really siblings), but I kind of love some of these. My favorites are Soren & Sage, Fable & Finlay, and Tessa & Tobey.

hockeymama Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 1:22 am

Aiden and Amelia
Bryant and Bridget
Cooper and Cora
Derek and Danica
Ethan and Eliza
Finley and Frankie
Graham and Grace
Henry and Holly
Ian and Irene
Jeffery and Josephine
Kyle and Kate
Louis and Lynn
Michael and Marie
Nick and Natasha
Oscar and Opal
Parker and Phoebe
Quincy and Queenie
Robert and Rose
Shane and Sophie
Tyler and Teresa
Upton and Uma
Vaughn and Violet
Weston and Waverly
Xavier and Xanthe
Yale and Yolanda
Zack and Zelda

MaraTaylor Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 1:33 am

Adrian & Araminta
Bennett & Blaire
Callum & Celestia
D’Angelo & Delaney
Ezra and & Elizabel
Fallon & Felicity
Grayson & Giselle
Harrison & Harlow
Illarion & Ida
Julian & Jericho
Keegan & Kezia
Leon & Leda
Micah & Mollie
Naethan & Nollie
Owen & Orabel
Portland & Pheobe
Quenton & Qadira
River & Reverie
Slade & Samara
Tiernan & Tilly
Ulysses & Umbrielle
Vlad & Vasilia
Wesley & Wisteria
Xerces & Xhoana
Yarrow & Yalena
Zephyr & Zoa

nj003 Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 1:45 am

Archer & Atlas
Bennett & Bellamy
Chloe & Coleman
Dominic & Dallas
Ephraim & Elena
Felix & Foster
Genevieve & Gideon
Harbour & Hugo
Isla & Isobel
James & Jonah
Keeley & Kingsley
Lucien & Luna
Maksim & Mila
Nova & North
Oliver & Odessa
Patrick & Presley
Quinn & Quill
Rowan & Rhea
Samuel & Sebastian
Theodore & Thomas
Vivienne & Valentine
Warren & Winter
Ziva & Zooey

Skipped: U and Y

Jamesina66 Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 1:56 am

Abel & Althea
Bram & Beata
Camille & Corinne
Dermot & Dexter
Elias & Estella
Fletcher & Flynn
Greer & Gaynor
Harris & Hudson
Isham & Iris
James & Jessamy
Kirsten & Kaia
Louisa & Liliana
Matthias. & Minna
Nigel & Nerissa
Oscar & Olga
Pearce & Patia
Quentin & Quinlan
Roarke & Raina
Seth & Selah
Titus & Talia
No U
Vincent & Vivien
Warrick & Willa
Xavier & Xanthe
Yeats & Yvonne
Zebulon & Zuleika

KayEUU Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 2:17 am

Abel and Aurora
Beckett and Bryony
Canan and Calloway
Declan and Draco
Everett and Ewan
Fiona and Finley
Granger and Ginnifer
Hanley and Halen
Isolde and Ian
Jax and Jenson
Kelly (B) and Kennedy (G)
Lawson (B) and Laughlan (B)
Mason and Miranda
Nathan and Neal
Olivia and Ophelia
Phoebe and Piper
Quinn and Quimby
Rhys (B) and Rowan (G)
Soren and Silas
Tristan and Thayer
Uma and Ulysses
Vincent and Vanessa
Windsor (Win) (B) and Wilde (Wiley) (B)
Xavier and Xenon
Zander and Zane

sapphires Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 2:20 am

Alice & Arthur
Benedict & Bram
Clara & Caspian
Dexter & Delphine
Emmeline & Elula
Francesca & Florence
Grey & Gideon
Helena & Hugo
Ivo & Illyria
Josefina & Juliet
Katherine & Kerensa
Luella & Liliana
Matilda & Maxwell
Nathaniel & Natalia
Ophelia & Orion
Persephone & Peregrine
Rufus & Ramona
Soren & Stella
Thomas & Talitha
Violet & Viviana
William & Walter
Zola & Zephyr

marriahjustine Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 2:58 am

Ayla / Arlo
Brodie / Brayden
Charlotte / Camden
Delia / Dillon
Emerson / Ezra
Fiona & Florence / Flynn & Fox
Gemma / Graham
Harper / Huck
Imogen / Ian
Jasmine(Jazz) / Jackson(Jax)
Kennedy / Kade
Lennox / Leo
Maia / Milo & Max
Niamh & Norah / Nero
Olive & Orla / Orin
Philippa(Pippa) / Penn
Rhett / Roman
Scout / Sailor
Theodora(Thora) / Toby & Theo
No U
Vada / Vaughan
Willa / Wade
Xandra / Xavier
No Y
Zoe / Zane & Zander

If I couldn’t decide, I just added a ‘&’ 🙂

ebenezer.scrouge Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 4:00 am

Amelia and Archie
Bella and Beau
Catalina and Cooper
Daisy and Daniel
Emily and Eamon
Francesca and Frederick
Georgia and Gideon
Hayley and Harrison
Imogen and Isaac
Josephine and Jack
Kiana and Konner
Louisa and Lachlan
Millie and Matthew
Natalie and Nicholas
Olivia and Orion
Sienna and Sawyer
Tiarn and Taylor
Violet and Valentina
Wendy and Warren
Yasmine and Yana
Zoe and Zulu.

jojolovesjello Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 4:03 am

Aria & Aurora
Briella & Beatrix
Cordelia & Charlotte
Dominic & Declan
Ella & Ezekiel
Felix & Felicity
Genevieve & Gabrielle
Hermione & Harriet
Ivy & Iris
Jasmine & Juniper
Kaylee & Kevan
Logan & Lily
Milo & Matthias
Nova & Noah
Olivia & Oliver
Penelope & Phoenix
Quinn & Quilla
Rosalie & Riley
Skylar & Sophia
Thalia & Tristan
Violette & Viviana
Wilhelmina & Warren
Xavier & Xander
Yadiel & Yvette
Zak & Zoe

kyemsma Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 5:42 am

Anna and Andrew
Bridget and Benjamin
Caroline and Catherine
Diana and Declan
Emily and Evan
Fiona and Frederick
Genevieve and Gabriel
Hannah and Henry
Isabel and Ian
Jane and James
Katherine and Kyle
Lila and Liam
Maeve and Michael
Norah and Nolan
Orla and Owen
Pearl and Peter
Rose and Ronan
Sarah and Simon
Vivienne and Victor

Arlina Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 6:09 am

Alice & Audra
Beckett & Blythe
Camden & Clara
Draco & Delta
Elsa & Everett
Floyd & Finnegan
Gideon & Grace
Harrison & Halia
Isla & Iris
Jarvis & Jackson
Leisel & Lucas
Marshall & Matilda
Niva & Nora
Oscar & Oliver
Preston & Pearl
Quentin & Quade
Rafferty & Roscoe
Silas & Sylvie
Tobias & Tansie
Viola & Viggo
Willa & Weston
Xander & Xanthe
Yale & Yardley
Zailie & Zorah

milliejones Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 6:13 am

Adelaide & Athena
Bennett & Beatrice
Celia & Castor
Delphine & David
Everest & Elva
Felix & Fable
Genevieve & Giselle
Hamish & Harriet
Isadora & Ivy
Juliette & Junia
Kingsley & Keira
Louis & Leopold
Mirabelle & Minerva
Noella & Nathaniel
Orla & Ophelia
Pollux & Penelope
Quill & Quinn
Rosalie & Renee
Seraphina & Soren
Theodore & Thalia
Uzara & Una
Viola & Vivienne
William & Wendy
Xavier & Xyla
Yasmin & York
Zora & Zinnia

heytherepigeon Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 6:53 am

First, I would never give twins matching names. That being said…

A: Alec & Annie
B: Beau & Brooklyn
C: Collin & Corinne
D: Drew & Dana
E: Eli & Erica
F: Finley & Fawn
G: Gavin & Ginny
H: Hunter & Holly
I: Isaac & Irene
J: James & Joanna
K: Kenneth & Kathryn
L: Logan & Lydia
M: Milo & Maya
N: Nathan & Nora
O: Owen & Ophelia
P: Preston & Penny
R: Riley & Rose
S: Seth & Sydney
T: Thomas & Tessa
U: –
V: Vincent & Violet
W: William & Wren
X: –
Y: –
Z: –

sophiekihm Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 7:23 am

A: Amelie and August
B: Birdie and Bay (g)
C: Clementine and Celia
D: Dot and Darcy
E: Elsa and Eames
F: Frances and Fritz
G: Georgia and Greer (g)
H: Henry and Holden
I: Ireland (g) and Imogen
J: Jack and Jens
K: Kit (g) and Kia
L: Leland and Landon
M: Max and Milo
N: Nell and North (g)
O: Olive and Orla
P: Pimm and Paloma
Q: Quilla and Quebec (g)
R: Romilly and Reid (g)
S: Sadie and Sloane (g)
T: Tate (g) and Todd
U: Una and Uli
V: Vienna and Vale (g)
W: Warren and Walter
X: Xara and Xanthe
Y: York and Yeats
Z: Zadie and Zanna

iheartnames Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 7:26 am

Averil & Adair
Brooke & Brenna
Carys & Cameron
Desmond & Dexter
Ethan & Emma
Felix & Fallon
Gemma & Grant
Hadley & Heath
Ian & Isla
Jillian & Justine
Kristen & Kendall
Lorelei & Lance
Madison & Mackenzie
Natalie & Nicholas
Orion & Oshea
Patrick & Paige
Quentin & Quiterie
Rafe & Rhys
Sydney & Skyler
Tatum & Tamsin
Undine & Uriah
Victoria & Vance
Whitney & Wyatt
Xavier & Xanthe
Yasmine & Yesenia
Zachary & Zoe

WrenMaple Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 7:46 am

Asa & Augustus
Beckett & Blythe
Callum & Cormac
Daphne & Dexter
Eden & Esme
Finn & Felix
Gus & Greer
Hattie & Hollis
Ivy & Imogen
Jasper & Juliet
Kaia & Knox
Larson & Liv
Mabel & Margo
Nico & Neve
Olive & Oscar
Penelope & Phoebe
Quinn & Quetin
Ruby & Ronen
Silas & Sebastian
Tess & Theo
Ulysses & Uma
Vivian & Violet
Wilhelmina & Wesley
Xavier & Xander
Yolanda & York
Zane & Zara

TheFutureMrsB Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 7:53 am

Arabella & Archer
Bethany & Benjamin
Charlotte & Crispin
Delilah & Declan
Eve & Eric
Felicity & Faith
Gideon & Grant
Harlow & Heath
Indigo & Isaac
Jasmine & James
Kasey & Kellen
Leigh & Lorcan
Mabel & Malachi
Natasha & Nikolai
Ophelia & Oliver
Penelope & Paul
Quilla & Quentin
Rebekah & Raphael
Siofra & Samuel
Talia & Thomas
Ursula & Uriah
Victoria & Vincent
William & Winston
Xenia & Xanthe
Yvette & York
Zechariah & Zelda

iamktchristie Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 8:10 am

August & Avery (m/m)
Bennett & Bowe (m/f)
Cormac & Circe (m/f)
Denver & Declan (m/m)
Evangeline(Evie) & Esme (f/f)
Forest & Freya (m/f)
Griffin & Geneva (m/f)
Hudson & Hannah (m/f)
Ithaca & Isadora (f/f)
Jasper & Juliette (m/f)
Keegan & Kessi (m/f)
Lincoln & Linnea (m/f)
Matthew & Mazarine(Mazie) (m/f)
Navi & Nova (f/f)
Oliver & October(Toby) (m/f)
Penelope(Penny/Nellie) & Posy (f/f)
Quentin & Quill (m/m)
River & Rue (m/f)
Soren & Sansa (m/f)
Theon & Tamsin (m/f)
Ulysses & Una (m/f)
Viggo & Violet (m/f)
Wolf & Winter (m/f)
Xander & Xia (m/f)
Yasmin & Yara (f/f)
Zooey & Zara (f/f)

MrsTaylor Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 8:16 am

Archer & Anniston
Bryn & Bodhi
Chloe & Camille
Daphne & Delilah
Eden & Eli

Gavin & Garrett
Hadley & Harmony

Jessa & Jewel
Kendall & Kassidy
Lucy & Lila
Meridy & Malachi
Noah & Nathaniel
Owen & Olivia
Piper & Posey

Rylan & Remington
Silas & Savana
Tatum & Trinity

Valerie & Violet
Winslet & Warren

Zadie & Zinnia

Lavenderkangaroo Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 8:42 am

Atticus & Aurelia
Beckett & Beatrix
Cassius & Cordelia
Drake & Daisy
Elliott & Echo
Frederick & Freya
George & Grace
Henry & Hazel
Isaac & Ivy
Jonah & Juniper
Kendrick & Keturah
Linus & Luna
Maximus & Miriam
Nathan & Nova
Oscar & Olivia
Patrick & Penelope
Quincy & Quinn
Rex & Ruby
Schuyler & Seraphina
Thaddeus & Theodora
Uriah & Uma
Vincent & Violet
Walter & Wilhelmina
Xavier & Xiomara
Yonah & Yael
Zeke & Zoe

maggiemary Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 8:46 am

Abel & Asher
Beatrice & Benedict
Cordelia & Constance
Delphine & Dahlia
Eliza & Edmund
Frances & Felicity
Georgiana & Gideon
Harriet & Helena
Isaac & Ivy
John & Jacob
Keziah & Keturah
Leo & Laurel
Mary & Martha
Noah & Nathaniel
Olive & Orion
Posy & Pearl
Quintus & Quyen
Rose & Raphael
Sarah & Samuel
Theodore & Thessaly
Uriah & Unity
Violet & Verity
Willa & Walter
Xanthe & Xavier
Yesenia & Yanick
Zachary & Zosia

jjsunshine19 Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 9:06 am

Amabel & Aoife
Blythe & Brennan
Cade & Cassius
Dorothea & Danae
Enzo & Elsie
Finnian & Florence
Gertrude & Greta
Helen & Hugo
Ian & Ida
Jude & Joaquin
Kellan & Kale
Lucian & Lila
Marco & Mabel
Neve & Nela
Ophelia & Oscar
Penelope & Primrose
Quinn & Quincy
Reese & Rudolph
Sonja & Sunday
Tristian & Tilly
Urvan & Ulta
Viola & Vera
Walter & Wihelmina
Xanthe & Xander
Ysabell & Yvonne
Zola & Zoey

Ericalynn1031 Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 9:20 am

Amelia & Abram
Bianca & Benecio
Camilla & Claudia
Dolly & Dorsey
Eliza & Everett
Felix & Finn
Gemma & Glorian
Harrison & Huntley
Isabeau & Issac (Izzy & Ike)
Josephine & Jedidiah
Keegan & Killian
Louise & Lucille
Miriam & Marigold
Nelly & Nigel
Ottilie & Oscar
Prundence & Penley (Pru & Penn)
Quinn & Quarry
Remy & Rex
Sedona & Santino
Trudy & Thomas
Ursula & Ulysses
Viola & Vincent
Willa & Wade
Xia & Xen
Yardley & York
Zoey & Zeppelin

mclola Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 9:21 am

Alfred & Arthur
Basil & Barley
Calvin & Clara
Dashiell & Delilah
Ezra & Elizabeth
Felix & Felicity
Georgiana & Genevieve
Hermione & Helena
Iris & Ivy
Julian & Juniper
Kiefer & Kerrigan
Luna & Lyra
Malcolm & Monroe
Nathan & Naomi
Orlando & Orsino
Perseus & Persephone
♂Quinn & Quade
Ruth & Ruby
Sebastian & Sinclair
Tamsin & Twyla
Urban & Ursa
Verity & Viola
William & Wesley
Xanthia & Xerin
Yale & York
Zoe & Zinnia

kelseylauren Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 9:26 am

Ace and Archer (b/b)
Beatrice and Bernadette (g/g)
Chord and Cadence (b/g)
Dane and Delia (b/g)
Everly and Eden (g/g)
Felicity and Faith (g/g)
Georgia and Gage (g/b)
Henrietta and Hazel (g/g)
Isadora and Ike (g/b)
Jeremiah and Josephine (b/g)
Kinsley and Kate (g/g)
Leo and Lorelei (b/g)
Margo and McCoy (g/b)
Nico and Nola (b/g)
Otto and Oscar (b/b)
Phoebe and Phillipa (g/g)
Quentin and Quest (b/b)
Roman and Roxanne (b/g)
Sawyer and Sage (b/b)
Theodora and Thatcher (g/b)
Ulysses and Uriah (b/b)
Victoria and Viola (g/g)
Waverly and West (g/b)
Xander and Xavier (b/b)
Yasmine and Yvette (g/g)
Zach and Zoey (b/g)

Teresa Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 9:39 am

August & Abram
Barnabas & Bernadette
Claudia & Celeste
Duncan & Dahlia
Edward & Eliza
Frank & Frederick
George & Gordon
Harold & Henry
Iris & Ingrid
Jasper & Julius
Katherine & Kenneth
Lilac & Lucille
Marguerite & Marigold
Natalia & Nikolai
Oona & Opal
Pilar & Pascal
Rosemary & Raphael
Sebastian & Samuel
Tabitha & Theodore
Ursula & Ulysses
Veronica & Valentin
Wilhelmina & Winifred
Xanthe & Xander
Zinnia & Zephyr

LuisaElektra94 Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 9:50 am

Amelie & Anouk
Camille & Cassius
Elive & Emilio
Frederica & Finley
Hanna & Henry
Isabella & Ida
Juna & Jonah
Lorelei & Leo
Matilda & Mika
Neva & Noah
Ophelia & Oscar
Pippa & Phinneo
Sienna & Sawyer
Velma & Valentin
Willa & Wihelmina
Zola & Zara

klcalder2 Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 10:11 am

Alice and Arthur
Bridget and Blythe
Clara and Catherine
Dashiell and Dorothea
Ezra and Emilia
Fabian and Freya
Gabriel and George
Hermione and Helena
Isadora and Ithaca
Jude and Jonah
Kairi and Kitana
Lyra and Luna
Miriam and Milo
Nora and Noah
Odette and Olivier
Peter and Primrose
Quaid and Quinn
Rupert and Rosalind
Samuel and Susannah
Theodore and Tessa
Umber and Ulric
Viola and Verity
William and Winifred
Xander and Xanthe
Yvaine and Yuna
Zoe and Zane

danimal17 Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 10:13 am

Asher & Aria
Beckett & Bristol
Caedyn & Callista
Damon & Decker
Emmett & Elle
Fallon & Farrah
Garrett & Gianna
Harper & Hayden
Isla & Isaac
Jordan & Josie
Kieran & Kendra
Leila & Logan
Mason & McKinley
Naomi & Narrah
Owen & Olivia
Porter & Paetyn
Ryder & Raeya
Slater & Samara
Talan & Tinsley
Victor & Vera
Walker & Willow
Zane & Zoey

Zoey_Walker53 Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 10:26 am

Alice and Asa,
Blakesley (girl) and Bay,
Carter (girl) and Campbell (boy),
Delilah and Dekota (boy),
Elliott (girl) and Ellery,
Forrest and Finn,
Gavriel and Gwynneth “Gwen”,
Hugo and Henri (or Hugo and Hollis (girl)),
Ivo and Inez,
Jasper and Julius “Jules”,
Kali and Katrina,
Lilith “Lili” and Luna (or Lucille “Lucy” and Luna),
Micah and Matilda “Tillie”,
Nikko/Nico and Noelle,
Opal and Onyx (boy),
Percy and Pearl (or Percy and Peri),
Quincie and Quinten,
Rosaliese “Rosie” and Reid,
Starla and Sebastian,
Theodore and Triniti,
Ursula and Una,
Viola “Vi” and Veronica “Ronnie”,
Wendell and Wyatt,
Xylia and Xander,
Nothing for Y…
Zane and Zechariah “Zac”.

alexa400 Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 10:31 am

Appoline & Arlo
Beth & Baxter
Clementine & Cyrus
Daphne & Dominic
Eve & Edmond
Fairfax & Foster
Georgia & Graham
Hannah & Hale
India & Ian
Josephine & Jasper
Keturah & Kai
Lyra & Lorenzo
Mabel & Milo
Nora & Nelson
Ottaline & Orson
Prairie & Penn
Quilla & Quincy
Rose & Roger
Silvie & Simon
Thea & Truman
Valentine & Vincent
Winifred & Walter
Xanthe & Xavier
Yara & Yeats
Zinnia & Zale

UselessKitty Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 11:02 am

August and Atticus
Beatrix and Bennett
Cassia and Clara
Damian and Darwin
Elowen and Elizabeth
Freya and Ferdinand
Genevieve and Gwendolen
Hugo and Hyacinth
Ian and Isla
Jensen and Jasper
Kieran and Kane
Lydia and Luna
Magnus and Morgana
Nora and Nolan
Orion and Ophelia
Phoenix and Petra
Quest and Quartz
Rowan and River
Sienna and Sophie
Tabitha and Timothy
Ulric and Umber
Vivienne and Vera
Wolfgang and Winifred
Xavier and Xanthe
Yollanda and Yvan
Zephyrine and Zorion

fairchild Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 11:07 am

Asa and Abram
Beatrice and Benedict
Cecily and Cedric
Dashiell “Dash” and Desmond “Des”
Eve and Esther
Florence and Franklin
George “Geordie” and Graham
Helena and Hermione
Iris and Ivy
Jemima and Josephine
Keturah and Keziah
Lorelei and Leonor
Matilda and Magdalen
Norah and Nell
Obed and Ozias
Phoebe and Petra
Q –
Rex and Roscoe
Solomon and Silas
Temperance and Tabitha
U –
Vincent and Violet
Wilbur and Winifred
X –
Y –
Zephaniah and Zipporah

jdouglas Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 11:10 am

Ooh, this is fun!!

Atlas & Avalon
Brooks & Bryn (b/g)
Caspian & Camden (b/b)
Declan & Dinah
Emmett & Everett OR Eden and Evelyn
Felicity & Fiona
Gannon & Gillian (b/g)
Holden & Hazel
Ian & Ivy (b/g)
Jonah & Joel
Keith & Kaelin (b/g)
Lachlan & Lorelei
Maverick & Marla
Noah & Nora
Oberon & Orion
Phoenix & Paisley (b/g)
Quentin & Quinlan (b/b)
River & Rex (b/b)
Salem & Sage (g/g)
Terra & Tansy
Urijah & Ursula
Veronica & Vivienne
Willow & Wren (g/g)
Xander & Xenon (b/g)
Yardley & Yvaine
Zephyr & Zinnia (b/g)

vildeoddli Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 11:12 am

Alaska & Archer
Bijou & Blaze
Caspian & Castiel
Drummer & Dixie
Enoch & Evangeline
Fiorella & Fideline
Geraldine & Gabrielle
Hope & Henry
Indigo & Isabelline
Joah & Juno
Kia & Kye
Lyric & Lux
Miller & Matilda
Nova & Neo
Orion & Opaline
Philomène & Poésie
Qiana & Quentin
River & Ranger
Siver & Soleie
Theo & True
Undine & Uriah
Vida & Valentin
William & Winifred
Xavier & Xanthe
Yoha & Ylva
Zara & Zoe

mge28 Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 11:16 am

I’ll try to do G/G, then B/B. I don’t know if this’ll succeed or not. LOL

Audrey and Ashley
Brooklyn and Bella
Caitlin and Carly
Danielle and Dominique
Evelyn and Eleanor (Evie and Ellie! Cute!)
Faith and Freya
Garnet and Grace
Hadley and Harriet
Isabelle and Iris
Juliet and Jemima
Kennedy and Katherine
Liana and Lily
Madison and Mackenzie
Nicola and Nadia
Olivia and Ophelia
Paisley and Piper
Rachel and Rebecca
Sloane and Siobhan
Taylor and Tanya
Veronica and Verity
Willow and Winter
Xena and Xanthe
Zara and Zoe

Alexander and Adrian
Beckett and Benjamin
Carter and Caleb
David and Daniel
Elijah and Everett
Finn and Felix
Garrett and Greyson
Harry and Hayden
Isaac and Ian
Jackson and Jude
Kirk and Kevin
Liam and Luca
Michael and Maxwell
Niall and Nicholas
Owen and Oliver
Patrick and Paxton
Quentin and Quillon
Russell and Roman
Samuel and Solomon
Tobias and Timothy
William and Wesley
Xavier and Xander
Zion and Zane

mermuse Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 11:17 am

Anastasia & Amarantha
Bonnie & Blythe
Cordelia & Christiana
Daphne & Deacon
Evangelina & Edmund
Frederick & Ferdinand
Genevieve & Ghislaine
Hope & Honor
Imogen & Iridot
Janica & Jessamine
Kent & Katja
Lydia & Livia
Marguerite & Magdalena
Nathaniel & Nadia
Owen & Ogden
Philippa & Phyllida
Quiller & Quinn
Rialta & Renata
Sabrina & Susannah
Talitha & Taliesin
Ulric & Urania
Victoria & Veronica
Walter & Winifred
Xavier & Xanthe
Yvaine & Ynez
Zoe & Zara

katekadleck Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 11:53 am

Atticus & Amelia
Briony & Beckett
Declan & Dominic
Everett & Eloise
Flynn & Fiona
Graham & Georgiana
Holden & Hazel
Ivy & Isobel
Jasper & Jude
Keira & Kellan
Lucy & Leo
Max & Mabel
Noah & Nathaniel
Otis & Oliver
Poppy & Pearl
Quentin & Quinn
Roman & Ruby
Silas & Stella
Tabitha & Theodore
Violet & Vera
Willa & Wren
Zara & Zoe

Munchkin227 Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 12:01 pm

Abigail and Alexander
Bridget and Benjamin
Caroline and Charlie
Delilah and David
Eloise and Eden
Freya and Fiona
Georgia and Gillian
Hattie and Henry
Iris and Imogen
Julie and Jake
Keely and Kain
Lottie and Lola
Maisie and Max
Natalie and Noah
Orla and Oliver
Penelope and Peter
Quinn and Quilla
Reese and Ronan
Stella and Sophie
Tallie and Tate
Una and Ulric
Violet and Vivian
Willa and Wyatt
Xanthe and Xavier
Yettie and York
Zoe and Zeke

milly11199 Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 12:34 pm

Asher & Amelia
Brandon & Briella
Connor & Callista
Daphne & Dominic
Eli & Eva
Francine & Finley
Gianna & Geoffrey
Hailey & Harry
Isla & Ian
Jesse & Jordan
Kai & Kelli
Lorelei & Layla
Michael & Matthew
Nico & Nina
Opal & Otto
Penelope & Paulette
Quinn & Quintine
Rose & Reeva
Stephania & Selena
Thomasina & Tallulah
Ursula & Una
Vienna & Venice
Waverly & Willoughby
Xavier & Xena
Zae & Zen

Emmy141 Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 12:40 pm

Ada & August
Boone & Beau
Clark & Charles
Damon & Daisy
Ezra & Edward
Felix & Flora
Guinevere & Grey
Hermione & Henry
Isolde & Iris
Jasper & Jack
Katherine & Kit
Leon & Lucille
Margo & Matilda
Noah & Nancy
Olive & Oscar
Percival & Phineas
Quinn & Queen
Rory & Rose
Sylester & Sybil
Theodore & Thomas
Violet & Victor
Winston & William
Zachariah & Zara

elrock13 Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 12:50 pm

Abel & Adeline
Benedict & Betsy
Claudio & Celia
Darwin & Daphne
Eustace & Emmeline
Franklin & Flora
Gulliver & Gillian
Humphrey & Harriet
Ignatius & Iris
Johann & Jane
Katrina & Kieran
Lucius & Laura
Macalester & Marina
Nathaniel & Noel (g)
Orson & Octavia
Peter & Pauline
Quincy & Quintessa
Reed & Rosalind
Stanley & Sylvie
Timothy & Tabitha
Vikram & Viola
Winifred & Winter
Xenia & ?
Zaccheus & Zinnia

maggiefromcanada Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 1:01 pm

Great thing to kill time while waiting for a technician to arrive!
Alexander & Alasdair
Bennett & Beatrice
Calvin & Caroline
Diana & Darius
Emmanuelle & Etienne
Frances & Frederick
Georgiana & Gabrielle
Hosea & Hannah
Ilya & Irena
Jonathan & Judah
Ksenia & Katerina
Linden & Luca
Milena & Magda
Natalie & Neve
Oona & Odilon
Persis & Penelope
Quentin & Quincy
Rhiannon & Rowan (b)
Samaria & Simeon
Theodore & Thaddeus
Ulysses & Ulrika
Veronica & Vincent
Wesley & Willa
Xavier & Xochitl
Yannick & Yasmine
Zinnia & Zacharias

karabe23 Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 1:31 pm

Annabelle and Abraham
Belle and Blythe
Cora and Cleo
Daphne and Delphine
Esme and Edward
Frederick and Florence
Genevieve and Greer
Hermione and Hugo
Imogen and Iris
Julian and Josephine
Kit and Katerina
Louis and Luna
Mabel and Margaux
Nathaniel and Nicholas
Ophelia and Orlando
Persephone and Penelope
Romy and Rhett
Sylvia and Sebastian
Thea and Tristan
Violet and Valentina
Zephyr and Zola

bwithane Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 2:07 pm

Avery& Azure
Beckett & Blythe
Cyrus & Colette
Declan & Delia
Edison & Enid
Fletcher & Fia
Gray & Gigi
Hodge & Hildy
Ian & Imani
Jack & Josie
Keats & Kalla
Leo & Lavinia
Macallister & Mila
Noel & Nadia
Otto & Odessa
Palmer & Perry
Rose & Reverie
Stassi & Sophie
Thatcher & Temperley
Vincent & Vida
Waverly & Winter
Yeardly & Yates
Zoebelle & Zachary

UnlabeledMama Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 2:12 pm

Alice and Agnes
Bennett and Beatrice
Clark and Cora
Desmond and Declan
Emmeline and Eleanora
Felix and Frances
Graham and Griffin
Heath and Hazel
Iris and Ian
Joy and Jude
Kent and Katrina
Lucy and Lydia
Malcolm and Magnolia
Nora and Neal
Oscar and Oliver
Patrick and Penelope
Rose and Ruby
Simon and Sonya
Tobias and Tessa
Vaughn and Veronica
Wilhelmina and Wesley

asophie1 Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 2:14 pm

Aurelia & Alice
Beatrice ‘Bea’ & Bernard ‘Bear’
Christopher ‘Toby’ & Coralie ‘Cora’
Delphine ‘Duffy’ &
Eliza & Everett ‘Ev’
Flora & Finn
Georgia & Grant
Hawthorne & Hale
India ‘Indi’ & Ignatius ‘Nate’
Juliet ‘Jet’ & Jude
Keats & Katherine ‘Kitty’
Lilias & Leo
Marlowe ‘Lola’ & Miles ‘Milo’
North & Nola
Olivia ‘Liv’ & Owen
Posey & Penn
Quincy & Quillan
Rosalie & Reed
Scout & Sloane
Tate & Theo
Viola & Vaughn
Willa & Whit
Xander & Xavier
Yael & York
Zara & Zoe

jacquigirl Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 2:39 pm

Anna and Aidan
Brooke and Brian
Cara and Caleb
Daphne and Darcy (boy)
Eleanor and Emmett
Faye and Frederick
Grace and George
Hannah and Henry
Isabel and Ida
Juliet and Jesse (boy)
Kate and Kyle
Lily and Leah
Margaret and Madeline
Nina and Noel
Olivia and Owen
Paige and Peter
Quinten and Quinlan (girl)
Rose and Robert
Stella and Sophie
Tess and Thomas
Victoria and Virginia
Willow and William
Xavier and Xara
Zachary and Zoey

EmilyVA Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 2:44 pm

I don’t think I would ever do this but the seem much more usable after doing this and seeing the ones people come up with.

Adelaide “Della” & Alexandra “Lexi”(g/g)
Boris & Barack “Barry” (b/b)
Carleton & Constance (b/g)
Daria & Della (g/g)
Esme & Ewan (g/b)
Fiona & Felicity
Genevieve & Gilbert (g/b)
Hermione & Harry (g/b)
Iris & Isolde (g/g)
Jeannie & Johannes (Yohannes) (g/b)
Kurt/ Karl (b/b)
Leonie & Lorelai &(Liesl) (g/g)
Martin & Margaret nn Gretchen (b/g)
Noor & Nadia (g/g)
Oprah & Octavia nn Tavy (g/g)
Peter & Patience (b/g)
Renate & Rosalind & (Rachel) (g/g)
Serena & Sibyl (g/g)
Temperance & Timothy (g/b)
Una & Ulyssess
Valancy & Venetia (g/g)
Wren & Winslow (g/b) & Wilhelmina nn Mina (g)
Yuriy & Yulia
Ziva & Zoya

MaryChez Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 3:44 pm

Alba and Asher
Bastian and Blythe
Cameron and Chiara
Dinah and Dahlia
Evangeline and Elena
Fabian and Felix
Geoffrey and Guinevere
Hope and Hector
Ines and Isla
Joel and James
Kay and Katerina
Luna and Lyon
Maria and Milo
Nova and Nyla
Oceana and Oscar
Penny and Pearl
Quinn and Quentin
Ruby and Reed
Sebastian and Selena
Theodore and Tyler
Una and Ursula
Violet and Valencia
William and Warren
Xanthe and Xenia
Yvie and Yasmin
Zola and Zora

OliviaSarah Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 3:49 pm

… Eeew. Matchy twin names :/

joel613 Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 4:10 pm

Aliena & Abraham
Beverley & Benjamin
Camille & Claudia
Dane & Dinah
Emory & Elsa
Flora & Felix
Georgia & Gulliver
Hezekiah & Horatio
Imogene & India
Jemima & Juliet
Kellan & Kirk
Lorna & Linus
Meredith & Merle
Naomi & Nathaniel
Obadiah & Octavia
Pamela & Pilar
Quentin & Quincy
Rosalie & Rupert
Serena & Spencer
Tallulah & Tobias
Unity & Ursula
Vera & Vivien
Willam & Warren
Xavier & Xander
Yancy & Yale
Zev & Zenobia

Kibby Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 4:18 pm

A – Alasdair and Autumn
B – Brigitta and Bennett
C – Corisande and Cadell
D – Dresden and Daphne
E – Evander and Eleanor
F – Francis and Fiona
G – Grant and Ginny
H – Harrison and Hermione
I – Ivo and Irie
J – Jubilee and James
K – Keltie and ——
L – Lachlan and Lavender
M – Maxim and Mhairi
N – Nikolai and Natalie
O – Odessa and Ottilie
P – Peregrine and Pandora
Q – Quilla and Quinn
R – Rafferty and Reverie
S – Stephen and Saffron
T – Thatcher and Thisbe
U –
V – Virginia and Vienna
W – William and Waverly
X – Xavier and Xanthe
Y –
Z – Zander and Zora

whitefeather01 Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 4:29 pm

Abbott and Audra
Benicio and Bella
Cruz and Calliope
Dexter and Dahlia
Erik and Elena
Faolan and Fiona
Gabriel and Guinevere
Heath and Hope
Israel and Ivy
Jace and Johanna
Kingston and Kyra
Lawrence and Lucille
Malcolm and Mila
Novak and Natalya
Olin and Ona
Paul and Penelope
Quentin and Quinn
Rafael and Rosalie
Spencer and Scarlett
Theodore and Tallulah
Upton and Ulyciana
Viggo and Vera
Warren and Winona
Xander and Xinavane
Yuri and Yara
Zander and Zenevieva

TaraRhode Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 5:06 pm

I really love nicknames (with a formal choice to fall back on), so I took those into consideration when choosing.

A: b/b Arthur & August; Art & Gus (Daring: g/g Acacia & Azalea- Caci & Zale)

B: b/g Bodhi & Beatrix; Bo & Be

C: b/g Cormac & Ceridwen; Mac & Wen [although that looks as tho I am trying to do nicknames for McDonald’s and Wendy’s… so perhaps Callum & Ceridwen, nn Cal & Wen]

D: b/g Declan & Dahlia; Dex & Dahl

E: b/g Everett & Eleanor; Rett & Nell (Daring: g/g Echo & Eden )

F: g/g Florence & Felicity; Flora & Fliss

G: b/g Graham & Georgia

H: b/g Hugh & Hope (Daring: Hawthorne & Henrietta- Hawk & Etta)

I: g/g Imogen & Indigo; Immy & Indy (Or b/g Ian & Ivy)

J: b/g Jasper & Juniper; Jasp & June (Daring g/g: January & Juniper- Jana & Juno)

K: g/g Katharine & Kassandra; Katy & Kass (Daring: b/b Knox & Knut)

L: b/b Lewis & Linus (Daring: g/g Liberty & Lorelei; Libby & Lolly)

M: g/g Margaret & Matilda; Maggie & Tillie (Daring: g/g Monet & Marlo)

N: g/g Neva & Nora

O: b/g Oliver & Ophelia (Olly & Phee)

P: b/g tied: Peter & Pearl (stone & created from sand)/ Philip & Phoebe

R: b/b Rhett & Rhys

S: b/g Sebastian & Susannah (Bastian & Annie, Bash & Zuzu, Seb & Sue)

T: b/g Timothy & Tabitha (Daring: b/g Thatcher & Temperance/Talullah, g/g Tamsin & Tatum)

V: g/g Verity & Vesper or Virginia & Victoria

W: b/g Walter & Winter; Walt & Winnie

Y: g/g Yael & Yana

Z: g/g Ziva & Zinnia

Marsy33 Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 5:17 pm

Anthea and Ambrose
Beatrice and Baxter
Cora and Calvin
Diana and Darby
Evelyn and Ellis
Freya and Findlay
Genevieve and Galloway
Harriet and Hartley
Irene and Ignatius
June and Jasper
Kay and Kingsley
Louisa and Leland
Margot and Malcolm
Nora and Nathaniel
Olive and Oscar
Petra and Powell
Ramona and Reed
Sorrell and Silas
Thora and Theodore
Vera and Vaughn
Willa and Waylon
Zara and Zeller

eechick Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 5:24 pm

Alice and Adelaide Adam and Albert
Beatrice and Blythe Blaise and Beau
Cornelia and Ceceilia Cormac and Charles
Daphne and Delia Dominic and Duncan
Evangeline and Eleanor Edward and Ezra
Flora and Finley Frederick and Fabian
Grace and Gwendolyn Gabriel and Gideon
Helena and Honora Henry and Hector
Isobel and Irene Isaac and Ignatius
Josephine and Juliet James and John (Jack)
Kathleen and Katherine Knox and Kingsley
Lillian and Lucille/Lorelei (hard!) Lionel and Liam
Margaret (May) and Molly Malcolm and Magnus
Niamh and Nell Nathaniel and Noah
Opal and Olive Oliver and Oscar
Penelope and Pauline Phineas and Philip
Quinn and Quiana Quentin and Quincy
Rose and Ruth Rowan and Rory
Sophie and Selene Sebastian and Simon
Tatiana and Thalia Theodore and Tristan
Una and Unity Upton and Ulysses
Vivan and Violet Victor and Vance
Willa and Winnie William and Whitman
Xanthe and Xara Xavier and Xander (Alexander)
Yvette and Yara York and Yale
Zora and Zinnia Zeke and Zander

lululemonmee Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 5:49 pm

Alice and August
Beatrix and Benjamin
Charlotte and Camille
Declan and Daphne
Eleanor and Everett
Fiona and Felix or Fiona and Felicity or Felix and Finn
Graham and Genevieve
Harry and Hazel
Iris and Imogen
Julian and Jasper
Kier and Katherine
Leo and Lilac
Matilda and Malcolm
Niamh and Nora
Oliver and Owen
Penelope and Phoebe
Quinn and Quilla
Rowan and River
Sophie and Summer
Thomas and Theodore
Ursula and Ulysses
Violet and Viven
Willa and Waverly
Xander and Xanthe
Yasmin and Yardley
Zephyr and Zinnia

nlane825 Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 6:08 pm

Allison & Alia (F/F)
Benson & Bodie (M/M)
Charlie & Cleo (M/F)
Dale & Dodson (M/M)
Elodie & Etta (F/F)
Faye & Ford (F/M)
Gabe & Genevie (M/F)
Hanna & Hayes (F/M)
Ike & Ivan (M/M)
Judson & Jace (M/M)
Kalia & Kinley (F/F)
Lissa & Levi (F/M)
Miah & Mae (M/F)
Nola & Nellie (F/F)
Oliana & Oakley (F/M)
Pennella & Paisley (F/F)
Quade & Quinley (M/F)
Ruby & Roy (F/M)
Sawyer & Sadie (M/F)
Thea & Tilly (F/F)
Umbrielle & Ullie (F/F)
Violet & Vienna (F/F)
Weston & Wynn (M/M)
Xavier & Xander (M/M)
Yullie & York (F/M)
Zane & Zander (M/M)

I had fun with this! Some other favorites were Autumn & Aveline (F/F), Beth & Bodie (F/M), Henrietta & Harvey (F/M), Juniper & Jace (F/M), Lena & Lissa (F/F), Marshall & Miah (M/F), Oakley & Oliver (M/M), Story & Scout (F/F), Tilly & Tessa (F/F), Violet & Viera (F/F), Willow & Weston (F/M), and York & Yuma (M/M)!

HerMajesty Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 6:21 pm

Aurora & Aurelia
Belinda & Bonita
Cordelia & Colene
Drucilla & Demetria
Esther & Elsabeth
Fiona & Fia
Genevieve & Gwynithe
Hermione & Helen
Iris & Ingrid
Jolene & Jayne
Kate & Kelyn
Lorelei & Lotusette
Melody & Melinda
Nalia & Nyamh
Ophelia & Orianne
Penelope & Persephone
Quinlinn & Queenna
Roxanna & Rosamund
Selene & Shoshannah
Tamara & Tamra
Ursela & Una
Vanessa & Veronica
Wilhelmina & Wisteria
Xanthe & Xennia
Yvaine & Yvette
Ziva & Zarabeth

Aurelius & Ainsling
Bay & Ben
Cobalt & Cassian
Donavan & Demitri
Eric & Ever
Flint & Faelon
Gilbert & Grey
Hector & Henry
Ian & Ishmeal
Jonathon & Jack
Kaleb & Kolten
Leo & Logan
Marcus & Mavis
Nicholas & Nathanial
Octavian & Owen
Patrick & Perseus
Quin & Quency
Remus & Romulus
Sparling & Slate
Teagan & Tigger
Ulrick & Uvan
Viktor & Vincent
Wiley & Wyoming
Xander & Xavier
Y-cant think of boy
Zorro & Zaran

Beau123 Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 6:21 pm

Arthur & Alistair
Beatrice & Barnaby
Clementine & Casper
Dominic & Dorothy
Eugene & Edgar
Felix & Florence/ Florence & Felicity
Gregor & Genevieve
Henry & Harriet
Iris & Ivy
Jasper & Juliet
Konstantin & Klaudia
Lucien & Lilith
Minerva & Milo
Oscar & Olive
Peter & Penelope
Rupert & Remus
Sylvester & Sebastian
Tabitha & Theodore (Tabby & Teddy)
Valerie & Violet
Walter & Winston

DiannaElaine Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 6:28 pm

Alistair & Ambrosia “Alix $ Rosie”
Beckett $ Briallen “Beck & Bria”
Cassius $ Coralie “Cash & Cora”
Dashiell $ Dorothea “Dash $ Dottie”
Enzo $ Everly “Zo & Evy”
Francisco $ Frederica “Frankie $ Freddie”
Gannon & Guinevere
Harley $ Hannah
Ignatius & Isabeau “Iggy & Izzy”
Jasper $ Josephina “Jax $ Posy”
Knight & Kailaini “Nye & Kai”
Louie & Laurel “Lou & Lori”
Maximus & Magdalene “Max & Maggie”
Nico & Nora
Olivier & Oceane “Olly $ Shae”
Pax $ Pepper
Quilliam & Quinley “Quill & Quin”
Rhett-Basil & Rory-Kate
Sampson & Seraphina “Sam & Sera”
Trajan & Tallulah “TJ & Lula”
Uri & Ula
Valor & Viveca
Waverly & Winifred “Wave & Winnie”
Xavier & Xylie
Yonas & Yulia
Zane & Zelia

ozdust Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 6:28 pm

Anneliese & Anderson
Bianca & Brennan
Celeste & Callum
Danika & Donovan
Evangeline & Elijah
Faith & Finn
Genevieve & Gabriel
Heather & Hayden
Isla & Isaac
Jocelyn & Jude
Kennedy & Keiran
Linnéa & Logan
Michaela & Matéo
Natalie & Nolan
Olive & Owen
Piper & Parker
Quinn & Quinton (that’s a hard one)
Róisín & Rhys
Saoirse & Silas
Temperance & Tristan
Unity & Uri
Vivienne & Vaughn
Wren & Walker
Xanthe & Xander
Yasmine & York
Zoe & Zayne

marinadancel17 Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 6:33 pm

Aria & Annabeth
Bianca & Bennett
Cora & Charles
Delilah & Dashiell
Eliana & Everett
Fiona & Flynn
Gwendolyn & Gray
Honora & Henry
Ivy & Isadora
Juliet & Jack
Kerenza & Kai
Lyra & Lucas
Melody & Maxwell
Noelani & Nathaniel
Odessa & Oliver
Penelope & Porter
Quentin & Queenie
Rose & Ruby
Scarlett & Sterling
Tessa & Theo
Ulana & Urban
Veronica & Violet
Wisteria & Willow
Xavier & Xara
Yasmin & York
Zora & Zachary

theresazoe Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 7:03 pm

Astrid & Aurora (and Audrey & Alexandra)
Benjamin & Bruno (& Briella & Brynn)
Camille & Carmine
Dante & Daphne
Eleanor & Evangeline
Francesca &
Gerard & Georgia
Harlow & Hugo
Indiana & Irriana
Jack & Johanna
Khloe & Killian
Liliana & Lucy
Mara & Michael
Natalie & Nadia
Owen & Olivia
Peter & Patrick (& Pia)
Quinn & Quay
Rosalie & Rheanne
Sofia & Steven (& Siena)
Thatcher & Timothy
Unity & Urban
Van & Vivian (& Veda or Vida & Vienna)
West & Wyatt
Xavier & Xenia
Yale & Yardley
Zoe & Zelie

kdale104 Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 7:27 pm

Here’s my twins list — this was fun!

August & Ada
Bo & Bergita
Camden & Cora
Desmond & Dale
Eastman & Eleanor
Finley & Fritz
Gladys & Griffin
Helene & Hughey
Inez & Irma
June & Jubilee
Kelly & Kendra
Liesl & Louis
Madeliene & Marjorie
Nova & Naomi
Owen & Ophelia
Phoebe & Phoenix
Quilla & Quenby
Reagan & Rowena
Scout & Sidney
Tenny & Theo
Umberta & Ursula
Violet & Vera
Weston & Winifred
Xandra & Xena
Yule & Yvonne
Zoe & Zander

Whitley Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 7:57 pm

Alaric and Asher (m/m)
Beatrice and Blythe (f/f)
Claudia and Charlotte (f/f)
Daphne and Declan (f/m)
Elliot and Ezra (m/m)
Felicity and Fiona (f/f)
Genevieve and Grady (f/m)
Hattie and Holden (f/m)
Isobel and Irina (f/f)
Joaquin and Jasper (m/m)
Keira and Kylie (f/f)
Leonie and Leland (f/m)
Matilda and Morgan (f/m)
Norah and Naomi (f/f)
Oscar and Orion (m/m)
Preston and Patrick (m/m)
Quiana and Quaid (f/m)
Roman and Reid (m/m)
Stella and Sabrina (f/f)
Theodora and Tatum (f/f)
Ursula and Urbana (f/f)
Vivian and Violet (f/f)
Willow and Wyatt (f/m)
Xanthe and Xiomara (f/f)
Yardley and Yolanda (f/f)
Zoe and Zara (f/f)

hellokate Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 8:09 pm

Ooh, this is going to be fun!

Alice & August (G/B)
Belle & Brady (G/B)
Charlotte & Catherine (G/G)
Diana & Darren (G/B)
Eleanor & Emma (G/G)
Frankie & Finney (G/G)
Georgia & Griffin (G/B)
Hazel & Hugo (G/B)
India & Isla (G/G)
James & Jackson (B/B)
Lola & Levi (G/B)
Marley & Maxwell (G/B)
Nia & Nixon (G/B)
Olive & Oscar (G/B)
Poppy & Penny (G/G)
Rose & Roscoe (G/B)
Seraphina & Sterling (G/B)
Teddy & Thomas (G/B)
Valerie & Vinnie (G/B)
Winnie & William (G/B)
Xena & Xavier (G/B)
Zara & Zachary (G/B)

I love matching boys and girls for some odd reason! This was very fun. As you can see, I skipped several letters because I could either find only one name, or none at all. I love looking at the other lists users have made, too!

MaryKathryn Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 8:40 pm

Atticus & Alba
Bodhi & Brooklyn
Calloway & Calliope
Django & Daphne
Edison & Evangeline
Fox & Francesca
Grey & Georgiana
Holden & Hazel
Ian & Isobel
Jude & Jemma
Kerr & Kyle
Leopold & Louisa
Marc & Maura
Noble & Nicola
Otis & Opal
Phelix & Petra
Quince & Quinn
Rigby & Rosie
Sebastian & Sienna
Tate & Tess
Uri & Una
Vince & Virginia
Whitaker & Wednesday
Xenia & Xander
Yeats & Yancy
Zachariah & Zoe

lemon Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 8:51 pm

Anya and Amira
Boone and Beckett
Coraline and Casper
Della and Dexter
Esme and Elora
Flynn and Frances
Giuseppe and Gisella
Hiram and Hosanna
Ivy and Imogen
Jasper and Jessamy
Keziah and Kerensa
Lennox and Lorcan
Margaretta and Melisande
Noella and Nerissa
Oscar and Olive
Perrin and Padgett
Quentin and Quinlan
Rosanna and Romilly
Shoshana and Sarai
Tullia and Thessaly
Ulysses and Uriah
Violet and Vera
Wiley and Walker
Xavier and Xenia
Yolanda and Yvonne
Zara and Zofia

Jinxgirl Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 8:55 pm

Alessandra and Angelina
Bellamy and Bennett
Callum and Cordelia
Daniel and Drusilla
Eliza and Elias
Faith and Francisca
Georgia and Grace
Heather and Hayley
India and Isaac
Jesse and Jade
Katarina and Kristina
Leah and Lydia
Mara and Micah
Nathaniel and Naomi
Olivia and Odetta
Paul and Phaedra
Quentin and Quinn
Rachel and Rikarah
Susannah and Sarah
Thomas and Tara
Ursula and Ulysses
Victoria and Veronica
Wesley and Wade
Xander and Xylia
Yasmine and Yvette
Zara and Zaida

Shellfish Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 9:03 pm

Alexander & Abigail
Bailey (b) & Blair (g)
Cara & Celia
Donovan & Dashiell
Emery (g) & Ellis (b)
Farah & Fane
George & Gabrielle
Hudson & Holden
Imogen & Isidora
Jonathan & Jeremiah
Kasper & Kelilah
Luna & Lander
Morgan (b) & Marley (g)
Norabel & Niven
Oliver & Owen
Paolina & Pascoe (b)
Quilla & Quinlan
Robin (b) & Rae (g)
Saffron & Sayer
Thalassa & Tiberius
Urban (b) & Utah (g)
Viridian & Vesper (b)
West (b) & Winter (g)
Xiamara & Xandra
Yarden & Yonina
Zebulon & Zarela

elizabethrose Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 9:57 pm

Amelia and Abram
Beatrix and Baxter
Claire and Charlie (or Charlotte)
Delilah and Dexter
Elizabeth and Edward
Felicity and Ford and Finn
Georgia and Gavin
Hazel and Hugo
Isabel and Isadora and Ivy
Jack and Jasper
Katherine and Keira
Lucy and Leo and Luca and Leila
Matilda and Milo
Naomi and Noah
Owen and Oliver
Piper and Penelope
Quincy and Quinn
Rosie and
Sophia and Stella and Sebastian and Sawyer and Shepherd
Theo and
Violet and Vivienne
Willow and William
X- Paxton, Lux, Maximo
Zuri and Zadie

IrelandPoppy Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 10:47 pm

A- Addie and Amara
B- Basil and Beatrice
C- Cate and Conor
D- Davis and Dugan
E- Ever and Embry
F- Finola and Fay
G- Gavin and Grania
H- Henry and Helena
I- Isis and Iona
J- James and Juliet
K- Kristina and Kitt
L- Linden and Laila
M- Mila and Margot
N- Niamh and Nola
O- Oscar and Odette
P- Poeme and Penelope
Q- Quilla and Quinn
R- Remi and Rose
S- Sanna and Simeon
T- Timothy and Terrance
U- Una and Uri
V- Virginia and Vance
W-Winston and Willamina
X- Xander and Xanthe
Y- Yana and Yvonne
Z- Zuzanna and Zofia

lovelynames Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 11:22 pm

Anna and Amelia
Brinley and Bartholomew
Chloe and Cecelia
Darby and Donovan
Ellie and Emmett
Florrie and Francesca
Genevieve and Georgia
Hattie and Harlow
Ian and Ivy
Johanna and Juliette
Kate and Kees
Lila and Libby
Makenna and Meredith
Nellie and Nora
Olive and Oakley
Piper and Penelope
Quinn and Quartz
Rowan and Rafferty
Stella and Scarlett
Truman and Tess
Uptan and Urban
Violet and Veronica
Waverley and Wyatt
Xan and Xabrina
Yana and Yancey
Zosia and Zara

mmp2115 Says:

March 13th, 2013 at 11:57 pm

Autumn & Angus
Brock & Brenna
Cormac & Cullen
Dylan & Delaney (G/G)
Eden & Emmeline
Finnegan & Freya
Greta & Graham
Hermione & Hugo
Ignatius & Imogen
Josephine ????
Kira & Kinley
Lake & Lila (G/G)
Maeve & Meadow
Nolan & Nicholas
Ophelia & Ottilie
Piper & Phoebe
Ronan & Rhys
Samson & Sawyer
Tessa & Tanner
Violet & Virginia
Weston & Wren

emekct Says:

March 14th, 2013 at 12:07 am

Everyone went A to Z so I’ll mix it up and go Z to A. Here goes…

Z- Zachary and Zoey BG
Y- Yvette and Yvonne GG
X- Xander and Xavier BB
W- Weston and Wyatt BB
V- Violet and Vivian GG
U- Urban and Uri BG
T- Tyler and Teagan BG
S- Seth and Serena BG
R- Riordan and Rowan BG
Q- Quinn and Quilla BG
P- Patrick and Penelope BG
O- Oisling and Oscar BG
N- Nicholas and Nora BG
M- Mason and Maeve BG
L- Liam and Lucas BB
K- Kieran and Kahlan BG
J- Jonah and Juliana BG
I- Ian and Isaac BB
H- Holden and Harrison BB
G- Garret and Gavin BB
F- Finley and Felicity BG
E- Edmund and Ethan BB
D- Darby and Delilah BG
C- Cole and Carter BB
B- Brennan and Brynja BG
A- Aine and Alyce GG

Megmarie Says:

March 14th, 2013 at 12:48 am

Amelie and Asher
Brighton(b) and Brooks
Claire and Callen
Daphne and Donovan
Eliana and Edison
Fallon(g) and Faye
Gabriel and Graham
Hannah and Henry
Ida and Ian
James and Julian
Kate and Kieran
Lachlan and Liam
Magnolia and Montgomery
Ned and Nora
Oriana and Oliver
Posey and Patrick
Quinn and Quaid
Rose and Raphael
Silas and Sutton (b)
Tessa and Theodore
Umber and Ulric
Violet and Van
Wren and William
Xia and Xander
Ysabel and Yosef
Zella and Zane

allyphilly Says:

March 14th, 2013 at 2:21 am

Atticus & August
Beatrix & Briony
Cressida & Caius
Desmond (Dez) & Dorothea (Dot)
Elias & Enid
Finbar & Franklin
Greer & Gray
Hope & Heath
Ione & Iris
Jemima & Julietta
Kerensa & Kellan
Lyle & Luella
Miles & Marcela
Nola & Nils
Ottilie & Oscar
Persephone & Penelope
Ramona & Rufus
Spencer & Sandrine
Theodora &
Una & Ulrich
Vera & Vivien
Willa & Winston
Zeke & Zelda

tikicatt Says:

March 14th, 2013 at 9:01 am

Arlo & Augustus
Briony & Bowden
Cameron & Catherine
Delaney & Douglas
Edgar & Eden
Forrest & Finn
Grant & Gage
Holland & Harrison
Isla & Iden
Jemima & June
Kirk & Kylie
Lazaro & Lyra
Milo & Maxwell
Norah & Niels
Olive & Octavian
Patrick & Preston
Quinn & Qintanna
Radley & Ransome
Sydney & Sienna
Trent & Tradd
Unity & Ulysses
Vivienne & Vladimir
Waverly & Wendy
Xanthe & Xadri
Yeardley & Yorren
Zechariah & Zane

leonielee Says:

March 14th, 2013 at 10:15 am

Allegra & Allistair
Bianca & Brutus
Conrad & Cordelia
Daphne & Darius
Eloise & Everett
Fiona & Frederick
Gareth & Gwendolen
Helen & Henry
Imogen & Ignatius
Julian & Josephine
Kieran & Keeva
Leona & Leander
Malcolm & Margot
Naomi & Neville
Ophelia & Oswin
Portia & Peregrine
Quintin & Quintessa
Rosalind & Rowan
Silvia & Solomon
Thalia & Theodore
Ulric & Una
Vivica & Viggo
Winifred & Wilhelm
Xanthe & Xander
Yara & Yakim
Zenobia & Zebedee

GrecianErn Says:

March 14th, 2013 at 10:48 am

Asher & Anastasia
Beckett & Bianca
Catherine & Cordelia
Damon & Donovan
Emerson (Emme) & Eden
Felix & Francesca
Griffin & Gemma
Holden & Haven
Isaac & Ivy
Jameson & Jillian
Keegan & Kellen
Lucian & Landry (b/g)
Micah & Matilda (b/g)
Oliver & Owen
Penelope & Phoebe
Rex & Rosalind (Lindy)
Sebastian & Saige
Weston & Willa
Zane & Zara

LauraJ88 Says:

March 14th, 2013 at 11:59 am

Allegra and Atticus (boy/girl)
Beckett and Bronte (boy/girl)
Calliope and Clementine (girl/girl)
Daphne and Dexter (girl/boy)
Emmett and Evangeline (boy/girl)
Felix and Francesca (boy/girl)
Gaia and Grace (girl/girl)
Harriet and Heathcliff (girl/boy)
Ignatius and Isaiah (boy/boy)
Jeremiah and Judah (boy/boy)
Kristen and Kyle (girl/boy)
Leopold and Logan (boy/boy)
Matilda and Meredith (girl/girl)
Napoleon and Nathaniel (boy/boy)
Orlando and Owen (boy/boy)
Paloma and Phoebe (girl/girl)
Quinn and Quentin (girl/boy)
Rafferty and Ruby (boy/girl)
Saskia and Scarlett (girl/girl)
Theodore and Tristan (boy/boy)
Umbria and Ursula (girl/girl)
Vincent and Violet (boy/girl)
Willow and Wyatt (girl/boy)
Xanthe and Xavier (girl/boy)
Yolande and Yvette (girl/girl)
Zelda and Zoe (girl/girl)

Although I would never use the same first initial for any sets of twins I may be blessed with, my favourite pairings are Allegra and Atticus (boy/girl), Harriet and Heathcliff (girl/boy), Matilda and Meredith (girl/girl), Paloma and Phoebe (girl/girl), Rafferty and Ruby (boy/girl) and Theodore and Tristan (boy/boy).

Jennai Says:

March 14th, 2013 at 12:33 pm

Alvin & Aeneas
Benno & Balthasar
Caspar & Conan
Dawn & Deva
Enna & Ellis
Feivel & Fabian
Ginny & Glennis
Hector & Helga
Ines & Ilay
Joss & Jody
Kelvin & Korbinian
Liam & Lilly
Micah & Michio
Noah & Nelson
Oliver & Oda
Phileas & Pippa
Quinn & Quentin
Ryu & Robin
Sora & Samson
Tovah & Tilman
Una & Uli
Victor & Vivien
Wesley & Walter
Xaver & Xenia
Yuna & Yustus
Zeus & Zelda

ty13 Says:

March 14th, 2013 at 1:51 pm

August & Althea
Bianca & Benicio
Celia & Clive
Danika & Dario
Evie & Eleanor
Francesca & Faye
Giselle & Georgia
Hugo & Hannah
Isaac & Ian
Julian & Jack
Kay & Karen
Leah & Louisa
Margot & Max
Nolan & Noah
Ophelia & Omar
Phoebe & Peter
Reed & Rhys
Sylvie & Simon
Tali & Teddy
Vince & Vivi
West & Wren

SamanthaQuinn Says:

March 14th, 2013 at 2:30 pm

Archer (b) & Avalon (g)
Brokk (b) & Bryn (g)
Cobalt (g) & Cayce (g)
Dax (b) & Devlin (b)
Edward (b) & Esperanza (g)
Flynn (b) & Freya (g)
Gage (b) & Guinevere (g)
Hawk (b) & Hale (b)
Ian (b) & Isabeau (b)
Jag (b) & Jonas (b)
Kalin (b) & Kirk (b)
Lilia (g) & Lotus (G)
Madden (b) & Mallory (g)
Neeva (g) & Nyx (g)
Ocean (g) & Olivia (g)
Penn (b) & Paisley (g)
Quade (b) & Quinn (g)
Ryker (b) & Romana (g)
Storri (g) & Soier (g) or Sapphira (g) & Siobhan (g)
Tristan (b) & Tamara (g)
Umbria (g) & Una (g)
Vaughn (b) & Vigo (b)
Wren (g) & Winter (g)
Xanthe (g) & Xiomara (g)
Yoan (b) & Yllana(g)
Zahn (b) & Zarek (b)

arunciblespoon Says:

March 14th, 2013 at 2:43 pm

Alice & Arthur/Aurelia & Archer
Beatrice/Beatrix & Benedict
Clementine & Callisto
Darwin & Dante
Endellion & Edward
Freddie & Florence
Guinevere & Gabriel
Hermione & Hero
Iris & Ignatius
Juno & Juniper
Katherine & Knox
Lucia & Lennox
Matilda & Merlin
Nina & Nova
Ophelia & Orpheus
Penelope & Phoebe
Rosette & Ralph
Sibyl & Silas
Thorin & Theo
Vivienne & Vera
Wren & Whit
Xavier & Xanthe
Yule & Ysolde
Zola & Zephyra

tori101 Says:

March 14th, 2013 at 2:51 pm

Hmm at the moment it would be…
Alexandra & Arabella (gg)

Benjamin & Beckett (bg)

Charlotte & Clara (gg)

Daniel & Delphine (bg)

Elisabeth & Eleanor (gg)

Finley & Francesca (bg)

Grace & Genevieve (gg)

Henry & Holden (bb)

Isaac & India (bg)

Jane & Josephine (gg)

Katherine & Kimberley (gg)

Levi & Lillian (bg)

Miles & Meredith (bg)

Noah & Nathaniel (bb)

Orlando & Oliver (bb)

Primrose & Penelope (gg)

Quinn & Quentin (bb)

Robin & Rosalie (bg)

Scarlett & Samuel (bg)

Tabitha & Timothy (bg)

Unity & Uriah (bg)

Vivienne & Violet (gg)

Willow & Walter (bg)

Xavier & Xanthe (bg)

Yates & York (bb)

Zachariah & Zara (bg)


araminta Says:

March 14th, 2013 at 6:38 pm

August & Amabel / Aldo & Avis
Beatrix & Barnaby
Cressida & Calloway
Dexter & Django
Else & Edgar / Enid & Esme
Frank & Flora
Gideon & Gulliver / Grover & Guthrie
Hugo & Hazel
Ignatius & Isadora / India & Ivo
Jonty & Jemima / Juniper & Jessamy
Kitty & Klaus
Lewis & Lydia / Lazarus & Lysander
Monty & Mungo
Nora & Nell
Oscar & Olive
Primrose & Perdita
Quincy & Quillan
Rufus & Rory / Romilly & Rafferty / Rex & Rollo
Seamus & Sullivan / Sadie & Scout
Tabitha & Thomasina / Truman & Tallulah
Viggo & Viola
Walter & Winifred / Wilhelmina & Wolfgang
Xavier & Xanthe
Zosia & Zebedee

araminta Says:

March 14th, 2013 at 6:40 pm

Correction: Elsie & Edgar

catchthemoon Says:

March 14th, 2013 at 8:15 pm

I wouldn’t have matching initials, but just for the fun of it:

Annica and Ace
Breccan and Beau
Callum and Clara
Declan and Drake
Everly and Elowen
Felix and Finn
Gage and Gwen
Hazel and Holden
Ivy and Isadora
Juniper and Jovie
Kegan and Kai
Lincoln (Link) and Libby
Maylee and Mia
Nylee and Nina
Oliver and Owen
Parker and Penn
Quincy and Quade
Rhett and Rio
Segan and Sullivan
Tenley and Trenner
Violet and Valen
Wynne and Waverly
Zoe and Zavian

frustratedauthor Says:

March 14th, 2013 at 9:29 pm

A – Arlo and Amaryllis
B – Blake and Beau (both boys)
C – Colton and Chance (both boys)
D – Dashiell and Daphne
E – Elliot and Evangeline
F – Frederick and Faith
G – Gideon and Georgia
H – Henry and Hazel
I – Ivy and Isobel (both girls)
J – Jonah and Jesse (both boys)
K – Kai and Keeva
L – Lazarus and Lincoln (both boys)
M – Milo and Mavis
N – Nolan and Nerys
O – Otto and Odessa
P – Phoebe and Paloma
Q – —
R – Rhys and Rosalie
S – Silas and Susanna
T – Tennessee and Truett (both boys)
U – Uriah and Ulysses (both boys)
V – Viggo and Vivienne
W – Wolf and Willow
X – —
Y – —
Z – Zaccheus and Zoe

EssJay Says:

March 15th, 2013 at 2:56 pm

Anna and Alexander
Benjamin and Bradley
Charlotte and Christopher
Daniel and David
Emilia and Elizabeth
Francesca and Frederick
Gemma and George
Harriet and Harvey
Ivy and Iris
Jonathan and Jasmine
Katherine and Kimberly
Luke and Liam
Molly and Maria
Niamh and Nathan
Olivia and Owen
Phoebe and Patrick
Quentin and Quincy
Rebecca and Rory
Samuel and Stephen
Thomas and Tamsin
U – –
Vanessa and Vivien
William and Walter
X – –
Y – –
Zara and Zoe

Sidura Says:

March 15th, 2013 at 5:43 pm

All B/G names.

Arthur & Amelia
Bertram & Bronwen
Caspian & Cecilia
Darius & Dorotea
Everett & Emmeline
Finnegan & Fiona
Gabriel & Genevieve
Hugo & Henrietta
Ivan & Imogene
Jasper & Josephine
Keegan & Keira
Lachlan & Leila
Mattias & Miranda
Nicolai & Nadia
Oliver & Opal
Philip & Penelope
Quentin & Quorra
Reginald & Reina
Sebastien & Seraphina
Theodore & Tatiana
Ulrich & Uma
Vincent & Vivienne
Wilhem & Winifred
Xavier & Xenia
Yates & Yvette
Zane & Zara

Woo! I did it!

Littlemeg Says:

March 16th, 2013 at 7:37 am

Alena and Amanda
Betsey and Beth
Calandra and Cassandra
Daphne and Dagny
Elena and Eli
Faith and Fawn
Greco and Gwen
Harvey and Havah
Iris and Inez
Jude and Josie
Katie and Kylie
Libby and Love
Mara and Marni
Nellie and Nathan
Opal and Oscar
Posie and Persephone
Quentin and Quinn
Ronan and Rafe
Seth and Shane
Thaddeus and Tallulah
Ula and Uma
Vivian and Victor
Winnie and Wylie
Xavier and Xena
Zack and Zara

alphabetdem Says:

March 16th, 2013 at 12:58 pm

Atticus and Acacia
Benjamin and Bellamy
Carter and Cecelia
Dash and Dexter (bb)
Emmeline and Ella (gg)
Frederick and Foster (bb)
George and Georgia (omg never do this, but I love both names)
Harrison and Harlow
Indio and Ivy
Jack and Juniper
Kyler and Kennedy
Layla and Lilia (gg)
Max and Madeleine
Nessarose and Noelle (gg)
Oliver and Odette
Primrose and Penelope (gg)
Raiden and Rafferty (bb)
Sutton and Sienna
Theo and Tobin (bb)
Victoria and Violet (gg)
Wyatt and Willa
Xander and Xanthe
Zachary and Zara

I echo the thoughts of many before me that I wouldn’t actually do this to any of my kids, much less twins. Kids should have their own identities separate from each other. This was fun, though! Some of these I would never consider and some made me think of ones I wouldn’t have before. Nice topic!

redtulips Says:

March 16th, 2013 at 3:51 pm

Atticus and Archer
Beatrice and Benedict
Cora and Callum
Daisy and Davis
Evelyn and Evangeline
Frederick and Finnigan
Genevieve andGemma
Hattie and Hawthorne
Isaac and Ivy
Jude and Justus
Katherine (Kitty) and Keane
Lotta and Lincoln
Mavis and Matthew
Nora and Nathaniel
Oliver and Ottilie
Phineas and Penelope
Quinn and Quentin
Rafferty and Rose
Sebastian and Susannah
Thaddeus and Theodore
Uriah and Unity
Violet and Viola
Willa and Walt
Xander and Xanthe

redtulips Says:

March 16th, 2013 at 3:56 pm

To finish
Yeats and Ysabel
Zinnia and Zephaniah

malex3764 Says:

March 17th, 2013 at 7:17 pm

A: Anslee and Ashleigh, Abigail and Aidan, Aidan and Aaron
B: Brynna and Bella, Bayley and Bradley, Benjamin and Bennett
C: Camryn and Candice, Carson (G) and Carter (B), Caleb and Collin
D: Daniella and Deidra, Devyn (G) and Dylan (B), Derek and Drake
E: Elodie and Eliza, Eva and Ethan, Evander and Ethan
F: Francesca and Fiona, Finlay and Finneus, Flynn and Frasier
H: Hannah and Hayley, Haven and Henry, Hadrian and Hunter
I: Isabelle and Isla, Ivy and Ian, Isaac and Isaiah
J: Jalexis and Jordyn, Jaycee and Jaden, Jackson and Justin
K: Katlynn and Kadee, Karleigh and Kegan, Kenton and Keiran
L: Layla and Lauryn, Lila and Liam, Linden and Logan
M: Maddy and Malia, Marissa and Marken, Matthew and Mason
N: Naomi and Nora, Nia and Nolan, Nathaniel and Noah
O: Olivia and Ondrea, Otessa and Owen, Owen and Oliver
P: Paisley and Penelope, Paige and Patrick, Payton and Paxton
Q: Quinlyn and Quintessa, Quin and Quentin, Quincy and Quentin
R: Rilee and Rachel, Rayne and Ronan, Ryland and Riker
S: Stacy and Sibella, Satyana and Sidney (B), Seth and Shane
T: Tierney and Telayah, Teagan and Terrence, Troy and Trey
U: Ustacia and Unity, –,–
V: Violet and Vivienne, Verity and Vincent, Vincent and Victor
W: Winter and Willa, Wellesley and William, Will and Wiley
X: Xenia and Xyla, Xanthe and Xander, Xavier and Xander
Y: Yasmin and Yara, Ysabel and Yestin, Yosef and Yoel
Z: Zoe and Zendaya, Zaylie and Zayden, Zeke and Zander

EmiliaRuby Says:

March 17th, 2013 at 8:57 pm

A – Aria & Amelia
B – Benjamin & Brighton
C – Charlotte & Callista “Callie”
D – Declan & Delilah
E – Easton & Ella
F – Flora & Finn
G – Gemma & Genevieve
H – Hudson & Harper
I – Isla & India
J – Jackson “Jack” & Juliette
K – none
L – Layla & Levi
M – Mason & Mila
N – Noah & Nathan
O – Owen & Oliver
P – Phoebe & Penelope “Poppy”
Q – none
R – Rosalie & Ruby
S – Sienna & Scarlett
T – Tobias “Toby” & Tallulah “Lula”
U – none
V – Violet & Veronica
W – William & Wesley
X – none
Y – none
Z – Zachary & Zoe

morgan6 Says:

March 18th, 2013 at 1:23 am

Ari & Asher
Braylon & Benji
Chance & Cadence
Drew & Devlon
Emer & Elio
Felix & Florence
Geneva & Garner
Harlem & Harper
Isla & Isaiah
Jalon & Jude
Kassia & Kyler
Levon & Lisbon
Maverick & Maeva
Nile & Nouvel
Owen & Ossian
Penn & Phoenix
Raiden & Reeve
Seren & Sienna
Teo & Thea
Vida & Vera
Willem & Wisteria
Xander & Xavi
Yale & Yanah
Zendaya & Zeus

Natmac Says:

March 18th, 2013 at 5:48 pm

Archer and Ariadne (b/g)
Beatrix and Briar (g/g)
Cosmo and Cordelia (b/g)
Dexter and Daphne (b/g)
Ezra and Eliza (b/g)
Forrest and Florence (b/g)
Gladys and Gretel (g/g)
Hector and Hero (b/g)
Ivy and Iris (g/g)
Juno and Juliet (g/g)
Kurt and Katherine (b/g)
Lysander and Lyra (b/g)
Morwenna and Moria (g/g)
Noor and Noemie (g/g)
Olive and Ophelia (g/g)
Penn and Persephone (b/g)
Quil and Quinn (b/g)
Rowena and Rosalie (g/g)
Seren and Seraphina (g/g)
Theodore and Tallulah (b/g)
Ursula and Una (g/g)
Violet and Viola (g/g)
William and Wren (b/g)
Xander and Xanthe (b/g)
Yvaine and Ygritte (g/g)
Zachariah and Zusannah (b/g)

Beka_92 Says:

March 18th, 2013 at 8:19 pm

Anastasia& Arabella (g/g)
Bowen & Bear (b/b)
Colt & Calvin (b/b)
David & Declan (b/b)
Etienne & Eden (b/g)
Finnick & Field (b/b)
Gaia & Gregor (g/b)
Hamilton & Hollis (b/g)
India & Ivy (g/g)
Julian & Jasper (b/b)
Kate & Kenna (g/g)
Lux & Lincoln (g/b)
Marvel & Maxfield (g/b)
North & Nike (b/g)
Oliver & Odin (b/b)
Persephone & Phineas (g/b)
Quest & Quill (b/b)
Rebel & Ramsey (b/b)
Scarlett & Skye (g/g)
Theo & Tiberius (b/b)
Ulric & Ursula (b/g)
Valerius & Varrick (b/b)
Wolfe & West (b/b)
Xylia & Xenia (g/g)
Yale & Yule (b/g)
Zeus & Zahra (b/g)

hermioneameliastyles Says:

March 23rd, 2013 at 6:51 am

A-Aaron & Alyson
B-Benjamin & Bridget
C-Cody & Carly
D-Dylan & Danielle
E-Elijah & Emma
F-Fredrick & Francessca
G-Greyson & Grace
H-Harry & Hermione
I-Isaac & Isabella
J-Joseph & Jennette
K-Kyle & Katherine
L-Liam & Lani
M-Matthew & Madeline
N-Nicholas & Nicole
O-Oliver & Olivia
P- Patrick & Piper
R-Ryan & Rachael
S-Stephen & Samantha
T-Tristan & Taylor
W-William & Waverly
Z-Zachary & Zoe

I skipped Q, U, X, & Y becuase I couldn’t find any I liked. I could only find one name for V as well.

moonkai Says:

March 23rd, 2013 at 11:27 pm

Astrid / Apollo
Bellerephon / Boreas
Cytheria / Circe
Damien / Dora
Ender /Esmerelda
Fiona / Finnegan
Gala / Gabriel
Holocene / Harmon
Ismene / Inara
Jupiter / Jubal
Kestrel / Kithara
Laurel / Lily
Minerva / Max
Nora / Nox
Onyx / Orion
Pax / Pyra
Quintessa / Quell
Rhiannon / Ryan
Seraphina / Soumiah
Tristan / Thalassa
Uriel / Ulysses
Violet / Venture
Wysteria / Winnifred
Xenith / Xanthe
Yvander / Yvelyn
Zerynthia / Zarielle

Wow, that was pretty difficult

HelenaMarie Says:

April 3rd, 2013 at 3:10 pm

A – Alice/Audrey
B – Bridget/Bryony
C – Catherine/Clara
D – Daphne/David
E – Eleanor/Edward
F – Fiona/Flora
G – Gus/Gillian
H – Henry/Harriet
I – Imogen/Iola
J – James/Jillian
K – (none)
L – Leah/Louisa
M – Meredith/Mallory
N – Natalie/Nora
O – Oscar/Otto
P – Pearl/Peony
Q – Quinn/?
R – (none)
S – Sarah/Samuel
T – Tessa/Thomas
U – (none)
V – Valentina/Veda
W – Willa/Winona
X – (none)
Y – (none)
Z – (none)

nanthrax Says:

April 5th, 2013 at 2:13 pm

Alice $ Annabel
Bridget & Benjamin
Cecilia & Caroline
David & Daniel
Emilia & Evelyn
Frank & Fernanda
George & Genevieve
Henry & Harry
Imogen & Isobel
Julia & Jonathan
Kevin & Karen
Leo & Lorenzo
Matteo & Marcela
Nicholas & Naomi
Oliver & Otto
Penelope & Phoebe
Quinn & Quentin
Rosalind & Roger
Silas & Severus
Tia & Ty
Ursula & Ulises
Vanessa & Veronica
William $ Wesley
Xavier & Xander
Yolanda & Yonina
Zach & Zuzie

Erinm Says:

April 7th, 2013 at 7:18 am

Aria and Aidan
Ben and Brendan
Cora and Caitlin
Dylan and Drew
Evan and Emilia
Flora and Freya
Georgia and Geneva
Hayden and Harlow
Ivy and Isabel
Jordan and James
Kieran and Kelsey
Leo and Lily
Madeleine and Mathilda
Natalie and Niall
Orla and Owen
Poppy and Phoebe
Quinn and Quaide
Riley and Ruby
Sam and Savannah
Tara and Thomas
No u!
Violet and Vivienne
Willow and William
Xavier and Xanthe
Yolanda and Yasmine
Zoe and Zach

Sj1305 Says:

April 10th, 2013 at 12:06 am

Ava & Ashton
Brigid & Brooklyn
Charlotte & Carter
Dana & Declon
Eden & Evan
Finlay & Flyn
Grace & Grayson
Harriet & Hudson
Isabelle & Isaac
Jorja & Jackson
Kiara & Kian
Lucy & Lennox
Mathilda & Maddox
Norah & Noah
Oliva & Oscar
Paige & Paxton
Quin & Quaid
Savannah & Sawyer
Tatiana & Tristan
Victoria & Vincent
Willow & Wyatt
Xena & Xavier
Yasmin & York
Zarha and Zander

BEMassey0807 Says:

April 11th, 2013 at 11:25 am

Amelia & Asher
Bradley & Bennett
Caroline & Charlotte
Dean & Drew
Emily & Emmett
Finn & Frances
Grace & Griffin
Henry & Hannah
Isla & Isaac
Julia & Jane
Kathryn & Kyle
Lauren & Leah
Micah & Maggie
Nora & Noah
Olivia & Owen
Phillip & Parker
Quinn & Quentin
Ross & Rebecca
Simon & Samuel
Tanner & Thomas
Victoria & Veronica
Wesley & Whitney
Xavier & Xander
Zachary & Zoey

Necessary_Evil Says:

April 20th, 2013 at 11:25 am

Alexandria & Arianna
Benjamin & Buchanan
Charlotte & Catherine
Dylan & Darius
Eden & Elspeth
Francesca & Felix
Gemma & Gillian
Honora & Hillary
Indigo & Illyria
James & Jessica
Kaitlyn & Kendrick
Lydia & Landon
Miriam & Meredith
Noemi & Nathaniel
Oliver & Ophelia
Percival & Penelope
Quentin & Quinn
Rosalind & Rene
Sebastian & Solomon
Tyrell & Theodore
Ulysses & Una
Victoria & Vaughn
Wyatt & Wednesday
Xavier & Xiamara
Yasmin & Yvonne
Zoe & Zachary

Kirstie Says:

May 21st, 2013 at 10:38 am

Aaron & Audrey
Blake & Brody
Callie & Clara
Dean & Dolly
Elizabeth & Elyse
Frances & Freja
Grace & Georgina
Hazel & Heath
India & Imogen
Juliette & James
Kate & Keaton
Lilliana & Lincoln
Molli & McKinley
Nathaniel & Noah
Olive & Ophelia
Parker (g) & Paityn
Raelynn & Rylan
Sadie & Summer
Truman & Tiernan
Vesper (g) & Viggo
Walter & Weston
Zara & Zadie

wickedjr89 Says:

October 31st, 2013 at 10:58 pm

Alexandra & Angelica
Brianna & Blake
Cordelia & Corey
Daniel & Desiree
Elizabeth & Erik
Francine & Freddie
Ginger & George
Hazel & Hannah
Isabelle * Ivan
Jason & Justin
Khloe & Kevin
Laurel & Lillian
Michelle & Michael
Nicole & Nathan
Olivia & Ophelia
Peter & Paul
Quinn & Quentin
Regina & Rachel
Samantha & Sophia
Timothy & Tyler
Vanessa & Victoria
Willow & Whitney
Xena & Xavier
Yvette & ?
Zinnia & Zephyrine
Almost got them all lol

littlewren Says:

November 9th, 2013 at 11:16 pm

Autumn and Amabel
Brynn and Bowie
Chandra and Clover
Delaney and Dulcinea
Elysia and Eulalia
Frostine and Finnegan
Guinevere and Gideon
Holiday and Hawthorne
Isis and Irie
Jezebel and Jemima
Katharene and Kellen
Lola and Liliosa
Mara and Mazarine
Nola and Natasha
Olympia and Oasis
Phoenix and Patton
Quinn and ?
Rosamel and Rowena
Silvia and Soren
Tallulah and Tess
Ursula and ?
Verity and Vada
Wren and Willa
Xiamara and Xanthene
Yolanda and Ysolde
Zelda and Zephyrine

Though I wouldn’t do this (except maybe with something like Wren/Willa, Yolanda/Ysolde, Eulalia/Elysia, Chandra/Clover or Phoenix/Patton because of the different starting sounds) it was fun!

BellaTheWriter Says:

May 11th, 2014 at 10:27 pm

Aizia and Alexis
Beatrice and Bay
Calliope and Calypso
Dianna and Daylin (I rly don’t like d names)
Elizabeth and Elinor
Felicity and Fausta
Gabriella (Gabby) and Grey
Hazel and Henrietta
Ianthe and Isis
July and Jessamine
Kitty and Kaila
Linnea and Liliya
Miri and Maisie
Nora and Nile
Olive and Ophelia
Poet and Persephone
Quin and Quill
River and Rae
Sara and Sylvia
Thea and Tristan
Umi and Ursula
Victoria and Vivian
Willow and Wren
Xena and Xora
Yzabel and Ysolde
Zelda and Zena

vintageisfave Says:

November 10th, 2015 at 3:47 pm

Andrew and Amaryllis “Mary” (bg)
Beatrice “Bea” and Belle (gg)
Catherine “Kit” and Carson (gb)
Delia and Demi (gg)
Etta and Elliot (gb)
Frances “Franci”and Finn (gb)
Gia and George (gb)
Harriet “Hattie” and Harold “Harry/Hal” (gb)
Isis and Isla (gg)
Josephine “Josie/Posey/Fifi” and James (gb)
Lyra and Lydia (gg)
Mary “Molly” and Matilda “Tillie/Mattie” (gg)
Nola and Nina (gg)
Ottillie “Tillie/Lottie” and Oliver “Ollie”
Ptolemy and Petra (gb)
Quentin and Quinley (gb)
Rebecca “Ro/Rue” and Rosemary “Rosie” (gg)
Sunday and Samson (gb)
Tillie and Tom (gb)
Nothing for U:(
Vivi and Valli (gg)
Winter “Winnie” and Walter (gb)
Xanthea and Ximena (gg)
Yara and Yale (gb)
Zara and Zinnia (gg)

briarblossom Says:

January 15th, 2016 at 4:11 pm

A-Agnes and Autumn -g/g,Adam and Agatha -b/g,Aurora and August-g/b, Aubrey and Apri-g/g

B-Brie and Belle g/g

Cai and Clio -g/g

D- Daria and Daphne -g/g

E-Ezra and Eve -b/g

F -Felix and Flora -b/g

G- Ginger and Gulliver -g/b

H- Hugo and Helen -b/g

I Ian and Isaac -b/b, Ila and Isobel – g/g, India and Isobel -g/g,
Ian and Indra -b/g

J- Jack and Jasmine -b/g, Jasmine and Juliet -gg

K – Kai and Keira -g/g, Kai and Keria b/g

L- Lark and Luna -g/g,Leo and Lark b/g,Louise and Leonardo b/g

M-Milo and Molly,b/g,Milo and Martha b/g,Milo and Minerva b/g

N -Nahla and Noah -g/b

O – Owen and Oliver -b/b

P- Phoebe and Poet -g/g Pax and Poet -b/g

Q -Quinn and Quill -g/b

R -Rose and Russell -g/b Ruby and Riley -g/g Reid and Russell b/b Riley and Rose -g/g

S- Sadie and Simon -g/b

T-Truman and Theo -b/b

U -Uma and Usher -g/b

V- Vivienne and Valentina -g/g

W- Winter and Wren -g/g

X -Xander and Xia – b/g

Y-Yasmine and Ysabel – g/g

Z- Zahara and Zola -g/g,Zoey and Zane -g/b,Zoey and Zahara -g/g

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