Twin Girl Names Link in Fresh Ways

June 9, 2020 Pamela Redmond
twin girl names

Twin girl names are a baby name lover’s dream, offering double the fun along with twice the challenge.

The trick in choosing twin names for baby girls in 2020 is connecting them in ways that are subtle but not matchy-matchy.

Twin girl names today might be connected by a first initial, by origin, style, or meaning. But it’s best to link with only one of these factors and at the same time build in some differences between your daughters’ names.

If you choose two French girl names, say, then pick names with different first letters and rhythms: Delphine and Juliette. Or rather than two flower names such as Rose and Lily, pick two names from different elements of nature, like Willow and Lake.

If contemporary twin girl names share the first initial, they should be distinct in sound: Charlotte and Claire, for instance. And if they share a sound and feel — two short, one-syllable names, say — they should have a different first initial, like Bea and June.

We do believe that no matter what their connections, twin names should be from compatible styles at similar popularity levels. Mixing vintage and modern names or a Top 10 name with a highly unique choice just seems odd. So, no to Phoebe and Phoenix or Emma and Emberly (for more reasons than one).

But let’s look at some pairs that connect in different ways and do work. These twin names for girls are all on our recommended list.

Twin Girl Names Connected by Letters or Sounds

Ada and Alma

Eulalia and Magnolia

Liv and Maeve

Octavia and Olympia

Thea and Tess

Girl Twin Names Connected by Origin

Aitana and Zamora

Arwen and Eluned

Caterina and Chiara

Fenna and Sanne

Quinn and Sloane

Girl Names Connected by Popularity or Style

Cressida and Ottilie

Elsie and Hattie

Flora and Pearl

Frankie and Lula

Liliana and Natalia

Names for Twin Girls Connected by Meaning

Celia and Iris

Lark and Lilac

Lucia and Nora

Marguerite and Susannah

Philippa and Rosamund

What would you name twin girls?

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