Thanksgiving Names

There are some wonderful names associated with the Thanksgiving holiday–those that came over on the Mayflower and other early settlers, Puritan Virtue names, ancient harvest gods and goddesses–all fit for a late November baby.  Ahead are:

1. Mayflower Names

2. Ocean-crossing Names

3. Harvest Names

4. Plymouth Bay Colony Names

5. Puritan Virtue Names

6. Turkey Names

7. Other Thanksgiving-related Names

Puritan Virtue Names

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Most of the Puritan Virtue names—such as Wait, Thanks, Exercise, Restore, Hopedfor and Moremercy—have not, for obvious reasons, survived. But the big three—Hope, Faith and Grace—are alive and well, and also starting to be revived are others, including Mercy, Amity, Charity, Prudence, Verity and Clarity.

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