Thanksgiving Names

There are some wonderful names associated with the Thanksgiving holiday–those that came over on the Mayflower and other early settlers, Puritan Virtue names, ancient harvest gods and goddesses–all fit for a late November baby.  Ahead are:

1. Mayflower Names

2. Ocean-crossing Names

3. Harvest Names

4. Plymouth Bay Colony Names

5. Puritan Virtue Names

6. Turkey Names

7. Other Thanksgiving-related Names

Mayflower Names

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When the Mayflower set sail from the Old World to the New in 1620, most who took the perilous journey had standard classic names like John, Thomas, Mary, and Elizabeth. Among the more unusual: word names Desire, Humility, Remember and Love, the Old Testament Solomon, Elias and Moses, as well as Jasper, Bartholomew, Susanna and Priscilla.

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