Summer Babyberries Born from Nature

Summer Babyberries Born from Nature

Nameberry’s newest birth announcements are in, and our members’ beautiful picks over the past month are brimming with natural connections to the earth and sky.

Not one but two sets of twins with nature-inspired names joined the Nameberry community in July: boys Orso Emilio Blue and Sage Damiano Maxim, and girls Mirella Soleil and Sonata Lune.

Family and personal history was a strong factor for our new parents as well, with the meaningful honor names chosen including Agatha and Runa, Osric and Richard.

And special congratulations to our wonderful moderator Lilian, who welcomed her third child Petra Olympias just a few days ago! Petra joins two brothers with equally stunning and significant names. You can read the full story behind their choice here.

Read on for all of the beautiful Babyberry names announced on our forums in July.

Girl Names

Agatha Ray “Aggie”, sister to Francesca Claire and Augustine Murphy

Agatha was the name of my great-great-aunt who was like an extra grandparent to me as a little girl. She was kooky and fun and a wonderful nurse. I myself am a nurse and wanted to honor her memory. Saint Agatha is also a patron saint of nursing.”

Mirella Soleil, twin of Sonata Lune

“I speak French though we are not ethnically French, and I have always thought that the words and names of the language were incredibly beautiful. I have loved Soleil as a name since I was a teenager.”

Noelle Rose, sister to Alice Pearl and Michael Collins

“Named Noelle in honor of my godmother, who passed away just two days after we told her I was pregnant. Her birthday was Christmas Eve, and it has always been my favorite day of the year. And Rose, for my father’s favorite grandmother.”

Petra Olympias, sister to Horatio Felix and Anastasio Raz

Olympias is an incredibly meaningful name for me. The timing of her birth as 49 moon cycles after her eldest brother and the ways in which measurements of four years connote meaning to our family, plus the idea that this happens to coincide with the actual Olympic games unexpectedly by happenstance… Olympias was simply too perfect to have not been included in her name.”

Runa Lynne, sister to Riven James

Runa is a name my partner and I found years before we were even thinking about having children and it has always stuck wtih us. Like big brother Riven, we found the name Runa in a video game (a favourite pastime of ours) and I loved that my children’s names would have this in common.”

Sonata Lune, twin of Mirella Soleil

“We are Italian, and I’ve known since I was a teenager that I wanted my children to have Italian names, thus their firsts. For girls, I also love longer, feminine names with a lot of nickname opportunity.”

Boy Names

Ellis Richard, brother to Merrick Alexander and Bennett Allen

Ellis was an eleventh-hour suggestion from the Berries that we really loved and it just stuck! Richard is an honor family name.”

John Aidan, brother to Justin Ira, Griffin Michael, Bennett Aaron, Travis Dean and Wesley Miles

“I really struggled to come up with a name that I loved as much as the other boys, and decided it was time to name one of the boys after Dad. I never would have considered the name John twenty-one years ago when we named our first son. However, I can not help but be delighted to name my baby after my favorite person in the world. We call him Aidan for his everyday name.”

Orso Emilio Blue, twin of Sage Damiano Maxim and brother to Luca Adriano, Maya Isabella and Hera Gianna

“For the first middle we honored two family members. Both of them sadly passed away because of COVID so we really wanted to keep them in our minds as a family. Naming our babies after them feels like the best thing we could do.”

Osric Theo Peregrine, brother to Adelaide Iria, Evelina Story and Seraphine Clementine

“Osric is the name of the Anglo-Saxon ruler who chartered the religious houses that would eventually become Gloucester Cathedral and Bath Abbey. We used to live in Gloucestershire and have a lot of great memories at the Cathedral.”

Sage Damiano Maxim, twin of Orso Emilio Blue and brother to Luca Adriano, Maya Isabella and Hera Gianna

“Both of their names are four letters long, like their older siblings’, and both of them are nature related names.”

Our warmest congratulations to all the proud new parents!

If you’d like your child’s name to be featured in our next Babyberry blog post, tell us the name you chose and the story behind it over on our birth announcements forum. We love hearing from you!

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