Stylish vs Popular: The boys’ edition

Stylish vs Popular: The boys’ edition

Yesterday we did a rundown on the divide between the girls’ names that are stylish to the point where it feels like they must be popular and those that are actually, statistically widely used.  It’s especially hard to distinguish when it comes to the names we see appearing so often in berry posts and blogs.

So here we do a similar analysis for the boys, with some similarly surprising results, especially when it comes to those berry faves,…names such as Theo.  It’s easy to be fooled if you live in a place where there are more Atticuses than Aidens in your neighborhood playground.

Once again, the numbers in parentheses represent how many babies were given that name in the most recent U.S. Count.

Abner (162) is stylish, while Abraham (1,899) is popular

Ace (395) is cool; Chase (6,397) is hot

Anders (213) is stylish, while Anderson (1,013) is popular

Augustine (187) is stylish, while August (635) is quite popular

Bodhi (220) is stylish; Brody (5,015) is popular

Bowen (165) and Odin are stylish, but Owen (8,136) is popular

Callum (247) is stylish, while Liam (10,852) is popular

Cassius (191) is stylish, but Cash (1,310) is popular

Clinton (196) is stylish, while Carter (8,101) is popular

Darwin (729) is stylish, while Dalton (1,315) is popular

Dexter (582) is stylish; Derek (2,276) is popular

Edison (226) is stylish, while Hudson (2,830) is popular

Finnegan (461) is stylish; Finn (1,081) is relatively popular

Gideon (569) is stylish, but Gabriel (12, 722) is popular

Graydon (110) is stylish, but Jayden 17,000) is popular

Harry (363) has style, while Henry (6,330) has big numbers

Jagger 762 is stylish, while Justin (7,792) has long been popular

Jefferson (660) is stylish; Jackson (11,693) is popular

Lennox (214) is stylish, while Maddox (2,090) is popular

Lucian (444) is stylish, but Luke (8,767) is popular

Matthias (826) is stylish, but Matthew (13,954) is popular

Maximo (257) is stylish, while Maxwell (2,985) is popular

Miller (188) is cool, but Cooper (5,206) is popular

Nash (401) is stylish, while Ashton (3,204) is popular

Remy (237) is stylish, while Ryan (11,886) rules

Samson (239) is stylish, but Samuel (11,776) is popular

Seamus (236) is stylish, while Sean (3,693) is popular

Smith (76) is stylish, while Mason (14,728) is popular

Sullivan (653) is stylish, but Riley (3,606) is popular

Theo (228) is stylish, but Leo (1,913) is popular

Valentino (259) is stylish, but Romeo (845) is getting popular

Wylie (73) is stylish; Wyatt (7,319) is popular

Zachariah (591) is stylish, while Jeremiah (7,645) is popular

Did any of these statistics surprise you?

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Linda Rosenkrantz

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