Starbaby Predictions: Latest picks

Starbaby Predictions: Latest picks

by Sophie Kihm

Do you have a particular approach when it comes to naming your children? Maybe a pattern or a theme, or some guidelines you like to follow? Many of the celebrity parents featured this month have their own methods, as seen in our latest starbaby predictions.

Some, like Bar Refaeli and Cam Newton, have very specific rules. The former uses single-syllable names for her kids, while the latter follows a pattern with his children’s initials. Others, like Ellie Kemper and JoyAnna Duggar, follow more general strategies. Ellie goes for traditional names for her children, and JoyAnna chooses names from the Bible—although this might be changing.

And there are still others we don’t know about yet. Will Zach and Tori Roloff pick another name from the Top 20? Will Chris Brown use another word name? What will Jessica and Santino Fontana name their first child?

I’ve made my predictions below, but as always, I’d love to hear yours as well. Let’s talk more in the comments!

Bar Refaeli and Adi Ezra

Gender: unknown

Siblings: Liv, Elle

Supermodel Bar Refaeli is pregnant with her third child. Her daughter Liv is 2 ½, and Elle is 20 months, so all three of her children will be close in age. Bar and her husband Adi Ezra gave their daughters simple, sweet single-syllable names, and will likely do it again with baby number three. The question is, which one will they choose? For a girl I think Dove or Gem pair nicely with the sibset. If the baby is a boy, my top picks are Beck and Van.

Girl: Blythe, Dove, Fleur, Gem, Greer, Gwyn, Pearl, Rue, Sloane, Wynne

Boy: Bas, Beck, Finn, Hart, Kitt, Shaw, Shep, Tai, Van, Zev

Update: It’s a boy—David!

Ellie Kemper and Michael Koman

Gender: unknown

Siblings: James Miller

Ellie Kemper went for a classic name for her son, giving him the name James Miller. They are both family names from Ellie’s side—James coming from her paternal grandfather and Miller from her maternal grandmother. Now she’s expecting her second child, and I don’t predict any wild names in her future. In fact, she’s gone on record to say she prefers traditional names. Perhaps one of the following:

Girl: Alice, Amelia, Clara, Emma, Eleanor, Grace, Isabel, Katherine, Madeline, Tessa

Boy: Andrew, Benjamin, Charles, Henry, Maxwell, Nicholas, Peter, Samuel, Theodore, William

Update: It’s a boy—Matthew!

Ammika Harris and Chris Brown

Gender: unknown

Siblings: Royalty (g) (previous relationship)

How do you compete with a name like Royalty? It’s a tough task to name her sibling, but surely Chris Brown and Ammika Harris will come up with something great. Names like Goddess and Legacy seem like obvious choices, but I’d love to see them go with something slightly more unconventional, like Nirvana or Quest.

Girl: Blessing, Forever, Goddess, Halo, Jubilee, Karma, Nirvana, Promise, Revel, True

Boy: Champ, Epic, Golden, Knight, Legacy, Music, Quest, Reign, Rocket, Verse

Update: Welcome, Aeko Catori!

Lauren Kitt and Nick Carter

Gender: unknown

Siblings: Odin Reign

Backstreet Boy Nick Carter and his wife Lauren gave their son the Norse mythological name Odin back in 2016. I’d like to see them choose another name with Scandinavian ties, such as Magnus, Bram, or Liv. Even if they don’t, there are still plenty of other names that match Odin’s cool-factor. My picks are the following:

Girl: Briar, Ember, Esmé, Harlow, Lilith, Liv, Lux, Lyra, Nova, Wren

Boy: Alaric, Alistair, Bram, Cyrus, Finn, Lev, Magnus, Roman, Soren, Wilder

Update: Hello, Saoirse Reign!

Kia Proctor and Cam Newton

Gender: unknown

Siblings: Shakira (previous relationship), Chosen Sebastian, Sovereign Dior Cambella, Camidas Swain

Carolina Panthers player Cam Newton has a clear strategy for naming his children—girls with the initials S.C., and boys with the initials C.S. He and wife Kia Proctor fancy unusual names, particularly uncommon word names. I scoured the dictionary for some of the best S and C names that Cam and Kia should put on the table.

Girl: Sable, Saga, Savvy, Secret, Serendipity, Solstice, Spirit, Starlit, Stellar, Symphony

Boy: Cage, Cannon, Cash, Castle, Champion, Chief, Clever, Confidence, Count, Cross

Update: A boy, Cashmere Saint!

JoyAnna Duggar and Austin Forsyth

Gender: unknown

Siblings: Gideon Martyn

I feel like I predict a Duggar baby name almost every month. But now it just got more interesting! JoyAnna’s sister Jessa recently broke the mold by giving her daughter a non-religiously-significant name, Ivy Jane. Does that free up the other Duggar siblings from this pattern as well? I’ve included biblical and non-biblical choices for JoyAnna and Austin here.

Girl: Adeline, Chloe, Ellie, Eve, Harper, Lydia, Naomi, Phoebe, Ruby, Susannah

Boy: Asher, Caleb, Elijah, Ezra, Jude, Levi, Lucas, Phineas, Samson, Silas

Tori and Zach Roloff

Gender: girl

Siblings: Jackson

Reality stars Zach and Tori Roloff welcomed their son Jackson in 2017, and now are expecting a baby girl. Jackson has been a Top 20 name since 2013 and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon. For their daughter, I expect Tori and Zach to choose another well-liked name—maybe not another Top 20 pick, but definitely one from the Top 100.

Girl: Adeline, Aria, Avery, Ella, Everly, Harper, Isla, Olivia, Skylar, Zoey

Update: Baby girl is Lilah Ray!

Jessica Hershberg and Santino Fontana

Gender: girl

Siblings: none

Broadway performers Jessica and Santino Fontana will be welcoming their first child—a daughter—later this year. Santino has Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian heritage (with a name to match!), so I wouldn’t be surprised if baby girl gets a name that originates from a romance language. There are plenty of options in that category, but I’ve picked out some top contenders below:

Girl: Amara, Aria, Chiara, Elena, Elizabeth, Emilia, Giuliana, Isabel, Paloma, Simone

Update: Welcome, Grace!

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