Sibling Names: The latest from London

September 15, 2014 Pamela Redmond
British sibling names

by Pamela Redmond Satran

We love combing the birth announcements in the London Telegraph for baby name trends and ideas.

Each time we issue a report, we look for a different focus — unusual names, fascinating middle name combinations — and today it’s sibling names.

While we hate to exclude singletons with such wonderful names as Aurelia Liliana Rosabel and Tiago Rafferty Redfern, the sibling names were even juicier.

Some observations: The newest vintage names being unpacked from mothballs in England are Martha and Herbert.  Some of the most charming combinations mix ethnicities (Emiko and Freddie) or match first letters (Orlando and Ophelia).  Out-of-the-box middle names include word names, place-names, and surnames such as Spark, Houston, and Allgood.

Oh, and, as usual, these British parents manage to find baby names that are distinctive and adventurous and gorgeous without resorting to (almost ever) strange inventions or kree8tiv spellings.

Our picks from the latest announcements:


Atalanta Prudence Lovelace, a sister for Hugo and Ranulph

Claudia Fenella Beatrix, sister for Tatiana Fleur Jemima

Emiko Iris Lilo Gar, sister for Freddie

Esme Violet Mary, sister for Ottilie

Frida Llewella Marion, sister for Magnus and Eira

Harriet Cecily, sister for Theodora

Henrietta Lee, sister for Matilda

Honora Iris, sister for Ophelia, Peonie, and Serenity

Indra Jane Martha, sister for Jago

Jemina (sic) Mala Maria and Finlay Arjun Benedict, twin sister and brother for Arran

Lola Philippa Ann, half-sister to Jack, Ollie, Tommy, Kiki, and Sebastian

Luxmi Scarlett Alexandra, sister for Max

Martha Violet Patricia, sister for Elspeth

Ottilie Beatrix, sister for Poppy, Edward, and Albert

Poppy Clare, sister for Wilf

Rosemary Elizabeth, sister for Patrick and Alanna

Valentina Frances Diana, sister for Victoria


August Albert Brooke, brother for Octavia and Arlo

Bertram George, brother for Rupert

Caspar Laurence Rogan, brother for Alexina

Finnian, brother for Ossian

Frith Gregory Houston, brother for Alette

Gabriel Valentine Spark, brother for Gilbert and Griffin

George Henri Kenneth, brother for Orla and Freya

Guy George Allgood, brother for Robert

Hamish Benedict Nicholas, brother for Arthur

Herbert Lister Hamilton, brother for Humphrey

Inigo William, brother for Henry

Jedediah Albert, a brother for Constance, Beatrice, and Elias

Marcus Kashima, brother for Jolyon and Natsumi

Orlando Jonathan, brother for Ophelia

Patrick Grimsley, brother for Xan and Valentine

Rory Christopher Earle, brother for Eliza Virginia Rose

Wilbur Henry Jardine, brother for Edmund

Wylder Axel Aurelius, brother for River

Still want more?  See all the London Telegraph birth announcements here.

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