New Starbabies Born in March: From Bridget to Booker to Buzz

April 3, 2014 CaraMichelle

By CaraMichelle

As I’m sure you’ve discovered, it’s just about impossible to keep up with the arrivals of every new celebrity baby that comes along.  Well, luckily, there’s someone who is going to be doing it for us.  Beginning here and now, CaraMichelle, will be posting a comprehensive list of new starbabies in this space every month, so all you stargazers can get a broad picture of what’s new in the celebrisphere– the A-listers and beyond.  And here’s the first edition, featuring March baby names from the celebrisphere.  (Thanks, Cara!)

Aleeia (Jodi Gordon and Braith Anasta)
Alisa (Timati and Alyona Shishkova)
Antonia, sister of Egor (Polina and Eduard Kitsenko)
Baylee Marie, sister of Benjamin Todd (Ben and Ashley Roethlisberger)
Charlotte Jeanne, sister of Noah Theodore (Jesse and Ann Csincsak)
Clara Mae, sister of Kaylin Nicola, Grace Katherine, and Ross (Matt and Katie Kenseth)
Eloise McCue (Grant Show and Katherine LaNasa)
EvaLina Lucy (Laidback Luke and DJ Gina Turner)
Isla Evelyn, sister of Ava and Owen (Matt and Aicha Smith)
Lakia Kai (Tariq Sims and Ashleigh Sudholz)
Lola Fleur (Jonho Shelvey and Daisy Evans)
Skylar Aris, sister of Chase (Jordan Howard and Tyler Zeplin)
Sophia (Tamara Ecclestone and Jay Rutland)
Sophie (Andrea Roche and Rob White)
Booker Jombe, brother of Ripley and Nico (Thandie Newton and Ol Parker)
Buzz Michaelangelo (Tom and Giovanna Fletcher)
Carl Leo, brother of Shaniece (Evelyn Lozada and Carl Crawford)
Gabriel (Sofia Escobar and Gonzalo Ramos)
Jesse Bo, brother of Georgia, Graham, and Chel (Chris and Kelly Lynn Janson)
Michael (Dáithí Ó Sé & Rita Talty)
Rivers, brother of Hawkins (Tony Romo and Candice Crawford Romo)
Vladimir (Igor Musatov and Eugenia Kanayeva)
Tristan and Sasha, brothers of India Rose (Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky)


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