New Baby Names Ending in X: Lennox, Fox, and more

New Baby Names Ending in X: Lennox, Fox, and more

By Abby Sandel

The Jolie-Pitts started it.

Angelina Jolie adopted a seven-month-old baby from Cambodia in 2002 and named him Maddox. Three of her children with Brad Pitt now have X-ending names: Maddox, Pax, and Knox.

Last month, the Miami Heat’s Chris Bosh and wife Adrienne welcomed twins Lennox and Phoenix, another example of brothers’ names united by the letter X.

None of those names were in the US Top 1000 fifty – or even twenty – years ago. But today they’re fast-rising favorites. Alexander, with x-ending nickname Alex, is a Top Ten favorite. And Max names, from Maxwell to Maximus to just Max, are well-established choices for boys – and increasingly for girls, too. Jax, a 21st century spin on traditional Jack, is everywhere, along with Jaxon and Jaxson.

So what are the most stylish X-ending names for boys in the US right now? From celebrity-inspired chart-toppers to a few names that are still under-the-radar, let’s take a look at great boy names ending with X.

Maddox – The year after Angelina Jolie announced her new son’s name, Maddox soared into the US Top 1000. It now stands at Number 163. Dancer-turned-actor Stephen “tWitch” Boss and Dancing with the Stars Allison Holker recently welcomed son Maddox Laurel. The name has Welsh roots, but feels thoroughly modern.

FelixLong reserved for cats, fortunate Felix – the name comes from the Latin word for happy – is back for boys. Like Silas, it’s a New Testament name that feels quite stylish in 2016. At Number 267, it’s a sweet spot name – nicely familiar, but not too common.

Knox – The second JoliePitt brother name to make this list, Knox was a find from dad Brad’s family tree. It also brings to mind Kentucky’s Fort Knox, the long-time site of the US Gold Depository, and Knox Overstreet, a character from enduring coming-of-age movie Dead Poet’s Society. Knox stands at Number 286 in the US.

Phoenix – The Arizona city was named for a mythical bird, known for dying and being reborn from the ashes. It’s also the name of two warriors in Greek myth, and brings to mind the talented family of actors, including Joaquin and the late River. Factor in the letter X, and it’s no surprise that Phoenix has soared in the rankings. Phoenix is currently Number 355 in the US.

Hendrix – Following other rocker surname names like Lennon and Presley, Hendrix combines the appeal of legendary Jimi with the letter X. Edgier than Henry, but not quite as novel as Phoenix, Hendrix makes a great stands-out/fits-in name for a boy born in 2016. It currently stands at Number 546 in the US, and seems like to rise even higher.

Lennox – Boxer Lennox Lewis won Olympic gold in 1988, and went on to become the World Heavyweight Boxing champ, defending the title several times. The name gained in use as Lewis racked up more wins, but it’s only since 2010 that Lennox has ranked in the US Top 1000 – several years after Lewis retired from the sport. More proof that the letter X packs a powerful punch!

RexBold, braggadocio names for boys, like Messiah and Reign, have become a 21st century phenomenon. Rex is every bit as regal – it’s the Latin word for king. But Rex feels more traditional than Prince or even Duke. It’s a little bit Hollywood, thanks to Oscar-winning actor Rex Harrison, and feels fierce, thanks to the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex. Rex currently ranks Number 663.

FoxAnimal names have become stylish in recent years, and short names for boys are big, too. Add in The X FilesFox Mulder – back on television for a tenth season in 2016 – and easy to imagine Fox joining Felix and Max. 163 boys were given the name in 2014. That’s not quite enough to put the name in the US Top 1000, but it is a new high.

Ajax – It’s a little bit Alex, a little bit Atlas, and, like Fox, a name that has seen more use in recent years. While the line of cleaning products with the name might give parents pause, Ajax is also a Trojan War hero immortalized by Homer, Sophocles and Shakespeare. In 2011, performance artist Marni Kotak chronicled the birth of her son in The Birth of Baby X. Marni and husband Jason Robert Bell ultimately gave their new arrival an X-ending name – he’s Ajax.

What’s your favorite X-ending name for a boy? Are there any you would add to this list?