Name Trend: The I’s Have It for Girls

August 6, 2015 Linda Rosenkrantz

For a long time, I has been the silent starting vowel, overshadowed by the more popular A, E and O names. But now we’re seeing I names stepping up, particularly for girls. These range from some revitalized vintage names (Ida, sweet as apple cider) to the classical to the international like Inez and Ingrid. So far there are only two I-girls on the Top 100 list—Isabella and Isabelle—but here are some others that we consider worthy of joining them.


Iris is a perennial flower name, on the national list since records have been kept, and is now definitely on the upswing: it’s at Number245 in the US, in the Top 100 of the Netherlands, Spain and Sweden and 52 on Nameberry. A Greek mythological name—she was the goddess of the rainbow, its also been a celebrity choice—Jude Law and Judd Apatow are both dads to Irises.


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