Name Guru to the Stars: Predicting Names for Babies Bloom and Bynes

Name Guru to the Stars: Predicting Names for Babies Bloom and Bynes

It might be the quarantine that has me feeling nostalgic for better days, but this group of celebrity pregnancy announcements is taking me back to my childhood.

I remember listening to Destiny’s Child on the family CD player in elementary school; as a pre-teen I watched all of Amanda Bynes’s movies with my siblings (She’s the Man, anyone?), and Katy Perry’s “Firework” was the number one jam at all the bat mitzvahs I attended.

Now we’ve all grown up. These stars of my childhood — LaToya Luckett, Katy Perry, and Amanda Bynes — are having babies, and I’m here to predict what they might name them.

My forecast for these women and more (Camilla Luddington is pregnant!) in this month’s batch of celebrity baby name predictions:

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom

Gender: unknown

Siblings: Flynn Christopher (previous relationship)

In what was undoubtedly the biggest celebrity pregnancy announcement of the month, Katy Perry revealed her baby bump in her new music video, “Never Worn White.” She’s expecting her first child with Orlando Bloom, who is already father to nine-year-old Flynn. Normally I might predict names that match Flynn for this baby’s name, but we’re talking about Katy Perry — she’s going to do her own thing. I’m expecting something bright, loud, and punchy (and for a girl, feminine), just like her style. These are my top picks:

Girl: Coco, Cleo, Fuchsia, Goldie, Maxima, Roxie, Soleil, Trixie, Winter, Zadie

Boy: Beck, Dash, Evander, Onyx, Ozzy, Rocco, Rockwell, Slater, Wolf, Zeppelin

Amanda Bynes and Paul Michael

Gender: unknown

Siblings: none

Amanda Bynes has been trying to keep a low profile in recent years, so it would seem counterintuitive to choose an outrageous, attention-grabbing name for her child. That said, Amanda Bynes is nothing if not unpredictable. I think the name could have some shock value — maybe a creative spelling or unexpected gender-bend. Truly, I’m not sure what to expect from Amanda and Paul. They could go in a number of directions for their baby name, be it basic or hipster or completely original. I’ve tried to cover all the bases:

Girl: Billi, Ella, Frankie, Graysen, Jaxon, Lucky, Mia, Nyla, Rainy, Zelda

Boy: Apollo, Duke, Gage, Ludo, Luke, Magnus, Maximus, Ryder, Xander, Zeke

Camilla Luddington and Matthew Alan

Gender: unknown

Siblings: Hayden (g)

Grey’s Anatomy star Camilla Luddington is British but chose a very American name for her daughter — Hayden. Unisex names have only risen in popularity since she and husband Matthew Alan named their daughter three years ago, so another one is likely in the cards if this baby is a girl. For a boy, I’m sensing something handsome and established, but with a modern edge — think Clark, Grant, or Pierce.

Girl: Delaney, Ember, Everly, Finley, Harlow, Parker, Piper, Reese, Rowan, Teagan

Boy: Bentley, Blake, Clark, Cole, Dawson, Garrett, Grant, Pierce, Porter, Walker

LeToya Luckett and Tommicus Walker

Gender: unknown

Siblings: Madison (previous relationship), Gianna Iman

Destiny’s Child alum LeToya Luckett is expecting her second child with entrepreneur Tommicus Walker. The couple are parents to Gianna, often called Gigi, and Madison, from Tommicus’s previous relationship. If this baby is a girl, I suspect we’ll see a stylish and girly name, much like Gianna. Audrey and Stella would be very appropriate. I’d love another Italian name for a boy — Enzo is suave and super-cool, and Romeo is extremely dashing. My long shot pick is Renzo, a rad short form of Lorenzo that is just waiting to be discovered.

Girl: Aria, Audrey, Bella, Jade, Layla, Luna, Maya, Sienna, Stella, Zoey

Boy: Atticus, Cairo, Callan, Enzo, Koa, Luka, Mateo, Renzo, Romeo, Zion

Hayley and Tyler Hubbard

Gender: boy

Siblings: OliviaLivRose, Luca Reed

Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard is about to be a dad to three under three. His wife Hayley is pregnant with their third child, a brother for Liv and Luca. Should they stick with the L theme, my top pick for them is Leo. It’s an on-trend international favorite, just like Liv and Luca. If Hayley and Tyler break their pattern, Jude and Miles are my favorite options.

Boy: Elliot, Ezra, Jack, Jude, Leo, Logan, Miles, Nolan, Owen, Sawyer

JoyAnna Duggar and Austin Forsyth

Gender: girl

Siblings: Gideon Martyn

In recent years we’ve seen the Duggar family move away from solely Biblical names (although many still have spiritual relevance), as evidenced by the most recent births of Gracie, Bella, and Addison. Last July, JoyAnna Duggar tragically miscarried at twenty-weeks. She was carrying a girl, whom she and husband Austin Forsyth named Annabell Elise. They’re going to welcome a daughter this summer, and if she has a name along the lines of Annabell, it’s going to be feminine with a hint of romance. I love the idea of Genevieve, but it seems as if this generation of Duggars is staying away from letter themes with their own kids. My next best guess: Evangeline.

Girl: Caroline, Cecilia, Eliana, Evangeline, Genevieve, Julianna, Liliana, Madelyn, Samantha, Savannah

Amy and Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Gender: unknown

Siblings: Isla Rose

Amy and Dale Earnhardt Jr. are expecting another little one, and I’m trying to calculate the likelihood that we’re going to see a Dale Earnhardt III. Dale is pretty dated, and I’d be surprised to meet an infant with the name (only 126 baby boys received it in 2018). However, Dale Earnhardt Jr. is actually Ralph Dale Earnhardt Jr., and Ralph is a name that’s ready for revival. Isla and Ralphie? I’m all for it. If they don’t want to go for a III, I’ve got plenty of other options for them to consider. Including girl names — because that’s also a possibility.

Girl: Arya, Aurora, Callie, Evie, Gracie, Lily, Mila, Olivia, Ruby, Scarlett

Boy: Axel, Beau, Brooks, Jude, Lincoln, Maddox, Maverick, Micah, Parker, Ralph

Patti Murin and Colin Donnell

Gender: girl

Siblings: none

It’s a girl for Patti Murin and Colin Donnell — their first child. The acting couple met while performing in the play Love’s Labour’s Lost, which would make a Shakespearean name particularly apt for their little girl. The couple also has Irish roots, so a name like Maeve or Rory — familiar to American ears, yet distinctively Irish — may be in order. Or combine the two and go with Regan, an Irish name featured in King Lear.

Girl: Alice, Aria, Beatrice, Cordelia, Flannery, Jane, Maeve, Nora, Regan, Rory

What are your top picks? Tell me your predictions!

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