Monthly Babyberry Report for October–Oslo, Ozias and Verona Mae

Monthly Babyberry Report for October–Oslo, Ozias and Verona Mae

By Linda Rosenkrantz

Since our last Quarterly Report grew to be so huge and unwieldy, with its unfortunate share of troll challenges, we’ve decided to try sectioning it into more manageable monthly reports instead.  Remember that these are the names reported on the Nameberry Birth Announcement forum–not necessarily born–during the month of October, and only to Berries–not including nephews, nieces or neighbors–no matter how adorably named they might be.

This time around we’ve added some comments by the original poster and other berries that we thought you would find interesting.

Just one set of twins to report in this set of October baby names: the lovely Vivienne Gray and Philippa Winter. And only one double listing–the glamorous girls’  name Greta.

Most unusual first: Oslo; Most unusual middle: Honesty


Alice Ann

Alicie Marie

Annika Rosealine, sister of Claudia Vivian

Clementine Clara Honesty

Elowen Jean, sister of Ronan Thomas and Rosalind Joy

“We stayed with the tradition of family middle names and couldn’t be happier”

Eve Isabella, sister of Elijah Christian

Eve for Aunt Yvette and because of her resemblance to dad Adam

Felicity Wren, sister of Vera Eliane

Flannery Katherine

Greta Claire, sister of Heidi Camille and Colette Marie

Greta Josephine


Other possibilities were Betony/Bethany (Betty), Willa, Alice and Matilda

Halle Ruth, sister of Indie, Silas, Gavin, and Bo

Iris Eulalie Pearl, sister of Oscar and Nora

Comment: “Oscar, Nora and Iris are one of the best sibsets I have ever heard”

Isabella Ruby Kay, sister of Thea and Stephen

Karis Noel, sister of Isabell, Delilahand Piper

Louisa Beth, sister of George

Madelief Helene, sister of Leiden Dominic, Saskia Rosemary, and Aleydis Josephine

“Madelief is a Dutch form of Madeliefje (the common name for Daisy) and Helene is a form of   my great-grandmother’s name Elaina

Marguerite Elise

MeredithMeriRachel, sister of Ezra Rolland and Elijah James

Mirabel Paymaneh, sister of Lila and Nora Pearl

Philippa Winter, twin of Vivienne Gray   

Phoebe Valentine, sister of Ethan Thomas Sebastian, Bianca Felicity and Ivy Electra

Comment: “I have a hunch she’s going to be full of spunk.”

Rosemary Celia

Salem Joy

Salem means peace; I hope her life will be filled with both peace and joy.  This year for Halloween she will naturally be a little baby witch.”

Comment: “Such a bold and daring choice!”

Sloane Elizabeth

Verona Mae, sister of Miah Lily, Eloise Kate, and Annika Pearl

Vivienne Gray, twin of Philippa Winter


ArlandAriGray Anson, brother of Lachlan Leonard Anthony, Tessa Jeanne Margaret and Sasha   Heather Grace

Gray is my mother’s maiden name”

Arthur Henry, brother of Edward Thaddeus and Angelbaby (?) Olivia

Colin James, brother of Jackson Bennett and Neva Ellen

Felix Gideon, brother of Jaron Victor, Embry Marcus, Jasper Adam and Noah Kellan

Florin Frederick, brother of Priya Grace and Theo Mabini

“…Florin continued to grow on me for reasons outside of its Princess Bride (my favourite book & film) connections… I love the meaning (flower; flourishing) and loved that the Florin was a coin minted in Australia…my dad did his apprenticeship at the Australian Mint so I remember him telling me stories about coins as a child. Frederick was my grandfather’s name and I wanted to honour him and my mum and Nana…He actually reminds me of my grandfather too with a big round face and dimples. The meaning ‘peaceful ruler’ also added to its appeal.”

Haddon Rory, brother of Waverly Ren and Gideon James

Hayes Dominic, brother of Flynn Alexander

Lelan Valentino, brother of Fable Arizona and Amity

Lelan is a family name and Valentino is just a name we really liked—and my husband’s mother was born on Valentine’s Day.”

Macon Grey Roberts

Oslo Jonathan, brother of Elijah Joseph, Quentin Daniel, Shade William, and Gunnar Michael

“We chose Oslo because we want all our boys to have uncommon names that do not have the same endings, also some of my husband’s ancestors are from Oslo.”

OziasOzzyTwain, brother of EllisonEllie

Silas Robert Patrick

Theo Henry

Vale Michael, brother of Oakley Adam, Aspen Elizabeth and Brecken Charlie


Which are your favorites of all these?  Do you like the addition of the comments?

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