Latest Batch of Babyberries: Adia Primrose to Remy James

Latest Batch of Babyberries: Adia Primrose to Remy James

By Linda Rosenkrantz

I’d be hard pressed to pick just one name out of this beauteous bunch—I especially love the three C-girls: Cassia Madeleine, Clementine Faith and Coraline Genevieve.

We’re starting to see more of these two middles—Opal and Soleil.

And a new addition to the word name list: Acre (brother of Atlas).

One set of twins this month: Samantha Bea and Seren Quentin

Here’s the complete list:


Adia Primrose

Adia (sounds like Lady-Uh) was chosen by my spouse based on his love of the Sarah McLachlan song. I only warmed up to it when I discovered a nature connection—Adiantum, the genus for maidenhair or walking fern…I got to pick the middle. I wanted to reference my middle name of Rose somehow. I settled on Primrose because evening primrose is a native Central Texas wildflower that’s currently blooming.”

Cassia Madeleine, sister of Maxime Alexander Cyril

“We have opted on the first name Cassia because we found it a fancy choice to match Maxime’s Latin origin and to honor my Italian roots. As per her second name, Madeleine, we love the distinct feminine vibe that …the two names produces and the combined sound of Latin and French. Plus, it starts with M as Maxime and, as Cassia is relatively short, its length gives an overall balance to the name.”

Clementine Faith, sister of Rosalee Honor, Coan Anderson and Azilee Reagan

Coraline Genevieve, sister of Gillian Margaret

“And, sure enough, in the grand tradition of the novel, someone called her Caroline within several hours of her birth. Oh, well. Hopefully she doesn’t hate it too badly.”

Filomena Soleil, sister of Josephine Gaia

We love how her name reflects my Italian heritage, which is why we chose the Italian spelling rather than the Latinized Greek form with “ph.” Our daughters’ middle names are inspired by mysticism and nature, Gaia as in Mother Earth and Soleil because the sun is essential for life on earth and for the symbology that it holds.”

Margaret Opal, sister of Francis Owen and Nicholas Obrian

“We definitely wanted to use Opal as a middle (it’s my birthstone), and will be calling her Margo as a nn.”

Rafaela Dean

Rafaela was her first name from the beginning. We both love it and it has a history, so that’s just perfect. Until a couple of weeks ago we were set on Rafaela June for the first baby to join our family. We really liked it bit it didn’t feel right. Then we decided to use my middle name, which is also his father’s name, Dean.”

Samantha Bea, twin of Seren Quentin

“My husband loved Sam’s name and I owe all the credit to Nameberry for Seren’s name.”

Seren Quentin, twin of Samantha Bea

Seren Quentin is my fifth child, hence the appropriate middle name that means “fifth.”

Torin Alexa, sister of Ronin Eryx

As a former Marine Officer, I felt the name Torin was perfect for our one and perhaps only daughter meaning “chief” and also honoring our Irish heritage. Alexa was chosen to honor my mother, Alexandra. I spent almost my entire pregnancy hating all of the names I had previously loved, so I’m happy and reliueved to have found a strong, distinctive name for our baby girl that feels just right and so fortunate that my husband loves it too. Many thanks to Nameberry for the ideas and inspiration!”


Acre Sullivan, brother of Atlas Crew

Darwin Leo, brother of Zelda Nadine

Darwin derives from an old English surname meaning ‘dear friend’. I love how the pronunciation differs very little in English and German. As an added bonus Darwin is also the city where OH and I first met. Leo is a name OH was campaigning for my entire pregnancy, but I was not sold on it as a first. I am very pleased to have it as a middle name as many of our German family have ‘L’ as the middle initial, and of course it makes my OH happy.”

Hartley Vincent Michael, brother of Sawyer Daryl Langford

Hartley is named in honor of my Mum because she is the heart of our family, she taught me to follow my heart, to be passionate about my life and work….I love that the ‘Hart’ has so many positive associations within literature, links to adventure…the gateway to fantasy lands, family and strength of character…Vincent is after my Uncle and Michael is after my close family friend. Both of these men have been my father figures and they have amazing qualities that I hope Hartley will have too…Thank you to everyone that helped on the forums and especially to those who suggested Hartley when I couldn’t get hubby on board with Hart!”

Milo Thomas, brother of Owen Joseph and Julian Elias

Oliver Lucas, brother of Connor William, Greyson Jack, Jameson Ryan and Tommy Bryce

Remy James, brother of Finn Henry

What are your favorites this month?

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Linda Rosenkrantz

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