Great Redheads with Great Names

April 11, 2013 Linda Rosenkrantz

Looking for a name for a red-haired baby? The most common method is to go through the long list of names that mean, well, red-haired, from Rory to Rufus, Flynn to Flanagan. An alternative is to find yourself a worthy titian-tressed namesake, either from the pages of history or a current celeb. So, at the risk of offending by omission such ordinary-named notables as Helen of Troy, Emily Dickinson, Mark Twain, James Joyce, and Margaret Sanger—here are our nominations for best-named redheads of all time. Oh — and where is the most famous redhead of all? Turns out Lucille Ball’s natural hair color was mousey brown.

<big>Clara</big> Bow

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Though silent screen ‘It Girl’ Clara Bow’s films were all in black-and-white, she was known for her flaming tresses, a trait played up in her 1928 film Red Hair, one sequence of which was actually filmed in Technicolor.


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