Girls’ Names with I-Endings

October 13, 2015 Abby Sandel

By Abby Sandel

Is it me, or do names ending in ‘i’ sometimes look incomplete? Ashli and Maci seem like they’re missing something. Others, like Lori and Dani are so common that they seem natural – and yet, they’re often short for longer names.

But there are names for girls that traditionally end with the letter i. Many are imports, and some are quite rate in English. But they could work beautifully for a daughter today. That distinctive ‘i’ ending can make for a true style standout.

Let’s take a look at some intriguing girls’ names that end with the letter ‘i’ – no ‘e’ required!

AnjaliAnjali is an Indian name, from the Sanskrit meaning “offering.” It’s decidedly different, but brings to mind the familiar Angela, too.

Anneli – Finnish names are great for ending in ‘i’, and there are a few on this list. Let’s start with Anneli, a traditional nickname for Anna.

Araceli – Also spelled Aracely, this name comes from the Latin phrase “altar of the sky.” It’s associated with Spain, though the title is used in Italian as well as Spanish.

Behati – South African model Behati Prinsloo made her name famous. It appears to be an Afrikaans spin on Beata, which makes it a cousin of Beatrice.

DemiDemi Moore and Demi Lovato have helped put this name on the map. It’s probably short for Demetria – Lovato’s given name – which ultimately comes from the Greek goddess Demeter.

Denali – Names from the natural world are big today, and Denali is the name of the tallest mountain in North America.

EleniBaker Eleni Gianopulos gave her name to a well-known cookie company. The name is a Greek form of Helen. It’s not new at all, though – back in the 1500s, it was the name of an empress of Ethiopia.

Eleri Ellery is a surname name often associated with writer Ellery Queen. Eleri is a name from Welsh legends. They’re not exactly the same, though. Eleri is traditionally pronounced with emphasis on the middle syllable.

Heidi – Is this name all Swiss Alps? Or high fashion? Originally short for Adelaide, the name brings to mind Johanna Spyri’s upbeat children’s book character, as well as model turned Project Runway host, Heidi Klum.

Imani Imani is a Swahili name with a lovely meaning – faith.

Iolani – Dozens of Hawaiian names could make this list: Noelani, Leilani, and Kailani are just a few. I chose Iolani for this list because it means “heavenly bird.” Between our love of nature names and the first initial I, I think it’s quite the interesting option.

Kairi – In Japanese, it could be related to the word for sea. In Estonian, it’s a nickname for Katherine. Either way, Kairi is a modern possibility that seems a little different than Kari – though it would likely be confusing for Kari quite a bit.

Kaori – A Japanese name meaning fragrance, and an interesting option for parents who love the letter K.

Kateri – Catholics will recognize the name of the first Native American saint. It’s generally considered the Mohawk form of Catherine, though pronunciation varies widely.

Lazuli – Bolder than Blue, Lazuli comes from the gemstone lapis lazuli.

Loralei, Lorelei – A fast-rising possibility borrowed from German folklore and boosted by television’s The Gilmore Girls.

Lumi – Another Finnish name, this one meaning snow – but also bringing to mind the Latin word lumen – light.

Magali – A rare French form of Magdalene, and an unexpected formal name for Maggie or Meg.

Naomi – Biblical and traditional, Naomi is a name with plenty of history, and that interesting ‘i’ ending.

Noemi – Looking for something slightly rarer? In Italian and German, Naomi becomes Noemi. It’s French, it’s Noemie, but that’s not quite the ending we were looking for.

Noomi – But the rarest of them all is Noomi, as in Swedish actress Noomi Rapace, known for The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. It’s yet another form of Naomi.

Nayeli – Currently in the US Top 1000, Nayeli comes from Mexico, where’s it a Zapotec name meaning love.

Sarai – The original form of the Old Testament Sarah, and far less often heard.

Suri Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes gave this name to their daughter, setting off speculation about the name’s origin and meaning. It’s still not entirely clear, but the name has hovered just outside the US Top 1000 for the last few years.

Suvi – Yet another Finnish name, this time meaning summer.

Tali – From the Hebrew word for dew. It’s not pronounced quite like Tallie or Callie. Instead it’s tah lee. An understated and seldom heard possibility.

Vashti – Another Biblical figure, and a daring name for a daughter.

Zuri – A new favorite among parents today, Zuri comes from a Swahili word meaning beautiful.

What’s your favorite girls’ name ending in i? Are there others that belong on this list?

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